Author: MioX1304

Title: Torn between two World

Full Summary: There's a world out there, where lies all the things beyond people understanding. Reality and Virtual are two worlds interconnected; only known to a few. A girl from Reality, who was brought to the Virtual by an unknown woman wearing a black cloak and calling her master? The girl who face too much yet little at the same time had taken her first step toward it. What will lies ahead of her, which world to choice? Will she find her peace or continue to drown in darkness?

Chapter 7: Holiday Trip!



As I lay on the bed, I can't help but feel excited for unknown reasons. Maybe though I show displease about the new of another world exist, my heart still feel curious about what will be waiting for me. There are still too much things I don't know and I know the moment I wake up on that world, my life will never be the same…

Virtual world is the start of another life, identity, family and friends. It's no doubt that it now other side of my life.

'Hope that it will not disappoint me like this world…'

That was the last thought I have before I fall into deep sleep.







Few minutes later…

"Oooh Kat~ are you up yet?"

I can hear someone walking into my room but I ignore and continue to sleep.

"Kat why is the alarm clock on the floor? Don't tell me it have leg of its own and please get up now."

"Leave me alone." I tug myself into the blanket while Keiko throws away the broken alarm clock.

"Nope, I think you better get up now if you still want your breakfast." I quickly get out of the bed the moment she said that.

After a quick wash up I follow Keiko to the dining place. When we get near the place, we already can hear some noise in there.

"Hiroki! Look at what has you done!" we from outside can clearly hear what Brainy was saying.

'What now, this time?'

I thought as this is not the first time Hiroki did something stupid and upset Brainy. But on the second thought Brainy is too easily anger.

"The newspaper is ruined!" We saw Brainy's hand holding the soaked newspaper and wave it at Hiroki.

"Sorry… I didn't mean to…" Even though Hiroki's face was full of regret but from what we know from him, he more likely regret spilling the drinks since now he can't have it.

"As if, this is not the first time already and no, I'm not going to get it for you. Haven't you have enough? You have eaten twice of my share."

"But…" Hiroki then suddenly look at other's food.

"No, Hiroki that's mine!" I decide to step in and quickly rush to my seat to protect my breakfast from him.

"Hello sis/took you long enough, so you finally awake huh/Oh, hi Kat."

They all greet me and it seems Keiko already eaten breakfast, for she just seated beside me do nothing.

"See, I told you I can wake her up. By the way Brainy, the alarm clock in her room is broken."

"WHAT!? No way, I go check!" Brainy quickly rush out of the dining place.

After a while…

"Keiko! How many times have I told you, the alarm clock may not be broken, just only the batteries have dropped out. Kat, I told you not to throw the clock!" Brainy show it Keiko that it's still working and was glaring at me.

"But that thing was trying to destroy my sleep and my hand just acts out on its own." I argue back and thinking this scene happen almost every time I sleepover that I already sick of explain it over and over again.

"Oh sorry I forgot." Keiko put one hand behind her head and sticks out her tongue.

*sigh* "never mind, so when are you guys leaving?" Brainy stop trying to read what is left of the newspaper and face us.

"But I though we are going holiday trip together?" Hiroki question it with a confuse look.

"Yes we are, later we are going to the airport." Keiko was happily telling how we are going to spend the days at there.

"Didn't I say there is no way I'm going, no matter what you do!" Brainy protest angrily and it seem that he plan to stay here.

Well, we see about that…

That late afternoon at Changi airport…

"Damn it! Did I say how much I hate you guys!" Brainy question us as we all queue up to check in.

"Even since we left the house, you just can't shut it." Kelvin says in annoy as we wait for our turn.

"That is because you force me to be here!" Brainy narrow his eyes and say the words in venom.

"We didn't use any force, you willingly go into the car."

"Kel, in case you forgot! You were the one threaten to erase my files in the laptop! That is called force too!" Brainy start to raise his voice.

"Whatever, now that you are here is what matter. How long is this queue taking? It seems not moving at all." I complain as I start to feel sleepy for waking up so early in the morning.

'Why can we book it at night? Still got so many….'

"Finally!" I exclaim when it was our turn.

"Japan~ here we come!"

Stop shouting Hiroki! That's so embarrassing, people are looking at us." Brainy shouted at Hiroki as we wander around before aboard the plane.

"I'm so excited; it's been a while since I'm back at home and you guys are coming along too!" Hiroki going into hype mode as he seem can't shut it and keep telling how great this trip will be.

"First stop I want to go to Akihabara buy some stuff." I interrupt Hiroki before he makes a scene.

"Sis, I also want, let's goes together then."

"I'm fine with it."


"Hey Brainy I'm not, I just want to buy some books that all."

"You sure you are not obsessed with those manga and anime?"


"Let's go eat, I'm starving."

"You again Hiroki, Just how much more food is enough for you!" While Brainy continue his yell at Hiroki, I look around for a place we can slack at.

'Phew~ lucky Hiroki cut in or else I have nothing to make a comeback. I am seriously not obsessed, just only like them, that's all!' That even to me also didn't sound convincing.

"Let's go starsbuck then I badly need my coffee and I'm sure they will have something for you guys to eat." Brainy inform us as he spot the café not too far away.

We quickly rush in to broad the plane as we overspend our time at the cafe. Keiko was plan to book first-class but since it is in a short notice so we end up in business class. The moment I drop down on my seat, I quickly wear my headset and prepare to sleep.

"Don't bother me unless is time to eat." I inform Keiko as she sit beside me reading her magazine.

"Welcome back Master~ hmm…It seem like you are on a trip. Interesting…" resting her head on one of her hand as she grin at me.

'That sound like bad news, what is she up to?!'


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Chapter 8: Identity

"What do you mean by not human?"


"What is your identity?"

"Depend, you mean the human side one or…"