My Favorite First Day of School

"Everybody, this Adam Smith." I looked up when the teacher, Mr. Campbell, called the boy's name. "Adam just transfer from Romania. Would anybody like to show him around?" I raise my hand, slowly, and said, "I would, Mr. Campbell." I looked Adam, up and down. He had long black hair and deep dark black eyes. He also had snakebites, nose and eyebrow piercings, he wore a Black Veil Brides t-shirt, some skinny jeans, and some black vans. I went up to the front of the class and stand in front of Adam. I smiled very big and shake his hand. "Hi, I'm Aphrodite."

When she raises her hand, I can't believe it. She was the perfect girl. She had long blonde hair that maybe went all the way down her back. She also had shiny blue eyes and sexy pink lips. She wore a yellow tank top, a denim miniskirt, and some yellow heels. Me standing here wandering why she choose to help me. I'm just some emo kid from Romania. Maybe she loves my style and who I am. Ha, ha, ha. That wouldn't happen in a million years. Maybe she's one of them girls that think that every guy from Romania is a vampire. Come on, please don't let it be the last one. Just because I'm from Romania doesn't mean I'm a vampire. Oh my god, she's coming up to me. God it feels like I'm going to crap my pants. Oh my god, she's grabbing my hand. "Hi, I'm Aphrodite." God, she's so cute. "Hi, I'm Adam." God, what's wrong with me.

I laughed. "I know your name, silly." I continue laughing. Then out of nowhere, he smiled. Wow he has a sexy smile. Come on Aphrodite, what are you saying? What would Brad think? "Ms. Mason." "Yes, Mr. Campbell" "Why don't you show Mr. Smith to his locker?" "Ok." I turn to Adam and grab his hand. "Come on lets go before first period starts." He smiles back at me and follow behind me. Who care about Brad.

Oh my god, I hope I don't faint in front of this girl. Every time she touches me my knees get weak. "So, why you leave Romania?" "My dad's job transfers him here and I just couldn't stay in Romania by myself. So I had to come here." "Oh, what about your mom? Your brothers and sisters?" "I don't have any brothers or sisters. And my mother die of breast cancer when I was five." "Oh, sorry. Did you have a lot of friends in Romania?" "A few, I wasn't that popular." "Oh." Oh my god, I love her voice. I wonder if she has a boyfriend. Don't kid yourself, Adam. Yeah, she maybe wouldn't date me. God why won't this locker open. "Here let me help you." Oh my god, she's so sweet. "Here you go." "Thanks." "No problem." The bell rang and teens full the hallway. Then a guy came up to us and put his arm around Aphrodite. The guy had short brown hair with the same shiny eyes as Aphrodite. He wore a football jersey (the high school ones), some blue jeans, and some white Nikes (the new ones). They can maybe be brother and sister. Or…

Oh my god, Brad. "Hey, babe." He lean in and kiss me, right in front of Adam. "Hey, Brad. This is Adam. He just transfers from Romania." "Wow, so you are a vampire freak, huh." Dumbass. "No, but if you think I'm hot and sexy…" Adam then giggles. I then start giggling, too. "No, but I know my fist would like to meet your face."Oh my god, he can hurt him. I stop his fist from meeting Adam's face. "Come on, Brad. Not here. He's new and you don't want to get in trouble." "Fine, see you later." He kiss me goodbye and went to class. I turn around and show Adam staring at me, still giggling.

Well I guess she does have a boyfriend. But I just can't stop giggling from what I said. "Hey, what's so funny?" "Nothing, thanks." "No problem. So what class do you have?"
I went to check but she took my schedule. "Wow, we have all the same classes." We do. "We do." "Yeah that's cool, right." "Yeah, so I don't get lost." She giggle at my comment then grab my hand. "Come on or we going to be late."

Lunch then rolls around. Adam and I walked to the café together and got our lunch. "I have to ask; is the food good here?" "Some days they are. Some days they are not suitable for humans to eat." He giggle again. I giggle, too. "Maybe they would have something good for your first day."Sadly they didn't. They made the "Shit Chili." The "Shit Chili" makes anyone that eats it go to the bathroom an hour after they eat it. The person also be in the bathroom for an hour. I didn't want to stop Adam from eating so, I let him grab a bowl. We walked to my table. Sadly, Brad was there.

Oh my god, this chili look like shit. I'm not eating this shit. But I don't want to be rude. I grab the "shiti" and follow behind her. Wow everybody at her table is sexy as hell. Not being gay, though. Oh my god I feel out of place. I'm just going to sit here and be quiet.

Adam looks nervous. I guess he really not sociable. "Hey, guys." "Who's the new kid?" Jessica, my best friend forever, asked. She better not like him. "This is Adam. He just transfer from Romania." "Romania, wow. Now tell me, are there real vampires there?" Adam looked like he didn't want to answer that. But to my surprise he did. "No, vampire aren't real. They are just a myth." "That's right, emo kid. Because you killed them all." That wasn't funny. Oh my god, I hope Adam don't take that seriously.

