Verse 1

Once upon a time in a far away land,

There was a girl, who was waiting for her prince to hold her hand.

And she would come to her window

Every night, and stand there, fondling her long hair, to let him know

Chorus 1

That her fairytale

Was looking too pale

Without him by her side

And enchanting horse rides,

That her fairytale

Was sure going to fail

If he was way too far,

If he couldn't get to her.

Verse 2

But she was strong, kept her hopes high.

Every day, she would search for him everywhere, in land and sky.

And sometimes she thought she could see

A shadow on the ground, and she would be filled with so much glee

Chorus 2

Cause her fairytale

Would go down well.

He'd come some day

And carry her oh so far away,

Cause her fairytale,

Had that sweetest smell

Of the brightest summer.

Her prince would find her.


And then it happened so fast.

She found a love that would last

Through life, and beyond.

And she was so fond

Of her prince's charms

When she was in her arms

And her sweet little fairytale

Was unfolding like a romance novel.

Chorus 3

And her fairytale

Went down too well.

She found everything,

She was flying without wings.

And her fairytale,

Was anything but pale.

It was so amazing,

Like flying without wings.