So today is our anniversary :D And it is also the last chapter of the Valentine's Drabbles. We decided to reward the people who made it all the way through this long ass thing with some…less clean chapters :D This is the chapter that gave the story the M rating.

Okay, background.

In case you hadn't realized, our Toxic Universe is a universe with many different 'verses' inside of it. Like a Universeption. (lol inside joke…). This is what we call the 'Foursome Universe', where our two main couples Jake/Andrew (mine) and Jason/Kyle (Abby's) in the Original Universe are in a foursome with each other.

Warnings: Smut, Graphic Smut, Language, Foursome, use of Toys, and I'm sure there is more I've forgotten.

Also, I got lazy since this thing is like 27 pages long, and didn't edit it very well, just using the editing tool on Word. If you spot any mistakes, just send us a message or something and I'll fix it XD; Enjoy!

Kyle's Fantasy

Kyle purred, smiling as he leaned against Jason. He rested his head in the younger boy's lap, watching their youngest lover devouring the cookies he'd made for the four of them that morning.
"Andrew, you'll choke if you don't slow down," he murmured quietly, his British accent hitting each syllable pleasantly.
Jason chuckled softly, observing Andrew as well, humming softly.
"'Shouldn't have made so many, darling..."
"'Wanted to do something different for Valentine's," the other boy mumbled, sighing softly.
Jason hesitated, glancing at the blond behind them.
"Jake, what are we doing for Valentine's Day anyway?"

Jake smiled slightly, leaning back, his arm around Jason's shoulder, eyes still set on Andrew and the cookies.
"Mmm...I haven't thought about it. What did you want to do?"

Jason snorted, rolling his eyes slightly, "If I knew, do you think I'd be asking you?"

Andrew giggled softly, nuzzling Kyle's legs lightly, purring loudly as he finished his cookies.

The gothic boy smiled slightly, purring as he began to pet Andrew lightly, "about what, love?"

His smallest lover shivered at his touch, purring slightly louder and nuzzling him again, smiling as he looked up at him.
"Um...I don't know...what do you think we should talk about?"

"I dunno...Jake?" Kyle asked, looking at him imploringly, "Any ideas?"

"Hmm...uh..." he blinked, looking at Jason.

Jason shrugged, smiling slightly, "So what do you guys dream about?"

Andrew blinked, looking at Jason for a moment, before smiling.
"Usually? guys."

Kyle tilted his head slightly, curious, "What about us?"

His smaller lover blushed, looking down and coughing slightly, "U-Um...fantasies..."

The British boy blushed in response and went quiet.
Jason, however, smirked and raised an eyebrow at the youngest boy.
"So, Andrew, what are your fantasies then?"

"I-I-um-I mean-uh-" Andrew blushed brighter, biting his lip and whining softly.
"A-ask someone else..." he whined softly, whimpering and looking down with a brighter blush.

The other boy laughed and looked up at Jake, raising an eyebrow.
"Okay, Jake then."

Jake snorted, purring softly at the thought of his fantasy.
"Mmm, my fantasy is making all three of you have the best orgasms of your life at the same time, because of me." He murmured, licking his lips slightly.

Jason blushed slightly, shivering slightly at the thought, purring softly, "That sounds amazing..."
Kyle blushed brightly, not looking at them.

Andrew purred, "What's yours, Jason?"

Jason shrugged slightly, "'don't really have any..."
Jake blinked, nuzzling him, then looking at Kyle, "Mmm, and Kyle? What was yours?"

Kyle blushed, shaking his head shyly, "'don't wanna tell..."

Andrew blinked, then purred softly, sitting up and leaning over to kiss him gently, lightly trailing his fingers down his chest, completely aware that he was still resting on Jason's lap.
"Aww, please, Ky?"

Kyle blushed brighter, shaking his head, "Nooo..."
Jason snorted softly, nuzzling Andrew lightly, "Mmm, why don't you tell us yours first? 'Might encourage him..."

Andrew blushed, moving so that he was sitting on Kyle's lap, hands resting on his stomach lightly.
"B-but...mine's...really dirty..." he whispered quietly, looking down with another blush.

Kyle pouted, "'don't wanna tell mine anyway..."
Jason sighed, leaning against Jake.
"You two are no fun...Jake told his."

