So this is an idea that just kinda hit me and I wrote it, I like it though so please enjoy. It's a bit of revenge with some sweetness and action.

Mark slammed the door of his jeep and strode across the dark pavement and up the stone path. The moon and porch lights of surrounding houses in the subdivision lit his approach to the two story house. His eyes were narrowed and his steps strong, he had come here with a purpose and he was about to fulfill it.

He stepped to the door and pounded on it heavily like he was a cop busting in a door, but he didn't yell. There wasn't a response from inside the house but he knew the asshole wasn't asleep. He pounded again harder this time, taking some of his anger out on the wooden door.

"Who is it?" A man's voice came from inside. Mark bared his teeth at the sound of his voice but he refrained from yelling back. If he knew it was Mark outside he wouldn't open the door. Instead he followed the question up with another heavy set of knocking. "I said who the hell is it?" the man's voice echoed again and now Mark could hear the sound of footsteps beyond the door. Mark stepped to the side so that if he checked the peephole he wouldn't see him. The action turned out to be unnecessary as a moment later a lock turned and the door opened to reveal the inhabitant.

Brown short hair topped the lean young teenager in the door. He was about eighteen, Mark knew, same age he was, though he had a good bit more muscle than mark did, Mark had a few inches over the other boy, towering just over six foot while the other boy struggled to meet the six foot mark. He was dressed for bed, a white shirt and black sweatpants while Mark was dressed for social, black jeans and a black t shirt with his jacket pulled tight around him. The moment the door opened the two locked eyes, Mark's hair was thrown back so he could hold the other man's gaze.

There was a change in the boy's face when he saw Mark. First one of surprise then the twist as he tried to recall who he was, followed by the wide eyed fear as he remembered him and tried to slam the door. Mark was already one step ahead, his shoe in the doorway before it could close. The door hurt his foot but Mark only twitched his face to show the pain. When the boy realized he couldn't close the door he relented and let her door opened again so the young men faced each other.

"What do you want?" The smaller man asked, his voice trying to give off strength he didn't have.

"Judging from how you acted I'm guessing you already know." Mark hissed his eyes like hot coals on the smaller man. "Come outside."

"Why?" The smaller one asked, pulling back slightly.

"Because I don't want to ruin your parent's house, come outside." He ordered again, not stepping away from the door in fear it might be slammed shut before he could stop it.

The smaller guy scrunched his face. "Fuck off. I'm not scared of you, you can go to hell." He tried to slam the door again but this time Mark slammed back with his own hand holding the door open.

"Get out here and face it like a man." Mark wasn't usually one to be this direct or pushy but he was on a time limit. It was only a matter of time until Jesse, Sabrina and the others realized he had left and they would know where he went. Sabrina would try to stop him, but he didn't want to stop, he wanted this.

"Fuck you! She was drunk I don't owe you or her sh-" His word ended when Mark grabbed his collar and yanked the man forward leading with his own forehead and smashing the smaller man's nose in. While not something he had been taught, the move worked pretty well as the boy fell back into the house holding his nose.

"Get up." Mark's voice was so cold it trumped the freezing air outside. "Get up Jeremy."

Jeremy pulled himself to his feet using the door. His nose was on at an odd angle and blood was dripping from his nostril. With a yell he threw himself at Mark in a tackle. Mark didn't have a chance before the man's arms were around his waist and they flew out the door into the yard. The wind got knocked out of Mark as they hit the cold ground and Jeremy leaned up raising a fist to hammer on his enemy.

Mark wasn't used to fighting on the ground so the first blow found him full across the face scratching his face and making his head ring. As Jeremy raised his hand for another blow Mark ground his teeth, his anger helping to fuel the next move more than his mind. Mark deflected the approaching fist with his left hand and his right shot up and hit Jeremy in the throat. The boy coughed as his breathing was interrupted. Mark grabbed the arm Jeremy had struck him with and rolled as much as he could under the boy. With his other hand on his neck and Jeremy being disoriented he turned and threw the smaller boy off of him and onto the ground.

As soon as he was clear of the smaller man Mark was on his feet in a second. He wiped some blood from his cut lip and shook his head to clear the dizziness of being thrown around and hit in the head. Jeremy was slower to get up but as he stumbled to his feet he didn't make any move to run. He raised his hands in a boxer's stance and glared at Jeremy.

Now that they were standing they were in Mark's territory now. He spread his legs and lowered himself slightly, his hands coming into a long practiced guard. The two adversaries circled one another for a moment growing closer with each step.

"That bitch tells you she wanted it?" Jeremy sneered from behind his fists. Mark felt his neck twitch in anger. "She was drunk but she really wanted it, not my fault she has regrets afterward."

Mark had to breath deep to control his anger. He was furious, he was beyond furious but he still had enough thought to know getting angry only got you beat. He had learned that lesson already, no need to repeat it. He kept a stoic face as Jeremy tried to taunt him. When he realized his words weren't helping the smaller man lunged and punched at Mark's head.

