This is the first story I have ever published on here. PLEASE be gentle with any feedback you may give me. I would really like to know if you could potentially care about the characters I am creating, because as an aspiring author, that is one of my most important goals.

Warnings and such: This story contains a F/F relationship. It won't be filled to the brim with sex and all that, but it's going to contain some adult stuff- so the rating is subject to change. This story also contains a relationship between a teacher in her mid to late twenties and a high school student. I in no way condone relationships between minors and adults in the real world, just in my stories. Oh, and there may be a curse word here and there. I'm just warning you now and I hope I didn't scare you off.

Okay, thank you for showing some interest, and please leave some feedback, bad or good!

She took one last second to stare at the goddess in front of her. She knew that she had to focus on the test, but she couldn't keep her mind on track.

Those heels. It's those jet black heels. The ones that make her calf muscles look even more amazing. Oh God. Snap out of it! She thought to herself.

The bell rang just in time for her to finish the last period of her last answer. You're cutting it too close.

"Alright, everyone." She looked up to see the blonde talking. "Bring your tests to my desk, and I'll see you later."

She stood up and walked over to her desk to hand in the paper. She was last in line- she always tried to be. She approached the desk.

"Here," She said, getting a quick look at the slight cleavage noticeable at the angle she was standing at. "See you later Ms. Camden."

"Bye, Skylar." Ms. Camden replied, comparable to an angel.

Skylar bit her lip anxiously as she left the classroom. Tomorrow, Skylar thought to herself, I'll say a little more.

The next day:

Skylar had study hall in Ms. Camden's room. Convenient, she thought.

Chasing childish dreams of a fantasy girl is crazy, Skylar thought. But why not try?

She spent the period pretending to read, and sometimes actually exchanging words with Ms. Camden.

"Have you ever read this?" Skylar asked, holding up the novel in her hands.

"I think so." Ms. Camden replied, her mouth shaped in a slight frown as she tried to remember the plot. "Oh," She said with a smile. "It's a classic. Forbidden love and all that."

Skylar dry swallowed nervously but continued smiling. "Yea," She tested the waters. "I love those kinds of stories."

"Don't we all?" Ms. Camden replied with a friendly wink then lowered her eyes back to the essay she was grading.

Internally, Skylar was giggling in a giddy girlish manner but outside she kept a good composure.

The bell rang. Skylar smiled at Ms. Camden instead of saying goodbye this time. She would be back later for English class anyway.

After School:

Skylar had gathered all of her books from her locker and managed to cram all of them into her backpack. Next time the guidance councilor suggests four AP classes, just say 'no'.

She went out the back door to get to the parking lot. Skylar parked in student parking which meant it was pretty much in Nowheresville.

When Skylar pushed open the glass door she was met with an abrupt gust of wind. She pulled her coat tighter around her, trying to pack in some heat.

"Just get to your car," Skylar muttered to herself.

What seemed like hours later, she arrived in front of her twelve year old box on wheels. She loved the car because, well, it was hers but it definitely wasn't the best in the lot. Still, not the worst though.

Skylar opened the zipper pocket on her coat and pulled out her keys. The wind was still blowing viciously, making her fingers frozen and clumsy. She fumbled as she tried to turn the key in the position to put it in the door. Since she didn't have one of the fancy ones that opened electronically, this was how it had to be done.

She adjusted the key in her hand again to get in the right position. She almost had it in the door when it slipped from her grasp and fell faster than she could respond.

"Shit," She fell to the ground and tried to grab it before it slipped through the cracks of the drainage vent conveniently placed directly under her feet. "Shit," She repeated, slamming her fist unproductively against the metal vent. She put her hand to her forehead and stood up, not believing what she just did. "Shit," Skylar paced back and forth, getting her breath caught off in the wind.

"Skylar?" Ms. Camden's voice got lost in the wind, so Skylar didn't hear her until she was standing a few cars away. Skylar froze when she saw her, more so then when she stepped outside. "Skylar?" Ms. Camden replied.

This is so embarrassing. "Hey," Skylar replied as casually as possible, digging her hands further into her pockets. She tried to shield her face from the wind with her hood.

"Is your car not starting?" Ms. Camden was squinting slightly from the wind, her sandy blond hair blowing crazily in the wind, even under her hood.

"Um," Skylar looked down. "I dropped my keys in the drainage vent."

Ms. Camden was in front of Skylar's car, about five feet away from her.

"How deep is the vent?" Ms. Camden asked.

"It looks to be about six feet." Skylar replied, locking eyes with Ms. Camden for the first time ever. Chills shot down her spine.

Ms. Camden gave Skylar a concerned smile. "Alright, well," The older woman looked around for a second then continued. "come with me." She smiled as she made a inviting gesturing motion towards Skylar.

Skylar hesitated for a second, not believing that this was actually happening.

"Come on, Sky," The use of her nickname made Skylar immediately warm to the idea. "I'll give you a ride home."

Skylar nodded in agreement, following Ms. Camden to her car. Skylar was impressed, it was definitely this year's model.

"Thanks so much for this." Skylar said as she slid into the front seat.

"No problem," Ms. Camden replied, still smiling. Skylar observed her for the whole ride.

She noticed the way Ms. Camden's long womanly fingers closed around the gearshift to her right and pulled it to change gears. She watched as her eyes shifted to different views of the road. Every little thing that Ms. Camden did made Skylar fall a little harder for her.

After giving directions, they arrived all too quickly at Skylar's house. Skylar opened the door with slight disappointment.

"Thanks again for the ride. Not many teachers would have done this." Skylar said as she climbed out of the crossover.

"You're welcome, Skylar," Ms. Camden replied, hands gently rested on the wheel.

"Alright, well," Skylar took a quick breath, just to prolong the stay for another second. "I'll see you tomorrow."

Just as she was about to close the door, Ms. Camden stopped her.

"Wait," Ms. Camden interjected. Skylar immediately opened the door back up again.

"Yea?" She said hopefully.

Ms. Camden opened her glove-compartment and fished around for a pen and a scrap of paper. When she found it she quickly scribbled something on it.

Oh God. Is that-is that…? Skylar didn't have time to finish her thought.

"Here," Ms. Camden extended her arm to Skylar. "It's my number," She said casually. Skylar reached out, hand almost shaking. "Just in case you get stuck again."

Skylar nodded as she took the paper. Their fingers brushed for just a millisecond, but Skylar felt it completely. Mental note: Her skin is heavenly soft.

Skylar immediately shoved it in her pocket, not wanting it to blow away.

"Thanks," She said for the third time.

Ms. Camden gave her one last beautiful smile before saying 'goodbye' and pulling out of Skylar's driveway.

Despite the cold, Skylar stood in the same place in disbelief for a while before going inside.

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