Ahem, okay, I realize we're not supposed to have author's notes as chapters, but bear with me. In honor of Valentine's Day, I decided to give each of my couples their own little one-shot. I don't think it's necessary to have read their main stories, but it might be enlightening. Some of the stories are longer than the others. Some are more silly. Almost all of them are happy. ('Cause it's Valentine's Day). Almost all of them make some reference to sex ('Cause sex is fun!) All them contain naughty words. ('Cause fucking hell, do I love the word fuck and all its various manifestations). In case you want to skip to particular couple or avoid certain pairings, here is the master list:

1. Soren and Tomorrow - Tomorrow's Visitorand Control

2. Adam and Torrence - Fuck it

3. Ethan and Gavin - The Boy Who Cried Troll

4. Toby and Viv (Version #1) - Generically Cute Romantic Comedy Title

5. Ryan and Lucas - Cupcakes

6. Jakob and Sebastian - Neurotic and Sociopathic in Space!and assorted one-shots

7. Teghan and Liam - Teghan's Mistake

8. Toby and Viv (Version #2) - Generically Cute Romantic Comedy Title

9. Owen and Jonah - Cupcakes

10. Matheus and Quin - Real Vampires Don't Sparkle Deleted. See Author's profile.

Usual warnings apply: If you don't like slash, blah, blah, etc., etc.. Happy Valentine's Day!