Andrew hesitated, then leaned forward, smiling down at Kyle, licking the older boys lips lightly, "'wanna tie you and Jason up to the ceiling and gag you with those pretty ball-gags I bought...'wanna wrap tight cock-rings around you both...then I wanna presses a toy inside of each of you myself, and connect them to the rings so they don't fall you both whimper and squirm..." he whispered quietly into his ear, rubbing his body against Kyle's lightly, "Once you're both all tied up and hot, and wanting, because the toys will be pressed against your sweet-spots, I wanna let you fuck me while I blow Jason..." he murmured into his ear, eyes trailing up to look at Jason, "And maybe, if you're lucky and your begging is pretty enough, Jake will take the toys out and fuck you until you come..."

The British boy shivered, blushing as he looked at his smallest lover, in awe that the 'innocent' boy had thought up something so...

"Mmm, your turn..." Andrew murmured quietly, purring softly as he nuzzled Kyle.

"'Don't wanna..." Kyle whined softly, blushing again.

"Please?" Andrew whispered softly, kissing his neck and rubbing his body against Kyle's again, "Tell me, please? I wanna hear what your fantasy is? How can we make you feel good?" he whined softly, trailing his hand down Kyle's side.

The older boy whimpered softly, hesitating, then leaning up to whisper it to Andrew quietly, not letting the others hear.

Andrew listened with a soft purr, blushing lightly and smiling at him.
"Mmm, I think we can do that..."

Kyle blushed, his eyes flickering to Jake before he looked back at Andrew.
Jason smiled slightly, raising an eyebrow. "What do you think we can do..?"

The smallest raven grinned slightly, eyes flashing, "Mmm, I won't be able to ride you though, pretty...I'll have to be on bottom so you can be comfortable." he whispered to Kyle, winking at Jason in response before looking down at his lover.

Kyle whined softly and shook his head, "n-not if we're positioned right..." He answered softly, blushing.

Andrew hesitated, then nodded, leaning down to kiss him deeply.
" long as you're comfortable." He purred, nuzzling him, then looking up at Jake and Jason, slowly smirking.
"Mmm, wanna help me strip them, Ky?"

Kyle blushed, glancing at Andrew then at Jake and Jason, biting his lip.
"Yesss..." he purred, smirking slightly.
The smaller boy purred, moving off of him, grinning slightly, "Mmm, good."
Kyle smirked, twisting around and sitting up, moving so that Andrew can get Jake's and he can get Jason's clothes.

Jake snorted; letting Andrew do was he wanted, allowing his shirt, shoes, socks, and pants to disappear slowly.

Jason sighed, letting Kyle help strip him as well, extremely curious as to what the other two ravens were planning.

Andrew smiled, purring softly, "Mmm, do you want me to leave his boxers for you, Ky?"

Kyle blushed, shivering slightly and glancing at Jake and Andrew, hesitating.

"W-whatever you want to do..."

"Mmm, okay..." Andrew smiled, leaving them in favor of sitting on Jake's lap and kissing him deeply, shivering when Jake wrapped his arms around his waist.

Kyle purred, nuzzling Jason gently, watching the blond and the raven quietly.
It reminded him of before they were a foursome, when Jake and Andrew had been a couple and were close friends of he and Jason. He smiled, blushing and chuckling softly as he thought about how much had changed since then.
Jason purred softly, leaning against Kyle lightly and glancing at them as well.

Andrew was purring loudly, pressing close to Jake, slowly growing used to the feeling of his oldest lover's lips pressed against his, of his strong arms wrapped around his body.
"Mmm, Jake..." He whispered quietly, pulling away from the kiss after a few moments, smiling at him.
Jake smiled at him as well, nuzzling him, "I love you, Andrew..."
"Mmm, 'love you too, Jake..." he giggled softly, then looked at Kyle, smirking, "Mmm, but right now, we're focusing on Kyle..."

Kyle blushed brightly, moving to try to hide behind Jason.
The younger boy snorted, raising an eyebrow and gently pushing Kyle back in sight, between he, Jake, and Andrew.
"No hiding, Kyle. That isn't fair."

The smallest raven smiled, purring softly as he moved to go back to him, kissing him gently.

Kyle purred, melting against him, smiling and blushing brightly.
Jason hummed, crawling over to Jake and whispering, "Any idea what they're planning now..?"

Jake shook his head, kissing Jason quickly, "Mmm, no idea..."

Jason sighed and nodded slightly, "Okay..."

Andrew smiled, moving to kiss him gently, "Mmm, 'want you to fuck Kyle while I ride him, okay?"

Jason blinked, then nodded slightly, biting his lip.

"What about Jake?"

"Mmm, don't worry." Andrew purred, nuzzling him.
"He'll get his spot too."

Jason hesitated, then nodded slightly, "Okay...and this is what Kyle wants then?"
Kyle blushed, whining softly. "Shaddup, Jason."

