"God is dead."

Controversial quote from world renowned author, philosopher, and theologist, Frederich Nietzsche. Nietzsche stated this quote as his claim to fame, his rise to power, the first bound to the destruction of the all mighty "God" of X-tian belief.

Nietzsche crafted this quote to imply one thing. That the Abrahamic Religions are fake, in the nicest terms, and used to brainwash the poor and the masses. "God" is a term used by delusionals to describe basic human instinct and nature in a period of time, approximately 1st Century B.C.E., in a time and place where these vehicles of human emotions and logic could not be explained through science, because science was not as thorough and developed as it is today. While this form of thoughtless belief and blind faith were applicable and socially acceptable in this time period, it is not logical to believe in such fantasy.

Religion. A fancy word for blindly believing in an imaginary friend. Monotheism. The worst kind of imaginary friend worship, usually leading in war, death, and bigotry. Sadly, this disembodied spirit is common in today's society. Why? Because it was invented originally in 1st Century B.C.E and forced upon a majority of nations and peoples by empires believing in this faith. Somehow, logic has not prevailed in normal daily life.

The belief in an all powerful deity is nonsensical because all powerful beings do many wrongs. "God" killed countless people and animals for plenty of stupid reasons not limited to, but including sex, happiness, and knowledge. If an all knowing being existed, would they not want knowledge and betterment for all of their creations? This in itself is recognition enough that no mystical sky daddy exists, but was and still is a figment of a delusional society's imagination, used for control and humanization of nature and life.

While it is understandable that people in such an era would create an embodiment for life and it's energies while unable to understand the world around them, it is unreasonable that in a time of such advanced science and reasoning, that such foolishness is still believed. I wonder, will children in the 22nd Century C.E. ask, "Did people really worship this story?" And I will understand their qualm in it's entirety, as I felt the same way in the previous century. Life should be lived for the living and those to come, not for those who have passed and those who claim they are gods. Life should be lived for the betterment of mankind and for the research and development of much needed medical and scientific advances, while it is in actuality lived for a false messiah who died over 2000 years prior and for a supposed pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but little do they know that rainbows do not end, and the question of creation and religion is similar in truth and nature.

While Nietzsche was alive during the 19th Century C.E., he knew the little known truths that many people do not even know today. He realized the truths of nature and the human fear of death, personified by a pearly gate guarded by some winged spies. He "preached" that "God" was created by man for understandability and relatibility of nature, life, and the human experience, but now, in a world driven by knowledge and fact, such diminutive philosophy will likely not stand into the next generations, much less the next centuries of earthly existence.