Chapter 1


"Mom." I said.

"Yes Katie." she said from the kitchen.

"Can I go and play with Josh and Them." I said hoping desperately she'd say yes.

I`d been in the house all day cleaning my room and I had just got done. So I was DIEING to go outside and hang out with them. So I looked towards the kitchen.

"Yes, you may but be SURE your home by noon!" She put a emphasis on the words sure so I knew she meant it, and if I wasn't I'd be in big, BIG trouble.

So I grabbed my backpack and put some money in it, about 20 bucks, and a change of close because, we got dirty and stuff a lot and some other things I've learned we always need with us like band aids, wrap and some personal stuff for me.

I run outside and see Josh, and my friends Sussy, Shirly, Cody, Tyler, Dakota, Brendon, Nathen, and Taresa standing outside and waiting on me. We all want to the same school and hung out together all the time so we knew each other personally.

I look at them and smile as I ran to them.

I see Teresa standing there a grumpy look on her face saying she was ready to go and do something her eye brows frowning deeply making her look mad which was really hard to do and her lips pursed.

Josh just stood there, smiles and waiting on me.

Dakota for some reason always looked shy around me, so yeah he looked shy and when I looked at him, he turned away. I thought I saw him blush. Nah. Boys don't blush.

Tyler stood there smiles and waiting to go.

The others stood there normally looking casual.

Except for Brendon who acted not exactly like Dakota but he smiles looking a little embarrassed not blushing or anything. I kind of think he likes me sometimes but I've never asked him

"So what ya`ll wana do today." I looked at them smiling, happy to be out of the house finaly.

I look at them and all of us where silent for a moment then we all said it at the same time "Hide and Seek". It always made me laugh that we all thought so much alike but yet we were so different. We all loved the game Hide and Seek. So we played it a lot and we never really got tired of it. Which you think after you've played it like a million times. You would be.

"Ya`ll wana play at the park." We all looked at each other, thinking.

"Sure" Josh said after a second or two.

"Sounds like fun!" Taresa said excitedly, which is how she always sounds.

It was one of our favorite places to hang out at it wasn't to far from our houses either to we went there often. But today I don't think any of us would have said yes, if we knew what would happen to some of us there.

When we got there we played a couple games. We all where laughing and having a good time lisining to the fallen leaves crunch under our feet as we rad and hid we all chased each other and we all started to hide for a new game.

"Josh is counting!" I said so everyone could hear me.

"K" Taresa said in her peppy voice.

"Gotcha" Dakota said from somewhere close by I thought.

No one else said anything so we all hide and I saw Dakota hide behind a big tree that we climbed a lot. We all loved to clime and sit in it, so it was our special tree. So we went to hide and I heard Josh scream as loud as he could "READY OR NOT HERE I COME!"

Then I saw him run towards where Taresa went to hide. Then I heard something it sounded like a person walking thro these oak leaves that had fallen, but we hadn't seen anyone on our way here. I walked towards it slowly and the noise brought me to a small clearing. But apparently I wasn't the only one who heard the noise because I saw Tyler, Dakota, and Brendon also walking in to the clearing. As I looked around slowly looking for anything to move, or even a smell of some kind, I saw something move and apparently they had seen it to. So I went towards it cautiously knowing they would fallow. But apparently it wasn't good enough because I felt this pain almost like an ache in the back of my head. I heard what sounded like something hitting the ground hard. So I turn around see Brendon and Dakota had fallen to the ground the back of their heads bleeding so I run to them as fast as I could and heard Tyler coming towards me. I laid them down gently as I grabbed the wrap that was in my backpack but as I did something hard hit me in the back of the head and after that everything went black.

Chapter 2

What happened

When I finally woke up, I must have been in a van or car. I saw seats, and I herd voices. So I tried to stand up. But I felt something. It was warm and sticky so I managed to get around enough to see what it was. I knew what I must have looked like; my mouth must have been open and my eyes wide. Because what I saw, was blood. Blood, on the wall, on the floor everywhere.

