Home Sweet Home

P.O.V: Adam Sage Parks

Eight years later…

"Is there anyone you know that is capable and will be willing to make a room available for you to reside only until this matter is resolved?" My attorney, Dr. Dridge , asked me. I racked my brain looking for an answer. There was one woman back in my hometown. What was her name again? The mother of one of my best friends. What were their names again? I looked around hoping to find something that would spark my memory. I saw two young kids chasing each other around the field outside. I remember when Chasity used to chase me around our backyards very determined to give me a head slap. That thought made me smile. Chasity! That's it! How can I forget? We had the same middle name, Sage, because our moms were very close. I think her last name was Even? No. Evanson? Nope. Evans? Bingo!

"Mrs. Gloria Evans," I answered my attorney a few moments later.

"And where does this Mrs. Gloria Evans reside?"

"In Phoenix, Arizona." Mr. Dridge made a disapproving face at the sound of my old hometown.

"I suggest you not go back there, considering it might spark unwanted memories of your mother."

"I only trust Mrs. Gloria and her daughter Chasity to take good care of me, so it will please me if I stay there. I'm very certain that they won't mind." I demanded.

"Very well, then. I'll see to it that you board a flight tomorrow night."

"Thank you." I can't wait to see how things have been since I moved. I especially can't wait to see Chasity. I wonder how she is doing?

The next day…

As I boarded the plane, I found my seat (First Class of course) and instantly knocked out. It will be a while before we landed in Phoenix, so I guess it would be best to catch up on my sleep. It turns out, I slept through the whole plane ride. The bad part, I am starving! I got off the plane grabbed my luggage, and waited outside in the waiting area. It's good to be home. Even though I haven't been here in a while, I still know every road, street, person, and building there is to know Phoenix. I heard a honk and turned my head to the direction of a red Ferrari. Damn! That is some ride. A woman, probably in her thirties, came out of the car. She was dressed in an elegant dress and her hair was pulled back in a bun. This could only be one person, Mrs. Gloria Evans. I smiled as she approached me.

"Welcome back Adam!" she exclaimed getting teary-eyed.

"Hey, Mrs. Evans! It's good seeing you again after a long time," I smiled.

"We have a lot of catching up to do. Like Chasity's car? The school gave it to her because of her excellent performance in the class and on the field. She is such a kind spirit. Oops, excuse me if I'm boasting. I'm just so very proud of her."

"It's alright."

"Let's get going!"

The car ride was very long, but it gave us a great time to catch up. We mostly discussed how I have been. The next thing I knew, we were parked on the Evans' driveway. It was late and dark so I couldn't really see where I was going. I smelled the sycamore tree planted in the Evans' front yard, and knew immediately that they never moved which wasn't a surprise, considering how massive their house was. My mother and I used to live in the big house across from it, but she died.

"You know where the guest room is," Mrs. Evans said with a smile. I smiled back and, with my stuff, headed towards the door. The door was locked, but I remembered where they kept their secret key; under a loose board, under their Welcome mat. I heard a small laughter and looked behind me. Mrs. Evans was laughing.

"It's good to see you never changed." She explained. I replied with a simple smile.

Their house stayed the same, except for the guest room. I don't even think it was a guest room. It was more like a trophy/award room. There were all kinds of trophies: Spelling Bee 1st place trophy, Math League 1st place trophy, Scholastic Decathlon 1st place trophy, Volleyball MVP trophy, Best Cheerleader trophy, Football Champion trophy, and more! But that's not the end of it. The walls were covered with awards: Honor Roll, Most Liked, Most Athletic Female, Best Dancer, and plenty more. They were all addressed to one girl: Chasity Sage Evans. Damn Chas! You have been busy since I was gone. On the walls were also pictures. All of them contained this really hot girl and various different guys….wait hot girl? Did I just call Chasity a hot girl? And who are these guys with her? Are they all her boyfriends? Chasity is not like that. She is not a slut or bitch or player. She doesn't go around fucking different guys. Wait what am I saying? I never contacted her for 8 years! So I don't know what she's like now. Ugh get ahold of yourself Adam. It was getting late and I still felt sleepy. I dropped my bags on the corner of the room, stripped down to just my boxers like I do every night, and jumped on the bed. I fell asleep the moment my head touched the mattress.

I woke up the next morning and was tempted to take a bath. I don't know if it was jet lag or not being used to living with ladies, but I just walked into the hallway in just my boxers! Just my BOXERS! I heard a loud squeal and I realized what happen. I think Chasity didn't know I was coming because she walked out of her room (the one across the guest room) in just her underwear! She turned quickly and slammed her room door behind her. I did just the same. I don't know what was wrong with me, but I was smiling like crazy. Chasity had a flat stomach, cute curves, and a very nice tan. She could've been a super model by the way she looked in her underwear. She really did look hot; especially the way her messy light brown hair flower over her shoulders and just curled a bit on the bottom. What I noticed the most was her lips. The stood out like a fish on concrete. They were a really light pink and looked very kissable. It made me wanna stroke her hair and kiss her passionately. And her skin looked so soft and….Adam Sage Parks! Stop thinking like that! She's your best friend and best friends don't think of their best friends like that…do they? I gave the back of my head a good slap. I'm starting to regret not remembering her. All I know is that the girl that I just saw a moment ago was not the same girl I skinny-dipped with when we were 4 years old. I hope this doesn't change anything.

It's good to be home. Home Sweet Home. I'm not letting the really hot best friend across the hallway affect my stay here…I hope.