Author: MioX1304

Title: Torn Between Two World

Full Summary: There's a world out there, where lies all the things beyond people understanding. Reality and Virtual are two worlds interconnected; only known to a few. A girl from Reality, who was brought to the Virtual by an unknown woman wearing a black cloak and calling her master? The girl who face too much yet little at the same time had taken her first step toward it. What will lies ahead of her, which world to choice? Will she find her peace or continue to drown in darkness?


Chapter 1: The Beginning

"Where...where am I?" I muttered as I wondered around in the total darkness. I had no idea how I ended up here. All I remembered was that I had just finished reading my novel before going to bed. 'Is this a dream?' That is the only reason that is makes sense enough to explain my situation. 'Well...if this is my dream, then I have no choice but to wait for myself to wake up. But then again, these is weird!' When I say weird, it really means something...

As in my entire life, my entire dreams are all weird one. I know if you say that it's not surprise if it's weird. But is it normal for a person to always dream about alien, mystery quest and even a world have things that should not exist, having friends that exist only in dream, put myself in deadly situation. I even one time dream about clone trying to take over the world, I & my friends become small and go to bug world. The most ridiculous of all is dream about situation that will happen many months later. If you still insist this is normal then I had no word to say...

I was so in my thought that I had no idea there is a person right beside me!

"Master..." The person had finally spoken.

"Huh! What!" I was shock by the sudden voice and quickly turn to look who there. But all I saw was just only darkness that seems to spread out endlessly.

"Who's there? Show yourself!" I shouted toward the voice.

Although in such situation, I should be afraid but yet my heart seem to feel relieve for some reason.

"But master, I'm standing right in front of you. Hmm... Maybe this place is too dark for you to see me," the voice answers my question then softly mumbles to herself. (Don't ask me, I just know that the person is a she) I try to let my eyes adjust to the darkness and see that person. I used to read book in the middle of the night where I leave the light off, in case my parent caught me, so my eyesight is better than others in the dark. In fact I find comfort in the dark than light. But I still can't see that person; all I see is just darkness itself...

Suddenly, the place starts to light up. Although it is still dark but it has enough light to let me see the person in front of me. My first thought is that 'is she a grim reaper?' As she was wearing a big black cloak that cover herself from head to toes. 'How can I see her when she's dress like that!' she takes off the hood of the cloak to let me see her face. Which was quite annoying as she's tall even for a woman, I have to look up and strain my neck. What I saw had taken the breath out of me...

Her face was breath-taking. She has a long black hair that is so like the darkness itself. Her eyes are black but when you look closer, it's actually dark brown. The way she look at you, like she can see through straight to your soul. Her features look so perfect that you can't find a single flaw in it. She looks white yet not pale and has a nice colour in it. Overall, she's the most beautiful person I even saw. 'Ah heck, she look like she's not from this world... wait a second, this is just a dream! I make her up! She's not real!' I yell in my head and yet my heart believes otherwise. She looks so familiar for some reason, yet I can't remember where I have seen her before...

"Like what you see", she smirk at me, have an amuse look on her face.

"Huh! WHAT! No way! Are you sure you are a female?" I stop staring and can't seem to stop myself from asking the question. Since there's a possible that 'she' is actually a 'he' that just look like female.

"Now I'm a female, why asking?" she reply with that look still on her face.

"Just confirming, as that's weird for you to say that to the same sex unless... omg! Are you a..." I suddenly realize some things and can't bring myself to finish the sentence...

She stares blankly at me for a minute then turn away, the body trembling. Trying to use hand to stifle some giggles but eventually decided to laugh out loud."Hahaha... of course not! I was born as a female and I don't swing that way. Even if I am there's no way I will interested in a brat like you. Anyway I just like to tease you a bit, no harm done." She replies with a huge smile on her face.

"I'm not a brat, I'm 16!" I say with annoyance and try not sound like a kid.

"Oh really!~ well you are still 15 since your birthday haven't come yet but even so that is still consider a brat to me and look like one too. Anyway, there's no point in staying here. Follow me; I will bring you back to the house." She finally gets to business and start to walk away...

'How in the world she know my birthday? And what is with the house?' I got so many questions circling around in my head. "Whatever..." I give up asking as she probably gives me answer that lead to more questions. I quickly follow her in case lost in this mass of darkness to nowhere.