So I looked around and saw Tyler his head bleeding his back agents the wall and his eyes shut but I think he was coming thro. Dakota, was lying on his side in front of Tyler his head bleeding worse and Brendon looked the same way except he was laying on Tyler's shoulder.

I tried to stand up only to realizes, my hands where tied. Damnit! I thought I can't help anyone! as I look at them tears must have formed in my eyes because I felt something hit my leg and I looked down to see a single, shiny tear had fallen on to my leg. I managed to stand up wile the van was moving which wasn't easy at all. So I slowly made my way towards my friends. Then the van hit a bump and apparently something had been in there that I hadn't seen because something came out of the darkness and hit me in the side and I flew backwards. I landed on the wall and hard. I felt the door bend. Then I fell and hit the floor hard which hurt so much.

Then I was so glad at what I heard, A voice. A voice I knew and cared for, the voice of Tyler. He looked at me and said "K-Katie….no no please be ok..." in such a soft, caring voice it made me want to cry. I wanted to reach up and say everything was gona be ok, but I was barely conches so I couldn't really move or say anything even though I wanted to so bad.

Heard the cutting of rope, I guess that's what was on our hands. Then I heard it snap and I remembered Tyler always carried his pocket knife, even to school. That's why no one got in a fight with him or no one I knew had or wanted to. I felt him lean over and touch me and pull my closer to him. I felt a tear fall down my face, which must have made Tyler concerned and sad to see tears sliding down my face.

He whispered to Himself "No…. please no Katie don't leave me, please I'll take care of you, I promise…"he sounded almost desperate. I felt his tear hit my cheek. I wanted to reach up and hug him and tell him I was ok and that would get better and we would find a way out. But I couldn't. I couldn't move. I couldn't speak. I felt helpless. So helpless, I could have cried "Katie..." he said in a soft voice as the van stopped. "I won't let them have you or hurt you ever". He pulled me closer and sat my head on his lap and kissed me forehead. I felt relived. I knew someone would take care of me and keep me alive .As I thought he muttered in my ear with a voice cracked with sadness. "I promise…."

That's all I heard before I blacked out again. But that all I had to hear to know that he cared for me as much as I cared for him.

Chapter 3

Waking up

I woke up feeling my arms being tugged upwards which hurt really, REALLY bad.

I wanted to scream but I couldn't something was holding my mouth shut, tightly. Then a light above me turned on. I was blinded for a second but then my eyes a gusted only to see hands. It mummbeled something I couldn't understand at first. Then it said Tyler. And I heard footsteps. Walking towards the voice I heard it said something then the footsteps slowly walked towards me. I started to struggle franticly. Then I felt the air on my skin. I looked down to relies I was naked. That's when I blushed from embracement of someone seeing me like this but struggled frantically. Then the light went out and I felt something touch me between my leg and I felt fingers rub agent my pussy softly but getting faster and harder with each stroke then he they slipped a finger inside me and move it around slowly.

It made me stiffen. I felt my whole body tighten up in protest. Then I felt it start to slowly slide up getting closer and closer. I struggled as hard as I could. I felt like my shoulders where being ripped out of their sockets. Then they slid their fingers out.

Then I heard a voice, one that surprised me.

"Katie" it said. For some reason it seemed sad. I realized who it was.

"Tyler!" I screamed in relief knowing that he was alive at least for now anyway. "Please help me out of this; it hurts to have my hands chained. They feel like there being ripped off my body." I heard the pain in my own voice.

"Katie…" he said again. This time I heard his voice he sounded like he was on the verge of tears. But for some reason it sent a chill up my spine. "I-I can't… i-im sorry…." He said and I felt him touch between my legs softly again and I cringed.

"Tyler" I said the rattling the chains "W-what are you doing" I said confused. I was so confused. What was he doing? What was he going to do? This wasn't like him, at all. That's what made me start to freak out. Then I felt something big start to rub between my legs. Only this time I knew it probably wasn't fingers.

