"So glad you're here," Diana smiled as Evelyn approached the table where she and Hannah were sitting at.

"Of course I am," Evelyn laughed as she hugged both of them briefly. "I have to keep up with my friends, don't I?"

"And we're glad you did," Hannah said, breaking away from the hug as the waiter approached them.

"What can I get for these three lady friends?" He asked.

"A glass of water for me, please," Evelyn nodded.

"A coke for me," Diana said.

"A glass of lemonade for me," Hannah replied.

"I'm so glad to see you again, Hannah! It's been so long since we last met each other," Evelyn said as she sat down. "Glad you could join us in the restaurant."

"It's been a long while, and I got involved with my college friends," Hannah shrugged. "And it felt a bit awkward to… you know, still be friends with you while you were dating my ex. But I realized I shouldn't worry about such stuff."

"By the way," Diana asked with a curious look, "as far as I know, you and Edgar are still together. How's that going?"

"Well…" Evelyn looked away: both girls could feel the mood at the table changing into something they weren't quite keen on.

"Are you two still together?" Hannah asked, and Evelyn sighed.

"He's no longer my boyfriend," Evelyn admitted.

"What?" Diana asked, surprised. "You two…"

"What happened?" Hannah asked.

Evelyn and Edgar had known each other for all their lives: they lived next door to each other, and therefore were very good friends. They practically grew up together and even saw each other as siblings for a while before their relationship got an upgrade when they were seventeen. Now, they were both in their early twenties.

Before Edgar and Evelyn got together, though, Edgar got to know Hannah as Evelyn's friend, and he quite fancied her. Evelyn herself, not having many problems with such stuff, let her best male friend date her friend. They broke up after a while, because it just didn't work. Nevertheless, they remained friends for a while, even when Edgar started to fancy Evelyn.

Edgar and Evelyn lived together in a small apartment, with some financial support from their parents. They both studied, though they studied different subjects: she was aspiring to become a writer and therefore, she studied English literature because she wanted to learn from the examples in the past. He was studying psychology.

Evelyn came home after a long day, tired of her long day at the supermarket – it was a job she had taken on in order to be able to pay for the apartment. Both of them worked, but Edgar had a day off.

They hugged, glad to see each other, and Evelyn briefly went through her day – how much she hated her boss, and how someone at her job made it no secret he fancied her, and that she could always come to him once her boyfriend had dumped him.

Eventually, Evelyn realized she was rambling and stopped – and then, Edgar revealed two tickets from behind his back.

"Because we've been together for five years... two tickets to Disneyland," he smiled.

"I never knew it'd end this way," Evelyn sighed. "It came as a complete surprise."

"He probably wanted to give you one last goodbye," Hannah sighed. "Edgar's romantic like that."

"I know," Evelyn said with a nod. "I know him better than anyone in the world."

"So how was Disneyland?" Diana asked. Evelyn grinned.


The two of them went in all kinds of rollercoasters, spinning wheels, merry-go-rounds and all the other things one finds in Disneyland. Evelyn wasn't that much of a fan of Walt Disney, feeling that he was only meant for kids. But Edgar made everything more than worthwhile.

They kissed, multiple times, and more than once, Evelyn told Edgar how much she loved him. She was oh so very happy together with her boyfriend – she indeed knew him better than anyone in the whole wide world, and she was proud of it too.

Still, Evelyn felt that there was something wrong. That wasn't a surprise: she could predict this guy's movements, and she could even finish his sentences sometimes. Of course Evelyn noticed, but she ignored the feeling, deciding to enjoy Disneyland instead.

It was only in the cafeteria, where they had a proper lunch, that they talked properly.

"Where are we going next?" Edgar asked: Evelyn shrugged.

"Wherever you want to go. I don't care," she smiled.

"But it's our day. You should choose," Edgar insisted.

"Okay. That merry-go-round over there seemed fine."

"Then let's go…" Edgar said, and he stood up: but Evelyn stopped him with a hand gesture.

"No. I just want to sit here and talk, actually. We haven't done that today, you know," Evelyn smiled.

"I don't want to talk," Edgar admitted, looking down at the floor.

"Why not?" Evelyn asked, gently patting his hand, gently coaxing him into sitting down.

"Because I'm nervous," Edgar sighed, sitting down.

"What did you think?" Diana asked. Evelyn shrugged.

"I just thought he had something on his mind. I just assumed there was nothing wrong. Maybe something has happened to his parents' dog – her name is Dika, she's quite old and I thought that maybe, she had died or something. I never thought this would happen. But, yeah…" Evelyn sighed, looking at her shoes. "How are you two doing, by the way?"

"Still nothing after Boris broke up with me," Diana shrugged. "But it's been two months. I'll find someone again, there are plenty of good guys around."