"Mhm." Andrew purred, nuzzling him, "Please, pretty?"

Kyle blushed, sighing and looking down, pouting slightly.
Jason snorted, smirking slightly, and nodding, "Mmk..."
Andrew grinned slightly, kissing Kyle again, "Wanna go to the bedroom?"

The older boy blushed again, nodding slightly without looking up.

"Mmm, you know we don't mind doing this, pretty..." Andrew whispered to him, kissing his cheek.

"'know..." he sighed, biting his lip shyly.

"Good..." he whispered, kissing him gently, "We love you, darling...

Kyle blushed slightly, nodding again, "'love you guys, too..."

"Mmm, I know..." Andrew smiled.

The other boy purred softly, glancing up again, hesitating. He blushed, his eyes meeting Jason's, then traveling to Jake's uncertainly.

Jake smiled at him warmly, moving to kiss him deeply, "Kyle, hardly ever ask us to do anything for you in the're always trying to please us. The least we can do is play this out for you..." he whispered softly, kissing him gently.

Kyle hesitated, blushing again, then nodding slightly, "o-okay...whose room are we using...?"

"Mmm, whose room do you want?"

Kyle hesitated, glancing at Andrew, assuming his room would be the easiest.

Andrew smiled at the look, nodding.
"Okay." He grinned, standing and taking Kyle's hand, purring.

Kyle purred softly, following Andrew's lead, obviously still nervous.

The smaller raven led him upstairs, Jake nuzzling Jason and taking his hand, smiling and pulling him along gently, following Andrew and Kyle.
"Mmm, Ky...Calm down, beautiful..." Andrew whispered, kissing Kyle deeply.

Kyle sighed, "'m sorry..."

"It's okay." Andrew smiled, opening his door for them and pulling him inside, pressing his body close and wrapping his arms around his neck, kissing him gently.
"Ky...We love you so, so much...I want you to enjoy this okay? Just relax and go with everything." he murmured, nuzzling his neck lightly.

Kyle purred softly, hesitantly nodding slightly, "okaay..."

Andrew smiled, soothingly beginning to kiss his neck and shoulders.
"Mmm, good boy...relax, for me, pretty..." he murmured, softly.
"Will you stretch me?"

"'f you want me to..." the other boy purred, nuzzling him gently.

"Mmm, please..." his youngest lover smiled, purring softly.

Kyle nodded slightly, "Mm 'kaaay..."

Andrew smiled, moving to sit on the bed, beginning to strip himself.

The British boy purred, sitting by him, watching him closely without even realizing it.

The younger boy smiled at him, making sure to strip slowly for him, wanting to make him happily.
"Mmm, Ky..."

Kyle blushed slightly, purring loudly.
Jason smiled slightly, glancing at Jake for a moment, then joining them on the bed as well, humming softly.

Jake watched them quietly, smiling.
"Mmm, you three are so..." he trailed off, shivering slightly as he watched them.

"Shut up, Jake..." Jason said, sticking his tongue out.

The oldest boy laughed softly, grinning.

Jason grinned slightly then looked back at Kyle and Andrew, smiling slightly.
"So can you tell us what we're doing now...?"
"No." Kyle answered, glancing up for a brief second.

Andrew chuckled softly, "Just go with it, Jas..." He snorted, licking Kyle's neck lightly, purring loudly.

Kyle purred, closing his eyes for a moment at the simple touch, then smiling slightly at them again, "'help me?" He asked softly; glancing down at his clothes, then back up at Andrew.

Immediately, the other boy nodded, moving to straddle him, slowly beginning to peel his shirt off, kissing his neck again as he did so.
After his shirt was gone, Andrew's hands went to his pants, unbuttoning them slowly with a smile.

Kyle purred loudly, letting Andrew strip him, smiling slightly.

"Mmm, Kyle..." Andrew whispered softly, moving so that he was kneeling in front of him, slowly sliding his pants off of him, followed by his boxers.

Kyle blushed, biting his lip and looking at the ceiling to distract himself.

Andrew whined, "Look at me, Kyle..." he whimpered softly, leaning forward to lick his member slowly.

Kyle shuddered slightly, blushing brightly and eyes widening slightly as he looked at Andrew.

His younger lover smiled up at him, purring loudly as he began to lightly lick and lap at his cock.
"Thank you..."

The older boy whimpered, shivering slightly, "'dreew..."

"'feels good?" Andrew asked, nuzzling his thighs, lightly licking his cock again.

"Yesss..." Kyle whined, spreading his legs slightly without even thinking about it, his mind in a haze that he could barely think through anymore.