Chapter 4


"Tyler, w-what are you doing? T-This isn't like you. You're scaring me. Where are we and what's going on." I finally stopped struggling because my shoulders felt like there were out of place and it hurt too much to even move.

"T-They told me I had to do this or we would all die and I can't let you and they die because of me." He said in my ear softly and I felt something that was big start to poke me between the lips of my pussy. Which I could tell was soaked by the stuff dripping down the inside of my legs from being touched by someone I liked. It kept on poking me. It hit me and I started to realize what was happening. But as I had He rubbed it agent me. I didn't know what to do. I thought I would pass out from how it felt. It must have been a foot long. I bet all of there's where like that.

"TYLER! N-no please don't. Don't do that!" I screamed and I hear something ells move it sounded like chains and feet moving. "Dakota, Brendon?" I said aloud questioningly.

"Yes, it's me, Dakota where ok." He said loud enough for me to hear him. Then I heard Brendon and I felt relieved to know all 4 of us were still alive at the moment. "I'm ok Katie we both are don't worry about us." He said. I knew they where trying to hide there emotions from me, but what emotions where they trying to hide from me. I wanted to know.

Then I felt Tyler push the head of his dick inside me which hurt so much. It felt like it was ripped open like a birthday present is. I could feel my eyes tear up and they slide down my face and he poked the head in and out of me. Then he places his hand on my chest and rubbed my breast softly but forcefully then I felt him lick the side of my breast and then rub his cock agents the lips of my pussy. Then places his lips on my right nipple and started to suck softly and rub the other one. I moaned in pleasure. Then he started to lick them softly and I felt his lustful feeling, but I didn't like it this way. I wanted to do it of my own will and this wasn't. Then he pinched my left one and started to almost chew on my right which hurt. Then he started to tug on them and pinch them moving them around in circles and I felt his teeth penetrate the skin and I felt some blood come out of them and he looked up and I felt tears slide down his face. Then he started to poke the head in and out of me again.

"T-Tyler" I stuttered slightly.

That's when stopped, I sighed in relief. I didn't like what he was doing. Then I felt him ram it in to me it was hard and hot. I scream so loud I felt my own ears hurt. I heard him say "I love you please….. Just bare with me Katie please…"He stared to move inside me and I felt something warm inside me not only him but something ells slip down my butt, Blood. I was being raped. They must have threatened to kill us if he didn't. I was going to lose my virginity. And so was he. It made me feel sick that this was happening to us.

At first he started slow and easy. Then he got rougher and harder. It felt like I was being ripped open as I felt blood pour out of my uterus. It hurt so much why did this have to happen to us.

I screamed as loud as I could. I felt like my pussy was going rip in half at how hard he went. I felt it touch the back of me and it made me mone. It hurt, but yet it felt so good. I hated it. I hated it so much. Then I felt something get hot, really hot, no extremely hot inside me. "T-Tyler w-why are you so hot… or is that you?" I said quietly already panting hard as sweet dripped down my face and body. I felt it start to throb quickly inside me and I felt it was grow bigger and fatter. I started to freak out. I wanted his dick out, NOW. But it didn't come out it stayed and throbbed hard.

Tyler's only reply was this "it's still my dick, I'm sorry but I need you quiet now." He said right before he kissed. He slid his tough slowly in to my mouth and put a hand on my ass and grabbed it which made me embarrassed. It throbbed harder and harder. It got so hot I thought it was going to burn the inside of me. Then I felt it start to move and he took it all the way out. I relaxed thinking it was over so I let him keep kissing me because I liked him and I like his kiss. Then he slammed it back in to me. I tried to scream but him kissing me stopped me. He was faster and harder than he was before and I felt me self rip and blood pour out of me faster. It hurt so much I felt myself starting to cry softly. Then he took it all the way out and slammed it back in and left it there. I felt it start to move it grew more my eyes went wide because I knew he wasn't moving it. I felt his hot, sticky cum shot inside me. It was so hot it burned. I felt like my uterus was on fire. Like someone put a lit match deep inside me. It just came flowing in to me hard and fast and I felt myself cum as he grabbed my ass tightly. It throbbed and grew and was so hot I thought I would burst. Then he pulled out and stuck his fingers in trying to keep his cum inside me. I realized the people who took us must have wanted me to suffer so much and they figured the ultimate suffering was me being pregnant.