"Oh! I just know everything. By the way, I don't need to read mind to know what you thinking. Since you are easy to read, it all just shows on your face." She says like she knows what I was thinking. I was stunning to hear this, as all these years I been wearing a mask for so long that I no longer know whether my emotions is real or just fake it...

We continue to walk until saw a light right ahead of us."Just walk toward it, then it's done." She say like she knows what is beyond that light and what does she mean by its done? 'What have to be done? I guess I will found out sooner or later.' I sigh and have no choice but to follow and walk toward the light. The light is so bright that I have to shut my eyes before it go blind. Suddenly I found myself no longer walking but actually...floating?

I open my eyes to saw that, what in front of me is like the ceiling of a room. 'Huh? When did I end up in bed? Oh! So I finally awake now... That weird, the ceiling didn't have any stars...' Many thought run through my head as my ceiling have many stars that can glow in dark, pasted on it since young ago. I get up to take a look around the room. 'This room definitely is not mine...Where the hell am I!' I yell in my mind as I slip out of the bed to walk about.

The room was much bigger compare to mine, yet it looks empty, not much of a thing in here. A king size bed locates in the middle of the room, a nightstand beside it. At the right side of the room, there's nothing only a door that led to bathroom. The left side also have a door, although it look slightly different. I continue to look around the left side of the room. There have a chair and what look like a study desk. I walk toward it to take a closer look. It has all the stationeries and materials needed to work. What I like is that it arrange in a neatly order, look like the person that live here like tidy. I move toward the door, wondering what could have lay beyond this door. The different is that it is open by pushing sideway. The moment I step inside, I was speechless...

I realize this is a wardrobe, since there are so many clothes in here. From formal wear, evening gown, casual wear to even for outdoor, winter clothes are all in there. The owner must be rich to own all these, as I also saw jewellery display at there. I don't even want to look at the racks of different types of shoe. At the end of the room, it stood a tall mirror for me to look at myself fully. I look at the mirror and again another shock came. It seems no good to get so many surprises in one day. I didn't notice of what I was wearing until now and by looking at it feel weird. I was wearing a black silk nightgown, one which will never wear it in my entire life, due to the fact that it's expensive and I don't think I have the good figure to wear. Although it feel good on my skin and been dream of wanting to wear. But that not what had shock me, it's my face!

'That is my face, but at the same time it's not.' I thought as I stare hard at my reflection. Even if I hardly look into the mirror, that didn't mean I don't know how I look like. The more I look, the more I think my face look like somebody. I was so focus in thought that I wasn't aware there's another person entering the room."Like what you see", she say the same line again but this time round is about me. I turn to glare at her, didn't want to answer. She's standing near the doorway, have a huge grin on her face, feeling amuse at something I don't know. That annoy the hell out of me and I don't feel like be good anymore."What so funny! Say something! Damn it!" I spoke a bit louder than usual as I know she will not stop that grin of her!

"Still don't get it, do you?" She no longer smiles and looks serious. 'Huh? What she mean by that? Wait...She's looking at the mirror...' I follow her to look at the mirror. At first I don't understand what wrong with it then the more I look... Then I finally realize it.

"OMG! How could this possible! I must be dreaming!" I look back forward between our reflections in the mirror, can't believe what I saw.

I was looking at another me...


Author note: yes! Finally finish chapter 1, which was quite a long one with only just the talk and thinking. I rewrite quite a few time. Since need to say out the detail and all. I had wanted to write this out even since I dream about it. Yes~ my ideas mostly came from my dream. Sorry for all the grammar & spelling mistake. English is not my main mother tongue. It sure took me a lot time to tidy up the details in this chapter. This story will be a long shot and most of the main characters will come out on the next few chapters later, depend on the flow of the story. I will slowly introduce more of what is about the world now she's at. I know I didn't tell u her name since that person calls her master. This will all explain on the next hope u will enjoy read this. Pls review! Thanks!



Chapter 2: The other me

"Who the heck are you and what this place is!" I glare and ask her, feel scare for the answer. "I think you already know the answer to that..." she reply and led me outside of the house."As for another question, it's quite difficult to explain, since you are quite not at your world anymore..."