"'m glad..." he whispered, glancing at Jason and Jake, smiling at them, before going back to kissing his stomach gently, licking at the tip slowly.

Kyle whined softly, his body trying to arch into the touch as an automatic reaction. "A-Andrew..."

"Mmm, I love you, Kyle..."

"'Love you, too..." Kyle purred, blushing.

"I know." he smiled, nuzzling him again, then sits back.

The other boy started to nod, then glanced at Jake and Jason, hesitating for a moment, as though unsure.

Andrew looked up at him, kissing his thigh lightly, "Ky?"

Kyle bit his lip for a moment, then nodded slightly, "o-okay..."
Andrew hesitated, then nodded, looking at Jason and Jake.
"Mmm, have to stretch Kyle, and Kyle can stretch me. Then you fuck Kyle at the edge of the bed, okay?"

Jason hesitated slightly, raising an eyebrow and nodding. "Okay..."

He sighed, glancing away from his lovers to find Kyle's pants on the floor and get the lube from the pocket.

Andrew hesitated, biting his lip.
"Am I being too demanding?"

"No..." Jason answered, purring softly, "'m just curious as to how this is supposed to work..."

His youngest lover giggled softly, nodding.
"You'll see..." he murmured, then turned back to Kyle.
"69 while he's stretching you and you're stretching me?"

The oldest raven blushed and nodded slightly, purring as he looked at Andrew.
Jason snorted, waiting for them to figure out who was on top and who was on bottom.

Andrew tilted his head, nuzzling his cock again, "Do you want bottom or top?"

Kyle purred, hesitating, then sitting up and moving so Andrew could have his spot, "top..."

His lover nodded, purring softly.
"Okay..." He murmured, moving to lie down on the bed, spreading his legs for Kyle.

Kyle hesitated, straddling him, letting Jason help them so that, within seconds, Andrew's cock was in front of him.
He purred, nuzzling the organ before quickly getting to work on it eagerly, using his tongue to show Andrew what he wanted to do to Jake.

Andrew immediately cried out, shivering as he went back to licking and sucking on Kyle's cock, shivering as he tried not to thrust into Kyle's mouth, unable to stop the muffled moans and whimpers and cries that escaped him, even around Kyle's member.
Jake watched them, a dark, lusty look on his face as he approached them, licking his lips.
"Godfuckingdamnit..." he whispered, wrapping his arms around Jason's waist and kissing his neck, watching how Kyle's head bobbed over Andrew's cock with vigor.

Kyle purred loudly, his hands on Andrew's hips to keep the younger boy from moving.
Jason chuckled, nuzzling Jake gently and looking up at him.
"Enjoying yourself, love?"

"God, yes..." Jake murmured, smirking slightly, leaning down to kiss him deeply.
"Fuck, they're so sexy..." he whispered, petting Jason lightly, obviously getting turned on.

Jason laughed softly, nuzzling him as he opened the lube.
"Well, they haven't said what you're doing yet...'Wanna stretch Andrew though? Kyle's hands seem to be busy...Along with his mouth and other body parts." He added, snorting as he looked at the two.

Jake chuckled, nodding slightly, letting Jason slick up two of his fingers, and crouching down, smirking slightly.
"Mmm, so pretty..." Jake murmured quietly, lightly fingering Andrew's entrance.
His youngest lover squeaked, blushing brightly and purring loudly as he felt Jake slip the first finger inside, closing his eyes as he continued to suck Kyle's member.
Jake laughed softly, lightly petting Kyle with his free hand, smirking.

Jason purred, watching them for another moment, then slicking his own fingers and moving so that he was opposite of Jake, his fingers pressed against Kyle's entrance lightly.
Kyle whimpered, looking back at him wantingly as he sucked harder on Andrew.

Andrew cried out under him, shuddering, hazy eyes looking up at Jason happily, "Ja-Jaso-soon..."

Jason smirked slightly, petting Andrew with his other hand as he slipped a finger inside of Kyle gently.

Andrew shivered, purring loudly at the attention he was getting, going back to licking along the length in front of his face, legs spreading for Jake's fingers.

Kyle purred, whining and whimpering softly around Andrew, eyes closed, swallowing around Andrew gently.

His smaller lover was thrusting as best he could into the light sucking, whimpering loudly.
Jake smiled as he watched him, petting him lightly as he rubbed inside of Andrew, smirking at the noises they were making.