Then I heard him say something and he put something sticky on the lips of me to keep his cum inside me. It must have been duck tape but he turned me around and poked the head of his dick in and out of my ass which hurt like hell.

"Tyler no don't put it in there please I need that I need both of them." Then he slammed it in as hard as he could and I felt it rip open for him and let him in to me. And he moved fast I screamed as he covered my mouth with his hand and rubs my clit hard which made me horny agents my will. It started to grow and get bigger. He slammed it in and I bleed all over the floor I could tell because I felt it coming out of me. Then he came inside me again. It hurt so much I tried to scream again but his hand was still over my mouth.

He said in my ear. "I'm so sorry Katie. I'm so sorry…." And it forced its way in harder and I struggled then he pulled out and kissed me, His tough wrapping itself around

I cried when Dakota did it to me to but I learned no mater how much I begged and pleaded they wouldn't stop even though they wanted to. So I let my body rock with his slowly. Dakota was sad I could tell. He had to cram his dick inside me to get it all in my pussy. I wailed in agonizing pain. He places a kiss on my neck and I felt his lip gently touch my ear as he spoke, "I love you" is what he said right before he kissed me. His cum filled me until I knew I would pop. But it kept forcing its way in to me. So much, it hurt, but yet I liked it, it felt right somehow. Then he cam again harder this time and a huge ball of cum forced its way in to me which hurt but he wrapped his arms around me and hugged me close to him. He just came and came in to me I struggled but he held me as tears running from his body on to mine. It seemed like it was no problem to seduce my struggling to him. And I wailed and stopped struggling. I was too weak to struggle anymore so I rocked with his thrust, his body warm on mine. He did the same thing to my ass and all I could do was hang there miserably, unable to move, unable to even help myself.

Brendon's dick must have been a foot long and 4 inches thick when he put it in me I felt myself rip and my eyes widened in pain and he places his hands on my hips and stuffed his dick in to me. It only went about half way in and I heard voices say "Stuff it in her all the way." I begged them to not make him but I felt it in his body that he nodded and he started to cram it inside me. My pussy allowing him to, I felt it open me up, I opened my mouth only to feel him put something over my mouth. They must have given him something but he stuffed it all in. My pussy ripped open probably 2 inches to let him all the way in, but it let him, all the way in and when he came, It hurt so I let out a blood curling screech and struggled wildly as his dick grew and shrunk signaling he was about to cum inside me. I struggled and fought but he held me so that I couldn't get free and I heard the rusted chains snap a little and I smiled a little thinking I was going to get out before he cam and just then, he cam. My eyes widened and I opened my mouth and let out a blood boiling, ear piercing shriek as huge balls of cum filed me to the max and then started to seep out but he forced all of his cum back in to me and wrapped his hands in my hair as his cum filled me. I screamed bloody murder as he did I was to full I couldn't take anymore then he shot one last one in to my pussy and I screamed bloody murder again this time and I struggled feebly for a couple seconds afterward and tried to then I stopped, I just stopped. I couldn't fight anymore, so I just hung there crying. I heard the voices laughing at us and I could only hang there by a chain as my 3 best friends raped me because of people who had taken us. He fucked my ass to. It hurt like the fire in hell but he ripped it open about 2 inches to it hurt so much but I didn't struggle because I knew it would make it hurt more so I moved with his body, his thrust harder and deeper in to me every time just waiting for this nightmare to be over.

When I woke up my wrist where sore, I felt like I'd been hanging from a chain by duck tape. Then I saw that I latterly had been. But what scared me more. Was what I saw. I saw blood, Tons and tons of blood. All over the floor and white stuff a lot of it to. So I looked around and I tried to sit up. But everything below my neck I could hardly feel. And below my ribs, I couldn't feel anything but pain and numbness. I couldn't even move and when I tried to I felt my eyes tear up because it hurt so bad.