Wow, what a dumbass. I'm get tired of his comments even though it's my first day. I just want to punch him in the face. But that not who I am. "I really wish I did." That all I can say. I'm not fighting back. "Wow, nice comeback loser." Brad started laughing and so did everybody else. Aphrodite look like she wanted to help but knew she couldn't. "Babe, why you choose to help this loser?" Aphrodite didn't respond. She just had her head down. "Because she wanted to dumbass." I looked at Aphrodite. She seem surprise. Brad got up and walked over to me with his gang behind him. I got up, too. I looked down at Aphrodite. She looked scared like something bad is going to happen. "What did you just call me?" Damn, I started something. "I called you a dumbass." "Oh it's on New Kid."

Oh my god, this can't be happening. The two guys that I love are going to fight. I have to stop this. I got up and stopped Brad. "Come on, Brad. Stop don't do this." I look at Adam with a worried look. I turned back to Brad and start pressing him back. "No." I turned back to Adam, fast. What did he just say? "No, let him fight me. I don't care." No Adam, you can't you would be killed. Before I can say anything, Brad jumped in. "Fine, 3:00 afterschool in the parking lot." Brad and his gang turn around and left to the parking lot. Adam, you dumbass, what was you thinking? I turned back around and Adam was gone. Where can he be?

Damn, what is wrong with me? Why I choose to fight him? Maybe because you want to show him no mercy…or maybe because you want to show Aphrodite that you're not some weak kid. I maybe did it because I love her and don't want her with him. Sigh. I lean against the lockers and then slide down until I was on the ground, sitting. "Man, I wish I don't have to fight him." "Me, too." I look up and Aphrodite was there. Wait when did she get here. "Sorry, I don't know what happen to me?" "You don't have to fight him, you know." "But I have to." I put my head down I can't look at her. "You are going to die out there." What? I put my head back up and look at her. "You are going to die out there and I don't want you to."

What am I saying? I don't want to scared him. "What I mean is if you fight him, I won't be able to see you again." Oh my god, what I'm saying. "I'm sorry but I have to." "Why?" "I have to for you." What?

What did I just say? "Why me?" "I can't say." "Yeah, you can." Don't say it, Adam. Sigh. "I'm doing it because…I love you." Damn, Adam. I'm such a dumbass. I looked at Aphrodite. She was speechless. I hope she don't hate me.

Did he just say he love me? Wow, God I don't know to do. What should I do? I got it. I lean in close to him without really thinking. Should I do this? Next thing I know, our lips meet and fireworks went off. We kiss for a least a minute. Adam broke the kiss and got up. He looked at me, surprise. I hope he don't think that I'm a slut. When I start getting up, I ran like crazy down the hall. Was I that bad?

It's finally the end of the school day. The craziest day in my life. I met my dream girl and told her that I love her. Now her boyfriend want to kick my ass. But the good thing is she kissed me. Now it's time for me to die. I walk outside the school and into the parking lot. There is a crowd of people waiting for me. I knew most of them from class. Others were strangers. Maybe they was upperclassmen. Great if I don't die here, I would be bully for the next two and a half years. The teens parted just like what Moses did to the red sea. Brad was waiting for me at the other end. Adam, you can turn back around and go home. You don't have to do this. I kept on going not listening to anybody or anything. The teens were shouting and cheering. Oh and betting on my life. "Come on Brad, kick his ass!" "Show him what a real man is!" "Twenty bucks on brad!" "Forty bucks that the emo vampire won't come back after this!" I ignored their cheering, screaming, and betting. The sad thing is that not one person was cheering for me. "Emo vampire, we love you!" "Drink my blood if you lose!" "I would be your vampire mistress of the night!" Ok, now I wish no one was cheering for me. I got up to Brad and drop my book bag on the ground. Get ready, emo vampire," Brad said and balled up his fist and was ready to strike. "No." I felt a hand on my chest. I open my eyes and saw that it was Aphrodite.

What am I doing? "Stop, you can't do this." "Babe, what are you doing?" I look at Adam. "Protecting the guy I love." "It's ok, Babe. I'll be fine." I turned to Brad, angrily. "I'm not talking about you. We're done." I grab Adam's hand, pick up his book bag and walk off with him, following.

Um…did she just say she love me? Wow. Um. "What are you doing?" "I'm taking you home." "Aphrodite, you didn't have to stop it." "But I had to I didn't want to lose you." I smiled. I don't believe a girl like her liked me. She smiled as we walked to the bus stop. Ok Adam, you have to do something. And I did. I turn her around and kiss her. The fireworks went off again and I love them. We kiss for at least five minutes. I broke it and smiled. She smiled, too. "This is my favorite first day of school." She jump into my arms and kiss me. Oh my god, I love this day.