Jason smirked, leaning down to lick lightly along the crack of Kyle's ass, watching the way the older boy tried to squirm and arch into the feeling. He chuckled, nuzzling Kyle's lower back lightly as he slowly and carefully added the next finger.
Kyle moaned softly, pulling off of Andrew for the first time since he'd started treating the cock. He looked back at Jason, gasping softly, his eyes shining and, even though he didn't say anything, he was practically begging for more attention.
Andrew whimpered at the cold air against his wet member, shivering at the feeling and licking Kyle's cock slowly, crying out softly as Jake brushed against his sweet spot.

Kyle whined, looking at Jason pleadingly, whimpering and nuzzling Andrew lightly.

Jake laughed softly, looking up at Jason, "Mmm, I think he wants you to hurry...or touch his prostate." he smirked, petting Kyle lightly.

Jason chuckled, smirking, "Mmm, probably."
He purred softly, trailing his free hand down Kyle's thigh before going back to petting Andrew, ignoring Kyle's whimpers and whines and desperate looks.

Andrew purred loudly, sending the pleasurable vibrators over Kyle's member lightly as he bobbed his head, eyes falling shut at Jason's light touches, whimpering loudly when Jake slowly added his second, and final, finger.

"Jasooooon," Kyle finally whined softly, tears appearing in his eyes.
Jason chuckled, brushing his fingers against Kyle's sweet spot slowly.
Kyle whined loudly, moaning and spasming slightly at the feeling, his whole face painted red in a bright blush.

Jake laughed softly, leaning down to kiss him gently, lightly brushing his lips against Kyle's, "Kyle, pretty...are you gonna come for us?" he whispered darkly into his ear, trailing a hand down his body, smirking slightly.

The British boy shivered, whining as he felt tension starting to build in his stomach at the simple touch, nuzzling Andrew's cock and beginning to lick at the shaft, looking up at Jake with dark, lust filled eyes, for once actually okay with acting like a slut for his lovers.

Andrew shivered, whimpering loudly, pulling away from his cock lightly, "K-Kyle..."

Kyle whined softly, looking down at Andrew, whimpering and trailing a hand along the other raven's thigh lightly.

He shivered, whimpering and moving back to lick and suck at his cock again, purring loudly as he tried not to let go himself.

Kyle whimpered, taking the head of Andrew's member back into his mouth and sucking lightly.

Jake snorted, licking his lips, "Mmm, Ky? Do you wanna finish like this or...?"

Kyle whined, looking at Andrew again, not fully able to think clearly, "'d-dreew...?"

Andrew shivered slightly, purring, "D-Do you wa-want to com-me li-like th-this, or g-go back t-to wh-what w-we wer-re pla-planning?"

Kyle whined softly in response, blinking and tilting his head slightly.
Jason snorted, rolling his eyes, and slipping in the third and final finger.
"I'm pretty sure that sober Kyle would pick the latter..."

Andrew snorted softly, licking him slowly again, before nodding.
"Okay..." he murmured, waiting for Jason to finish stretching him, and removing his fingers, then for Jake to do the same, before gently pushing Kyle so that he was on his back.
"Mmm, you look so sexy..." Andrew whispered to him quietly, licking his neck, shivering.

Kyle purred, looking up at him, his eyes hazy and dark and clouded with lust, his face flushed and mouth slightly open, not even trying to hide how horny and turned on he was - though he probably couldn't have hidden it anyway.

The smallest boy chuckled softly, kissing him gently, before looking at Jason, smiling.
" you should be at the edge of the bed, standing. He wants me to ride him, and you to fuck him, while he's blowing Jake...but we can't do that comfortably, so Jake is going to be on his hands and knees, and pretty much face-fucking him, okay?"

Jason hesitated, glancing at Jake, "Um..."

Jake blinked, thinking it over quickly, before nodding, "Okay."

"Hm," Jason frowned slightly, biting his lip, "it seems kind of…clean though..."

Andrew smiled slightly, "It is pretty clean..." he murmured, nuzzling Kyle, "But he said it was what he wanted."

Jason hesitated, looking at Kyle for a moment, before sighing and nodding.
The oldest of the ravens moved to the end of the bed quietly, still a little unsure but not particularly caring as he looked at his three lovers.

His youngest lover smiled, kissing him gently, "Mmm, it's okay, pretty...sometimes simple is better." he purred, licking his neck lightly as he moved to straddle Kyle, turning so that he was facing Kyle.
"Mmm, did you want me facing you, Ky?"

Kyle purred, shrugging slightly, whimpering softly as he looked at the youngest boy.
Jason snorted, nuzzling Andrew gently, whispering to him, "You could show Kyle how much pleasure you're getting from it, or you could watch me fuck him, just think of it that way..."