Then I looked around and realized I was in a room. It was dark the walls grey and it made me feel down and sad and depressed even. So I looked around for Dakota, Brendon, and Tyler after my eyes a gusted which took a few seconds. When I saw them though, they looked sad and angry and they looked down and kind of away from me and it made me sad and confused, Very confused. Then I heard a voice. I don't know where it came from but it must have been from a speaker or something because it had a kind of static sounding to it. It had nothing but pure amusement in it and almost a laugh in it as the person said, "Oh you look so innocent don't you. It's so cute, I love that about you. We already know all of your names so Dakota," I could hear what sounded like a boys voice. And for some reason, I KNEW he was smiling, but I didn't know why, which gave me the chills which went all the way up my spine. Then I knew something was wrong very wrong or something bad was going happen. And I was right. I never saw what was going to happen next. "Go ahead" the voice said. "And tell her what that white stuff is. We can see it in her face that she doesn't know what it is apparently. I guess she forgot about last night and the "Fun" you guys had."

I looked at him as confused as he walked up to me. Then he knelt down and I realized, all of them where crying. Their eyes were red like they'd been crying for a wile and the floor was wet where there tears must have fallen. The next word he said was all he had to say because that one word, Let me know what went down. I heard his tears hit the ground and all the regret in his voice, all the sadness of what had happened wile I was knocked out. He said it in a slow, soft, sad, pain filled voice. And when he finally gathered the strength to say it he said it in a quiet voice.


I felt my body trembled which made it kind of hard to breath. Tears ran down the sides of my face slowly as I let the word he said register and when they did I Regretted all I'd said, asking them if they wanted to go to the park. Asking them did they want to play Hide in Seek, which I didn't exactly ask but you know what I mean. I realized I was still bleeding badly and I tried to sit up but couldn't. So I laid there, trying to comprehend what had happened and what was happening to us. Finally I thought. Why me. Why us. It's not fair!

No I wished. I had stayed in the house.

Chapter 5


Over the last couple of mouths I've grow so big. My was stomach is about as big as a basket ball. Not from being over fed, But from being pregnant. It's been 2 months scene that day, that horrible, awful day that I had my 3 best friends rape me. My stomach hurts like hell. I felt like I could pop. When I walked I didn't walk, I waddled and every step I took hurt. I knew how many I'm having already; I'm scared to death to about becoming a mother. Because a mother of 4… Is gone be hard especially scene, I'm only 13. The fathers are 14 which is Dakota, 13 which is Tyler, and Brendon who was 15. I know they will be good fathers. But I'm just scared about what will happen.

I sat up from the sleeping bag that people who took us gave us. I'm glad they cared at least that much. As I sat up I found it hard to do it by myself now. Id watched my stomach grow inch by inch everyday it getting bigger and the day I would have them, getting closer.

"Ugh…" I moaned in effort and pain as I trying my hardest to sit up by myself. "Tyler, Dakota, Brendon can one of you come help me up? Please?" I said in pain. It made me mad knowing I couldn't help myself anymore. I depended on others for almost everything. I heard footsteps walking towards me then I saw Dakota, he was tall with dirty blond short hair a cute face and a slider but muscular body. He was white to so was I and Brendon was to but Tyler was black but that never bothered me. I loved him, a lot. And no matter what I always will. And its funny Dakotas been doing just about everything for me I'm not sure why but as he came closer to me I couldn't help but smile softly at him.

"Good morning," he said in a kind, gentle voice as he stuck his arm out for me to grab so that he could help me up, "how are you today." he smiled.

"I'm ok but I've been better, although I think we all have."I looked around the room not seeing the other 2.

Dakota smiles and pulled me up.

"Thanks" I said a gentle smile forming on my face.

The next part is what took me of guard.

