Valentine's Day comes once a year, and now it's here. Who's to say? As they say… All you need is love.

Unless, of course, you're The Gang! The greatest band in the world… sort of (They're great, but not too great).

Of course, love is their key, when it comes to their songs. Sadly, they have many loves of their lives… with bizarre traits and claims.

For example, there's the leader of The Gang, Percival P. Gaynes, and his wife, Farra Stevens, the bass player. They are madly in love, but in very high loveless. Why? Percival and Farra never had an intimate relation. Farra hopes she'll have kids, one day. Of course, Stevens has a traumatic past: in which her father was killed in a car accident, when she was three, her mother died of cancer in 2008, and had harsh experiences with her step-dad and her ex-boyfriend.

But let's not go there. Farra will experience the love, courtesy of the manager of The Gang.

Of course, they were the only ones. Peter Giese, lead guitarist of The Gang, is madly in love, as well… except he has a girlfriend. His girlfriend is Mizuki Takase, whom he first met back in Japan, during a gig. Mizuki recently broke up with her ex, Kazuki Sendo, cheating on her for a girl with purple hair.
Outraged, Peter vowed, one day, to find the guy and sock him. Mizuki said that it wouldn't be right… and when they reconciled, a kiss was planted to the girl that was in Comic Party, the gig the group was in.

Inseparable, they were simply a huge couple; emphasis on huge. Peter is a 48 waist and stands 6'4", while Mizuki is small, but with huge breasts (36DD). Hugeness, indeed, The Gang's power couple had never been so rosy…

But love can be a one-way street; or, in this case, a four-way street, leading to sadness. The drummer, Heather Dunn, had very sad moments, coming from her husband, Goodwill Ambassador from England, Steven Nevins.

Heather is a mother of two daughters, June and Beth, and has raised them for a long while. Of course, the women of the family miss their daddy/hubby. Heather was feeling bad about it, that she cannot take it. Can someone reconcile the group's first love couple, without it ending in heartbreak?
The story will explain everything…

…but she is not alone. Steven Cooke, the de facto leader of The Gang, has love issues. However, his love life became very bizarre. He used to date Seina Katsura, who was only trying to date him, as a dare and a bet. But it was true love, for the girl from Japan.
Sadly, they broke up, following Seina's hurt look. But they met again, only this time, Steven dumped her, after Seina admitted the truth. Steven Cooke wouldn't date women, who are not true of heart.

Enter Kandy Potter, a robot from Argos, England. She first met him, during The Gang's Gang-Wave project. Since then, Steven and Kandy became weirdest couple ever! The group questions them of her being a robot, but Kandy doesn't mind. She is simply honest about herself. Naysayers say that it's ridiculous and weird, and find it uncomfortable for Steven to date a British-engineered android, built only for adventures and battles.

Kandy doesn't care, telling them to bite their tongues (her term of saying "Shut up").

Valentine's Day isn't what it used to be… Mostly, it's about chocolate, but it's all about love. Love is in the air… for our four couples.
THIS… is their story.

The Gang in:
Highway to Heart
(Valentine's Day Fic, starring The Gang)

*-This is an original story, featuring anime characters, as guest stars; but this is The Gang's thunder

At the table in the kitchen, the women of The Gang began to work on some chocolate works. Farra Stevens, with long blonde hair with a blue highlight and an ample bust, wearing a beige sweater, was using an empty pot.

"I don't get why we'd have to do this, for our loves," she said.

Heather Dunn, with auburn hair and a pink shirt, added, "So… This year is different! Valentine's Day has arrived, but… But I just feel empty. Of course, I have kids, unlike you… and when it is done, I'll be taking them for myself."

Mizuki Takase, with long red hair and a ponytail, wearing her purple shirt and skirt, remarked, "I'm trying my best to keep sweets away from my big man."

Farra stated, "Guys, permit me to say this, but any idea what we should do for our loves, after everything that occurred?"

Heather snapped, "Ridiculous! Have you ever thought that one of us could be heartbroken? In fact, I think your sis, Joanna, is fawning over Michelle."

"Don't remind me…" Farra grumbled, "I think I may see a pattern to them."

Joanna is in love with Michelle, but she doesn't know. But this is the boys' love. Let's not sugarcoat it.

She continued, "Now that we are ready to complete the chocolate gift, let have it all set up, for our loves."

Mizuki sighed, "I wonder if Kandy will ever make chocolate for Steven…"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah~… I'd love to see a robot girl cook," Heather huffed.

Farra and the others were thinking of making chocolate for their loved ones, i.e. the boys, but…

Farra's and Mizuki's came out shitty.

"Aw, man!" Mizuki cried, "It's ruined!"

Farra was in deep disdain, seeing that she's the loser chef, or woman with no culinary technique.

"RUB IT IN, WHY DON'T YA?" She yelled, breaking 4th wall.

Heather then sighed, "Idiots…"

The girls went ahead and bought store-bought candies. That was Heather's idea, since making chocolate was difficult. Farra then approached the door to her husband's room and suddenly felt uneasy.


Her memories of her past started to show, shaking her. She then thought that she's been married for nearly four years now. How come they'd been married, they never had a kid?

Of course, this was the start of tragedy trials and romantic effort.

Next time: Percival and Farra's love and honeymoon together… with the female of the group, haunted by her past.