Andrew hesitated, quietly whimpering at the thought, looking at Jason, before shivering and staying the way he was, "'w-wanna show him...'n it makes it easier for you to touch me." he whispered, purring softly as he pressed his back to Jason's chest lightly, smiling at him.

The other boy smirked and nodded slightly, kissing Andrew's neck lightly.
"Okay, pretty..."

Andrew smiled, then turned back to looking at Kyle, hesitating, before moving so that he was hovering over Kyle's member, one of his hands around the base, helping to keep them both steady.
"Ready, Ky?"

Kyle whined and whimpered beneath him, nodding quickly, completely at the mercy of his lovers.

Slowly, the smaller boy began to sink onto him, whimpering in slight pain as he moved down, until Kyle was completely inside of him and he was sitting in his lap, unaware that both Jake and Jason were watching the slow penetration.

Jason shivered slightly as he watched, then nuzzled Andrew gently and trailed kisses along his neck and shoulders to help sooth him, petting his side lightly.
Kyle shuddered, biting his lip to hide any sounds of pleasure that might have tried escaping.

"K-Kyle..." Andrew whimpered softly, pressing back against Jason, shivering as he adjusted, eyes falling shut.
Jake watched him, licking his lips and leaning down to kiss Kyle lightly, "Mmm, how does he feel, Ky?"

Kyle whimpered softly in response, his eyes half closed and a small smile on his face, small shivers of pleasure running through his body.

"That good?" Jake smirked, trailing a hand down his body lightly, looking at Jason, "I think he's ready for you, pretty."

Kyle shivered, glancing down at Jason and whining quietly, "p-ple-ease..."
Jason hummed softly, smiling fondly as he looked at Kyle. He moved to line up, waiting for Kyle to relax completely, then slowly entering him, his hands going to Kyle's hips as he did so.
Kyle shuddered, whimpering and closing his eyes.

The oldest boy watched them all, a dark, and lusty look in his eye as he did.

The British boy opened his eyes to look at the youngest of the four, trailing a shaky hand down his side and smiling at him.

Andrew shivered, purring loudly, body tightening around him slightly, "A-ah...K-Kyle..."

Kyle whimpered, a soft moan escaping him as he shivered again. He whined softly and looked at Jake pleadingly, nuzzling him as best as he could from his current position.

Jake smiled slightly, hesitating, before moving so that he was on his hands and knees, hesitating, then moving down so that his boxers-covered-cock was in front of Kyle's mouth, looking between his arms, "Like this?"

Kyle purred, leaning up and nuzzling Jake's stomach, catching his boxers in his teeth and pulling them down slowly until he couldn't reach any further. Then he moved to nuzzle Jake's thighs lovingly, purring at the salty and masculine scent that the blond gave off.
His older lover shivered, moaning softly, erection quite apparent.

Kyle purred loudly, leaning up to lick his slowly, trailing his tongue from base to tip of the other boy's length, closing his eyes and smiling at the taste.

Jake shivered, groaning softly again, "A-ah...Kyle..."

The other boy smiled, taking as much of the cock into his mouth as he could, sucking lightly and trailing his tongue over it, working it the way he had Andrew's member, hoping that Jake would like it, too.

His older lover did like it, shuddering and shivering, trying not to start thrusting into his mouth.
"O-oh, God, K-Kyle..."

Kyle's eyes slid shut as he moaned around the length, not remembering when the others had started moving, and not caring, either. His body tensed around Jason as he deep throated Jake's member, shuddering as he tasted it, as he felt it, memorizing the pattern of veins and skin as he sucked harder.

Jake cried out, setting a slow, shallow thrusting into Kyle's mouth, careful not to choke him.
Andrew purred loudly, rolling his hips against Kyle's, resting against Jason's chest, crying out softly.

Kyle moaned loudly around the cock, swallowing around it as his hands went to Jake's hips, wanting more of everything as he thrust back against Jason and Andrew slightly.

Andrew purred loudly, licking his lips, leaning forward slightly, smirking slightly as he slowly licked Jake's entrance, smirking at the way his older lover spasmed.

Jason shivered as he watched them, leaving small love bites along Andrew's neck as he moved faster in and out of Kyle, watching the way the two older boys interacted as his hands trailed over his youngest boyfriend.

"J-Jason..." Andrew whined, shivering and pressing against him again, tightening around Kyle.
Jake cried out softly, one hand going to tangle in Kyle's hair.

Kyle moaned again loudly, pulling back so that he was only sucking on the head of the dick, purring loudly.
"I think Kyle's enjoying this," Jason whispered, chuckling softly.

Andrew laughed softly, gasping softly, "I-I tol-ld yo-you...sim-simple..."

