So Abby and I have been working on this project for literally months. We got so sick of it and it was confusing as hell, but eventually we got all of them done :D There are a total of about 134+ of these things. And 'these things' are short Valentine's Day Drabbles for all of our couples (or, at least the important ones and then the cute side ones you'll hear about in passing :P) Some of these contain spoilers, so if you don't want to know, then skip over the chapter and keep going. We decided that we'd post four or five a day until March 11, Abby and my anniversary (/u/). We'll be posting them according to what stories they're from and then we'll randomly go from there, I believe. That might change as they go on though. If you notice any mistakes, please ignore them or point them out, either is fine~ I hope you like them!

Also, Abby and I say Happy Lover's Day :D I hope you and you're boyfriend/husband/wife/girlfriend/brother/sister/mom/dad/friend-with-benefits-who-you-secretely-love/mermaid/alien/ghost/criminal/any-other-person-of-your-choosing have an amazing Valentine's Day!~

WARNINGS: Spoilers, Slash, Yaoi, Femslash, Yuri, Implied sex, Smut, Language, Fluff, Incest, Orgies, and there might be some supernatural shit in there but we can't quite recall XD Also, Mermaids. And Furries. These warnings are for all of the drabbles as a whole, each one does not require all of theses warnings.


Brendan smirked, standing in the doorway of his room, watching his boyfriend across the hallway. "Sam?"

Sam whined, looking up from his place, where he'd been cleaning the hall table.

"Yes, Master?" He asked, sighing.

God, he did not like having to call Brendan 'Master' while at work...so degrading...

Brendan smirked, "Come here."

Sam sighed, nodding.

"Yes, Master..." He murmured, standing, and gently straightening his skirt, blushing when he tried to pull it down past his mid-thigh. Finally, he gave up, and walked over to Brendan, blushing.

The older boy chuckled softly, waiting for Sam to get close enough before taking his hand and dragging him into the room with him, closing the door behind him.

"Stay in here with me."

Sam blushed, biting his lip, "But I have to clean everything..."

He sighed, kissing Sam gently, "You can clean tomorrow."

"Okay..." Sam murmured, leaning into his arms with a small smile.

Brendan smiled, wrapping his arms tightly around Sam and holding him close, and whispering in his ear, "I love you."

Sam smiled, pressing close, his high heeled shoes giving him the height to kiss Brendan's forehead without getting on his toes.

"I love you too, Brendan..." he smiled, blushing slightly.

Brendan smirked, kissing him deeply, wrapping his arms around Sam's waist instead.

"God, you look so sexy in that..."

"Mmm, thank you..." He purred, nuzzling him.

Brendan laughed softly, sighing happily, just happy to hold the other boy.

"Mm, Happy Valentine's Day, princess..."

The raven blushed, smiling.

"H-Happy Valentine's, Brendan..."