He smiled and his arms touched the top of my stomach. Then he lifted them until his arms where around me and said "Your welcome" then he wrapped his hands around me hugging me as close as he could get me and I felt my face go red as he looked down at me. Then he move his face closer, and closer, and closer until his forehead touched mine and a gental smile parted his lips as he placed his lips on mine and kissed me gently.

I felt my cheeks flush red.

Then he pulled away and I looked at him sadly and he smiled "I know I didn't want to stop either but maybe later." he smiled and winked at me.

Then I felt one of the babies kick. I moaned loudly in pain and he walked behind me and placed his hands gently on my tummy and put his chin on my neck. Then he rubbed it slowly, softly which always made them calm down and made me slightly horny sometimes.

"I think you're going be a great mother Katie." he said as he kissed my neck softly. "I really do."

I looked up at him and pulled away gently, my face dark red with surprised and embarrassment but yet happy.

"D-Dakota..." I said looking at him. "Not here or not at least right now."

He simply looked down at me and smiled which for some reason; it sent chills up my spine.

Then he walked away and I don't know where he went after that because of the darkness. It must have been nighttime because there was defiantly no sunlight in here yet. I looked around for Tyler and Brendon, but I didn't see them. So I started to get worried.

"Brendon, Tyler where are yall!" I called to them wile I looking around looking for them.

I softly mutter to myself "where could they be….."

Then I turned around and say them walking towards me. Surprisingly the room the people put us in was big, A lot bigger than you see in to movies. You could actual run across the room. Not that I could. No mater how much I wanted to.

It was dark in the room with a couple of lights. But there were still shadows. It was littered in trash and had leaks every ware. Were lucky we found some useful things, almost all of the corners where pitch black and shadowed which kind of made me scared because I still wasn't used to this place. It made me scared that's why I sleep in between them at night. The room was all brick walls they where grey and black with bars at the far end that led to a door that I guessed led outside, The floor was solid hard concrete, but it could have been worse. Though it was bad for my back, especially scene I was expecting. But it could have been worse; I could have been all by myself. I wish no one ells had to get hurt. No. I wish none of this had ever happened. But, it did. And I knew we were all going to have to get back home, one way, or the other.

Chapter 5


I woke up and managed to get up by myself. "About time" I had thought to myself but grumbled out loud a little. But I knew I couldn't do it often since I was caring 4 children inside my body and because of how little food we had I was weak. It's hard, especially without enough food to feed me and my friends. Let alone me, my friends, and the 4 children I was caring.


I'm glad I had shelter and things wile I was pregnant but, We all knew we had to get out. Little did I know it would be so soon.

Chapter 1


I was running, running for my life. I felt hot breath on the back of my neck. It pushed me to run faster but I still felt like I was running slow still. I felt something touch my shoulder and shake me then I heard Dakotas voice.

"Katie." It said slightly concerned.

I realized I must have been dreaming so I opened my eyes to see Dakota looking down at me.

"Katie you ok" He said, "You where talking in your sleep" He said.

"Y-yeah just dreaming and sorry if I woke you up." I said sitting up slowly. "Dakota" I hesitated, not knowing if the people who took us could hear us. Then I get close to his ear. "We have to get out of here before I have the babies, you know that right."I said and he looked and me and kisses me which surprised me. But I liked it, a lot more than I was going to admit to him or anyone else.

"Yeah Katie I know were working on that now" he said in my ear. "We plan on trying tonight, ok, so be ready."

He looked me over. "I'll wake you up about 2 hours before until then you need to rest." He places another kiss on my cheek. "Ok." He said softly. And I nodded and lay back down. I couldn't go to sleep for the longest time so I just stared at the ceiling.

I kept thinking about how we where gona get out, and when we did what where we gona do. I mean I was pregnant; Dakota, Tyler, and Brandon, where all going to be fathers we had no clue where we were. But I finally fell asleep. And I was glad I did, Because I would need it.

When I woke up it was to a scream. It was the scream to the person who'd told Dakota and them to rape me.