Jason chuckled, trailing his fingers down Andrew's back lightly, his other hand going to trail down Kyle's side, his nails scraping against the latter's skin, causing the older boy to cry out in pleasure. The older raven gasped softly for breath, arching at the feeling, his hot breath blowing against Jake's member in the few minutes that it was out of his mouth.

Jake moaned loudly, shivering and tensing at the pleasure that spiked through him, eyes shut as he rested his head against his arms.
Andrew purred loudly, shivering at Jason's touch, closing his eyes again and purring loudly, "Jasooon...K-Kyle!" He cried out, his hands resting on Kyle's stomach.

Kyle whimpered softly, his mouth quickly sliding over Jake's cock again as his own member brushed against Andrew's sweet spot.

Andrew almost screamed, spasming slightly at the pleasure that shot through him, whimpering loudly as his head fell back to rest against Jason's shoulder, moving slightly so that Kyle was brushing against that spot with almost every thrust, sending sparks of Ecstasy through him.

Kyle purred and whimpered, gently sucking on Jake's member as he swished his tongue around it, along the veins and underside, over the tip, then repeating the pattern.
Jason smirked, wrapping an arm around Andrew, pressing closer to him.

Jake cried out, feeling tension beginning to build as his hand tightened in Kyle's hair, whimpering softly as he moved slightly faster, thrusting into Kyle's mouth.
Their youngest lover whimpered again, pressing against Jason as he gasped softly, his soft moans and cries slowly getting louder with each hit to his sweet spot.

Jason purred softly, hiding a moan as he brushed against Kyle's prostate. The older raven moaned loudly around Jake's member, almost clinging to him.

The blond groaned, hands gripping the sheets tightly, "K-Kyle..." He whined...
"F-Fuck, I'm-m gonna c-come..."

Kyle didn't answer, only crying out softly around him and sucking harder, clenching his body around Jason as the younger boy pounded into his sweet spot.

Andrew cried out as Kyle's thrusting sped up due to Jason's movements, clinging to the boy behind him, his hands clenching the arm Jason had around him.
"KyleKyleKyle!" He practically screamed, body tight and wet and hot around the older boy.

Kyle clenched his eyes shut tighter, lightly dragging his teeth over Jake's member pleasantly before deep throating him again, wanting to make him come, his own body trembling slightly at the tension that had built up without his noticing.

Jake cried out loudly, whimpering as he let go, filling Kyle's mouth with his release.

Kyle purred loudly, pulling back to swallow and gasp softly, trying to keep from letting go as well.

His younger lover tightened around him, whimpering loudly.
" fo-for u-us, K-Ky..."

The older boy moaned, whimpering and crying out loudly as he gave in, releasing deep inside of Andrew, his body tightening around Jason as he arched.

Andrew screamed, nails digging into Jason's arm as he came, his sticky release coating Kyle's lower stomach and Andrew's chest.

Jason's orgasm came simultaneously with Andrew's, and his release coated Kyle's inside walls as he moaned.

Andrew whimpered, collapsing back against Jason, whimpering softly, shivering.
Jake shivered, pulling away from Kyle, turning to lie on his back, gasping softly, petting Kyle gently.

Andrew whimpered, collapsing back against Jason, whimpering softly, shivering.
Jake shivered, pulling away from Kyle, turning to lie on his back, gasping softly, petting Kyle gently.

Kyle gasped softly, purring as he closed his eyes again, relaxing into the petting and looking up at Jake with a soft smile.
Jason chuckled softly, wrapping both arms around Andrew and holding him close.

Jake purred softly, smiling.
"Mmm, I love you, Ky..."

"'L-love y-you, too..." Kyle purred, blushing slightly.

Andrew giggled softly, shivering as he slowly lifted himself off of Kyle, closing his eyes and whimpering softly.
"D-Did it feel like you'd hoped it would, Kyle?"

Jason purred, letting Andrew move before pulling out of Kyle gently, then wrapping his arms around Andrew again and nuzzling him.
Kyle purred, smiling as he blinked up at Andrew, "Mmm, b-better..."

"'m glad..." Andrew purred, pressing closer to Jason.
Jake laughed softly, moving down so that he could wrap his arms around Kyle, kicking his boxers off.
"Mmm, I love you three..."

Kyle purred, pressing close to Jake and smiling, nuzzling the blond male gently.
Jason hummed softly, watching the three quietly.

Andrew purred softly, eyes falling shut as he practically fell asleep on Jason.
"'Love you, too, Jake..."

