The Hero's Guide

Oh, maiden, what light have you seen-?

Oh, Maiden, have you been in Flight I see-

you carry and yet, you Become weary in our journey-

You bear it all and see in Strength through sight not seen-

So soulful is your Purity-

So none can yonder in the wonder of your Will-

So much has disesteemed your plight-

So Faith is never seen through the sight-

How Dutiful that oh maiden is-

How Reserved and how she has served-

How no other can ever bother the truth-

How Faithful the Enduring and the Dependable is she-

Now sees the sights and fights-

Now she has seen mounds in towns and she pounds-

Now her fists fills no fight-

Now She knows the woes of all foes-

The Maiden is no stone-

The maiden is prone-

The maiden has shone-

The Maiden is always soft at tone-