I shot strait up and looked around. It freaked me out what I saw. I saw Dakota with a knife in one of the people's neck. He turned and looked at then looked away sadly but I was glad in a way. We would be able to get home.

"Where's the other one." I asked and looked around.

"I don't know but get everything. The sleeping bags everything we might need them." He said to me not looking at me and took the knife out of the people's neck and blood gushed on to the floor. I saw him take the mans shirt and pants off and then the shoelaces off and I knew what he was going use it for wounds if any of us got hurt. And for when I gave birth if we weren't home by then.

I saw Tyler and Brendon wrapping up the sleeping bags then a banging on the door. I froze. Dakota didn't hesitate to open it he did and I heard a scream silence, for good. And for some odd reason it made me smile. Then I heard a gun go off and I looked toward the door and I saw Dakota he had done the same thing to the other man. This time though he had a gun I'll tell you, Dakota seems to know what he's doing. Pretty well to, it made me wonder if he's done this before which made me shiver. But if he had I was kind of glad, which was weird.

Chapter 2


We grabbed everything and ran out the door. Well, I couldn't exactly run. We ran and ran. We ran thru a field I had n clue where we were. So I looked at them and they seemed to be puzzled to. We figured by now we had managed to get far enough from them to stop running so we went to a walk. Well waddle for me. We came to a street. It read Stanly Dr. and I looked at them. I'd never heard of this street so we kept walking. By the time I saw a town in the distant I could have fallen over. My feet hurt bad enough but now the felt worse. My stomach felt worse, a lot worse. It growled saying it was hungry and I had to agree I think we all where.

We walked in to the town and people stared I had to agree we looked pretty bad. I looked down and realized all of our close looked like rags pretty much. I sighed deeply and they looked at me and realized how we looked. Then I saw a store a closeting store and I walked towards it and I saw the had close for a dollar. I smiled if we got some we would look better and blend in better so I pointed it out to them and we all went in and got some things. We also stopped by a couple other places and got some other things. I was actually having fun and it made me smile and they all smiled back at me which made me giggle. Then some kid ran up to us and stole our money right out of Tyler's hand and I looked after the kid. "Come on!" I said and started to run, we needed that money if we were going to get home. So we chased this kid who looked to be about 14. I was on track at my school. But being pregnant and all made it a lot harder because I could barely keep up. Just when I thought I was going to collapse Dakota caught him. And he struggled wildly. I thought Dakota was gona have to let the kid go because of how hard he was struggling but he didn't and eventually the kid stopped panting.

"What do you want!" the boy snapped at us then looked at me and it sent shivers up my spine.

It was Dakota who spoke. "We want our money back we need it." He said coldly.

"What money?" the kid said innocently.

Dakota grabbed the kid and looked him in the face. "Give it back now or ells" he made a fist. The kids eyes widened and he stuck his hand in his pocket and pulled out what must have been 100 dollars. Had he stole all of that? Dakota took it all from the boy and put it in his pocket and dropped him. "Thanks." was all Dakota said as he started to walk away.

"Wait" I said and walked to the boy who stood back up and looked at me. "Dakota come here" I said and I heard footsteps come towards me and the kid backed down slightly.

"Why did u steal all that money?" I said looking at him.

He looked at me then looked down. "I live by myself I can't get a job and I need to live somehow so I have to steal." he looked at me. "You're not from here are you?"

I looked at him and shook my head "no we were taken and we have no clue where we are I'm Katie this is Dakota, Tyler and, Brendon." The all nodded there head.

The kid looked at us and nodded. "If you don't mind me asking" he said and looked at my stomach. "Why are you so fat you where taken normally they don't feed you much." The boy said and I heard Dakota growl and he backed down.

I looked at the boy and I felt my eyes get a sad look in them "I'm not fat, I'm pregnant." I said softly remembering what happened in a quick flash back all the pain and everything that happened. And he looked down.

"Sorry." He said softly embarrassed.

"It's fine." I smiled at him.