"And what about you?" Evelyn asked, turning towards Hannah.

"No-one special," Hannah shrugged too. "I don't need anyone too. I've been partying, I enjoy the single life too much to let go of it that easily."

"Shame," Evelyn shrugged.

"But," Hannah said, "please continue."

"Why are you nervous?" Evelyn asked Edgar, who now sat down opposite her again.

"Because…" Edgar started, "…I er… there's something that I have to tell you. Thing is… I'm a bit nervous for it…" he looked down, at his shoes, and Evelyn could see he was trying to word what he was going to say.

Finally, Edgar looked back at his girlfriend and swallowed.

"We've been together for so, so long. When I'm with you, I've always felt complete. When we're apart, I've always felt like there was something missing. But for the past few weeks…" Edgar looked around in the room. "I've… I've made a decision," he finally said.

"I'm so sorry!" Diana interrupted, standing up, barely even able to wait until Evelyn was done talking, hugging her friend tightly. Hannah followed up later, both of them hugging Evelyn, who was just looking at her right hand – though it seemed she wasn't actually seeing it.

And then, the truth dawned upon Diana – she immediately unwrapped herself out of the hug.

"Will you never startle me so much again?" Diana asked: she wasn't sure whether she should be feeling angry or happy. Evelyn turned around, and laughed – tears of joy were in her eyes.

"What… what am I missing?" Hannah asked, puzzled.
Evelyn simply raised her right hand in reply as she laughed, again.

Edgar now stood up, walking at Evelyn's side of the table. "I can say this with all certainty. You are the most wonderful, amazing, clever and beautiful girl I've ever met, and I love you more than anything in the whole wide world. Dear, sweet Evelyn, this is the first time I do this, and hopefully the last time," Edgar said, getting something out of his pocket as he sat bent down on one knee.

"I've spent the entirety of my life together with you. Might as well spend the rest of it too. Evelyn, will you marry me?"

Evelyn once again showed her friends the ring: it had a red ruby on it, and she wore it with pride as tears of joy once again appeared in her eyes.

"He's no longer my boyfriend," Evelyn laughed. "He's my fiancé now," she said with a big, big smile, the joy beaming off her face.

"Congratulations!" Diana said, hugging her friend again. "We're invited on the wedding, right?"

"Oh of course you are," Evelyn laughed, looking at her ring again. "I will be mrs. Sanders soon…" she dreamily said as she felt Hannah hug her too.

"But the next time you startle me like that," Diana warned as soon as the hug was done, "you are a dead, dead girl!"

"Hey, I never said he broke up with me," Evelyn grinned. "You just need to stop assuming."

"I'm so happy for you!" Hannah replied, again, as she hugged her friend again, just to calm the mood.

"When's the wedding?" Diana asked with a smile.

They ate their meals that evening, enjoying the comfort of each other again. From time to time, Evelyn looked away, dreamily – she was fantasizing about their future together, and how they would be as husband and wife. She was looking forward very much to the future, a future that would hopefully contain a lot of Edgar. A happy future, that was what she was fantasizing about.

"Hello there, lovely," Evelyn felt two hands on her shoulders just when she had finished dessert. "So good to see both of you again," the all too familiar voice said, and Evelyn looked up to find Edgar there.

"Nice to meet you again," Hannah smiled at her ex-boyfriend. "Congratulations, by the way."

"Thanks," Edgar said. "You have no idea how happy I am." They briefly kissed. "Now, honey, you coming home? We've got some things to set up for the wedding."

"There goes the sugarcoated couple…" Diana complained quasi-angrily. Hannah stabbed her in the side.

"They're happy, and they just got engaged. Give them some room."

"Honey, come home, the kids are waiting?" Evelyn ignored the rest, and then gave Edgar a quick kiss on the lips. "Just kidding. Goodbye, girls, it's been great," she waved at her friends.

"We're invited for the wedding, right?" Hannah laughed at Edgar, who nodded.

"Of course. Why wouldn't I invite you?"

"I'm already looking forward to it," Diana said ever so happily.

"Best of luck with him," Hannah waved and the happy couple left the restaurant not soon later.

Evelyn wouldn't stop dreaming for the rest of the day, and truth be told, neither did Edgar – they were both looking forward to their future.

And, of course, to the wedding.

Author's Note: Oh come on, did you really think I'd do it? On Valentine's Day? I think many of you actually thought I'd break up Edgar and Evelyn.
This one-shot was Beta'd by AnnieStoryTeller, give her a high-five from me! As some of you might have noticed, this is actually a sequel to Thrown Into Love, reusing most characters from that story. As far as I know, though, it works just fine as a stand-alone story – AnnieStoryTeller hadn't read Thrown Into Love but I don't think she noticed this being a sequel, which was my intention.
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