The Illusion

Open my bottle,

There is so much to see.

A desire for love, but I cannot find he.

He, who is smart, and wholesomely good,

There will be no question of if I should.

But I cannot reach him,

For my heart is too dim.

Poke a hole in my bottle,

And you will discover,

That I desire much more than just a lover.

A crave for acceptance that just does come.

This craving is result of my own mom.

I crave a mother who can actually see,

All of the potential and beauty that is in me.

I lack this resource,

And that is why you will find,

I try my best to always be kind.

As I watch others be happy,

I float along.

Trying to find the place where I do belong.

Perhaps I am hiding,

Hiding from the truth:

That happiness can be pulled from me

Just like a loose tooth.

It's just an illusion,

This happiness is temporary.

And to be honest,

I find that pretty scary.

But one day I'll find it,

This happiness I seek.

Then I will see that my life aint so bleak.

And just like the others,

I will be happy and free.

These things will finally be a part of me.

But up until then,

I will live this illusion.

For now, it is my only solution.