He looked at us. "So are they yalls" he looked at the boys with me qeshionly.

I nodded "Yeah they are there's I'm having 4" at that his eyes widened.

"How far along are you?" he looked at me "I'd say you're not far off. Why don't yall come to where I live it's not the best place but I have a couple extra beds yall can use." He smiled and I couldn't help but smile back and I agreed and we followed him.

When we arrived at where he lived said something I had forgotten to ask him "by the way my names Addison" he turned around to look at us. For the first time I realized how skinny and dirty he was. I couldn't help but feel sorry for him. He smiled at us and I looked at where he lived.

He lived in an old building, Its windows where mostly boarded shut and some holes in the walls along with a lot of dirt and dust. But it had running water and it had running water that was drinkable. It had 3 beds. 2 looked like they were hardly used. The other one had a blanket a pillow and a little stuffed animal on it. The inside of the building was a lot bigger than it appeared to be from the outside. It made me feel a lot safer than the other room had. Probably because the people weren't watching everything we did and no chains and stuff. But one of the things I loved the most was that he had drawn on the walls things that he must have felt he needed to get out. Some were words some were pictures. Some were both. He must have seen me looking because he smiled and turned to me. "You like it." He said to me with pride in his voice.

I smiled "I love it! Wish I could do that at my old house" I giggled softly and a pain of homesickness washed over me. I missed my dog and cat. I missed my mom and dad and the rest of my friends. I missed he part and school. I missed everything.

Just then I felt the babies kick me hard in the stomach and I feel to my knees and clutched my stomach in pain. I moaned loudly in pain and Addison took charge telling them to pick me up and put me on the bed and get serten stuff for me. It was funny to see them being bossed around. I wanted to laugh but it hurt so much that I didn't try to. They hurt so much I felt like giving up and dying.

Addison looked at them. "I have a question" he said bluntly "tell me what happened." I knew it wasn't a question, he was telling them to.

But I knew what was going to happen I wanted to listen but I fell asleep.

So they all told him what happen but when they told him that they all had - with me that must have sent him over the edge because I woke up to Addison screaming at them.

I opened my eyes to see his face dark red from anger his eyes sparkling with furry.

He snarled "you all did what to her!"

Dakota flinched.

Addison screamed at them "How dare you do that to her!" snapping at them.

Dakota looked at Addison and snarled back "Well would you rather her be dead!" and Addison looked at him.

Addison growled deeply. "That could have killed her you dumb asses".

Dakota looked down and away.

I felt my head throb and I howled. And they turned to look at me and Dakota ran to my side and griped my hand "Hang in there Katie please for me". He kisses my cheek softly and wrapped his hands and arms around my stomach as I grabbed my head and felt agonizing pain.

"Dakota!" Addison screamed and ran towards me, but something about him. I looked him over and when I saw his eyes, my heart stopped, his eyes….. Where a deep, dark, shining eyes.

"D-Dakota" I stammered "L-Look at his eyes…." Dakota fallowed my eyes and looked at Addison. "What the fuck are you!" he shouted at him as Dakota picked me up. And I placed my hand over my stomach as he stood up and looked at Addison.

Addison looks down somberly. Myself I was completely terrified, he acted different even though I didn't know how, he took a step closer and I had to turn away. What was happing?

I wanted to know, yet I didn't. I didn't know if I had wanted to saw what I saw next. He lunged at Dakota almost nothing but a blur, when did he become like that? Dakotas natural reaction was to drop me and defend himself, and he did I hit the floor with a loud *Thud* and howled. HE was about to pick me back up when Addison launched himself again at Dakota this time successfully knocking him to the ground.

"DAKOTA!" I shouted. "Addison what are you doing!"

He didn't answer me; he simply looked at me almost puzzled like. It was creepy. Then he griped on to Dakotas hair and lifted him up in to the air Dakota screaming in pain as his hair was ripped from his scalp*.

"ADDISON STOP THAT!" I shrieked, what in the hell had brought this on?