The Devil's Revenge

The devil's revenge is that he's human.
He's every one of you who sits.
In offices dealing damnation.
Making suffer, all the kids.

Seems Satan invaded Poland.
Lucifer pushed his limits.
But a genocide was committed.
Long before the cavalry charged in.
Who fuckin' remembers Scotland?
Brave men, women and children.
Left massacred, divided on the Highland,
Their warrior's blood, on your coward hands.

So tell me who has won?

The devil's revenge is that he's human.
And he ain't one, he's fuckin' legion.
Ordering clandestine operations.
Are you Hitler or Harper, don't know, can't pretend.

Stop fucking laughing, Americans.
While you're at it, quit drugging children.
Your land of the free, like ours began.
With the precise slaughter of a thousand redskins.
And let's not mention 9/11.
Your sacrificial altar to capitalism.
Disguised by your propaganda system.
Which quite frankly keeps nothing hidden.

Just fucks those who see up.

The devil's revenge is that he's human.
But I'm sure you already knew.
Take a look at your elitist reflection.
Don't the devil, look like you?