Mark stepped back and knocked the punch away with his palm. Another followed it and he blocked it away with another palm press. The third punch was a full strength cross to Mark's left. Predictable. Mark stepped forward this time, his left arm catching Jeremy's hook on the wrist and his right hand shot forward, palm striking Jeremy's jaw to the side. Jeremy spun from the blow and fell back stumbling. He spit a mix of blood and spit before roaring and charging back at Mark his own anger taking over. The haymaker was strong but clumsy as Mark sidestepped the attack entirely, stepping to the right as the attack passed over his left shoulder. His left hand knocked the arm up and the bridge of his right hand slammed under the bicep of the exposed arm. Mark took a single step past Jeremy before turning and bringing his right hand back around and striking him in the back with his knuckles.

Jeremy hit the ground this time holding the spot of his arm that had been struck. In a second though he stood and turned to face Mark. He attacked again this time punching low but Mark spun with the blow, blocking it with one arm and grabbing his shirt with another. With the slightest push he threw Jeremy forward and sent him back to the dirt. Jeremy was huffing and snarling at his point as he got up again. He rushed Mark with another tackle trying to wrap his arms around him again.

Mark was ready this time and as the man connected he shifted his weight lower to avoid being knocked over and raised his knee. He felt the bone strike Jeremy's chin with a loud pop. Jeremy's force dissipated and Mark shoved him back. The smaller boy was on the ground and this time didn't seem to be getting up.

Mark stepped over the fallen man. "Get up." He hissed his own voice weak from the fight.

Jeremy glared at his attacker, blood in his teeth from a broken nose and split lips and gums. He pulled himself to his feet and raised his hands again. Mark wasn't in his stance anymore and just looked like he was disappointed on the other man. Jeremy lunged and tried another punch but Mark grabbed the wrist of his hand as it neared. With a quick twist up and back Jeremy fell to his knees in pain just before Mark kicked him harshly in the ribs and released his twisted wrist letting the man fall to the ground.

"Get up." Mark repeated his tone unchanging.

Jeremy looked up at the man over him, his eyes had tears in them but he grit his teeth and lunged from the ground a fist aimed at Mark's chin. The attacked never reached him as Mark as he caught the fist in his left hand and dropped the palm of his other on the side of Jeremy's head, driving him to the ground like a hammer to a nail.

"Get up."

Jeremy was crying now, his face no longer the confident and angry boy from before. "Please." He begged between weak sobs.

Mark's face was ice as he kicked the boy over on his back. He kneeled down and slammed a fist into his face, feeling the boys teeth rattle.

"Mark!" He paused from what was going to be a painful series of blows to look up and see a car pull to the street corner. Leaning out of the window was Sabrina, her blond hair blowing as the car screeched to a stop. She was out before the car stopped and was running towards him. Mark caught sight of Jesse, Roy, Danny, and Rebecca all get out of the car and followed Sabrina running to Mark.

He released the beaten boy and stood to catch Sabrina as she caught him by the arm. "Stop it!" She was crying, truly crying, tears still on her cheeks, but whether they were fresh or from earlier he couldn't tell. Everyone else showed up and circled the pair, Jesse took a quick survey of Jeremy's state before nodding approvingly and stepping next to Mark.

Mark stopped, his face softening as he wrapped his arms around her and hugged her close. "I'm sorry. I couldn't help it." He apologized kissing the top of her head. She sobbed into his chest and he pat her head. The others stayed silent except for Roy.

"When we saw your car was gone we knew where you went. Hit every light on the way over here." He complained.

He smiled in his head, like the world had wanted this to go on as long as possible. A groan and shuffling made Mark spin his head around to see Jeremy was struggling on his feet. His eyes narrowed and he gently pushed Sabrina away to Jesse as he turned and strode towards the broken man.

Sabrina tried to call out and stop him but Jesse held her firm. Mark nodded and Jesse watched, ready to jump in if need be but trusting his friend knew the limit to take this.

Jeremy was only just on his feet when Mark kicked him down again. He dropped to one knee next to him and grabbed his neck, not tightly just to get his attention and leaned in close. "Listen close shithead." He hissed, his voice just enough so they could hear but his friends couldn't. "You ever come anywhere near her, or any of my friends again." Mark tightened his grip. "I'll make you wished I had just killed you. Got it?"

Jeremy quickly nodded his head and Mark released him walking back to join his friends. "Jesse." He said when he reached them. His best friend nodded and walked up. "Can you drive me back? I don't feel good." Jesse nodded and asked where the keys were. Mark pointed him to the car as Sabrina started to move to his jeep. "Sabrina, you should ride with eh others."

"Why?" she asked, her eyes still puffy from crying.

"I'm not in a good place right now; I just need some time okay?" He pat her head again and she smiled. She gave him a hug before joining the others in the white car that had arrived and Mark climbed in the passenger seat of the jeep while Jesse took the driver east. They pulled out of the street leaving the broken teenager in the yard as he crawled back to his home.

I liked writing that. I might write a second chapter not sure yet but this was fun to write tell me what ya think please.