Jason chuckled, laying Andrew next to Kyle gently then lying next to him.
"Mmm, I think it's nap time..."
He glanced at Kyle, who was sleeping lightly against Jake, then looked back to the blond and smiled slightly.

His youngest lover pressed closer, smiling as he finally did fall asleep.
Jake chuckled, leaning over to kiss him gently.
"Mmm, hello, Jason..."

"Mm, hey there, Jake," Jason purred back, grinning slightly.

"Did Kyle and Andrew make you feel good?" he winked, lightly petting Jason.

Jason blushed, smiling and nodding slightly, relaxing under the touch.

"Always." Jake chuckled, trailing his fingers over his cheek lightly.
"You're so beautiful..."

Jason purred, laying down slowly and cuddling close to Andrew as he listened to Jake.
"Thank you...and I love you, too."

Jake laughed softly, pulling Kyle closer to him.
"Mmm, I know..." he whispered, leaning over to kiss Jason gently.

Jason purred, smiling as he started to fall asleep as well, closing his eyes and listening to his three lovers' breathing.


Jake's Fantasy

Andrew woke with a soft purr, nuzzling Jason gently.

Jason blinked open his eyes, looking over at Andrew, "Hm?"

Andrew purred softly, nuzzling him.
"Sleep well, pretty?"

The older boy smiled, chuckling softly and nodding, cuddling closer to him for warmth.
"Mmm, yes. Did you?"

"Mhm." Andrew smiled, leaning up to kiss him gently.

Jason kissed him back gently, beginning to pet him, pulling away when they heard Kyle whimpering in his sleep.

Andrew blushed, looking at Kyle, purring softly.

Jason giggled, "How long do you think it will take for him to wake up and to wake Jake up?"

"Mmm, I don't know...'should we wake them now?"

The sleeping British boy whimpered, twisting in his sleep as he moaned.
Jason snorted, "I dunno, what do you think, pretty?"

Andrew giggled softly, sitting up to look at him.
"'Wanna see who he's dreaming about, first..."

"Okay, then we'll wake them?"

"Mhm." Andrew nodded, moving to straddle Jason, leaning down to kiss him gently, "Did you have any fun dreams while we were sleeping?" He asked, teasingly.

"If I did, I'm not telling," Jason smirked, his hands quickly finding their way to Andrew's hip.

"Aww, meanie..." Andrew wrinkled his nose, leaning down to kiss Jason gently.

The older of the two chuckled quietly, kissing back gently.

The smallest raven pulled away, purring softly, looking down at him.
"Mmm, 'still taste so good..."

"Mmm, as do you," Jason purred, nuzzling him before glancing at their other lovers.
"How can they sleep through that?"
"A-Ahhh, Ja-Jake," Kyle whimpered, his body arching and twisting, getting more tangled in the sheets.

Andrew grinned, purring, "Mmm, he's really got a Jake-craving lately..."

Jason snorted, then smirked, "I've noticed. It just means I get to spend more time with you."

His youngest lover blushed brightly, purring and leaning down to kiss him deeply.
"'love you, Jas..."

"'Love you, too...Wanna wake them up now?" He purred, kissing along Andrew's neck lightly as they listened to Kyle whimper and gasp and moan from the other side of Jake.

Andrew blushed, purring as he tilted his head, "'few more seconds..." he whispered, fingers going to gently tease Jason's chest.

The older boy's eyes closed as he nuzzled Andrew gently, his hands trailing down the younger raven's sides lightly.

He felt his lover whimper softly, licking his neck gently, before rubbing his body against Jason's lightly.
"So you don't have a fantasy, love?"

"Mmm, not anymore..." Jason answered, humming quietly as he looked up at the smaller boy.

Andrew tilted his head, "That's sad...what do you touch yourself to, then?" He whispered softly, hand going to lightly touch Jason's member.

The other boy blushed, nuzzling him again.
"I don't have to have a fantasy to think about the things I could do to you, angel..."

His lover blushed, purring at the name.
"Mmm, really? What do you think of doing to me then?"

Jason smirked, about to answer, but being cut off by a gasp - which drew their attention back to Kyle, who had just woken himself up.

Andrew grinned slightly, purring at Kyle's blush.
"Mmm, hello, Kyle..." he smirked.

The oldest of the raven haired boys blushed brightly as he looked at them, clearly able to remember every detail of his dream, shivering slightly, unaware of what his lovers had been talking about beforehand.
"'E-ello, Andr-drew..." He stuttered, biting his lip and moving to cuddle to Jake.

Andrew purred, leaning down to nuzzle Jason gently.
"So what were you dreaming about?"

"U-Um, n-nothin-thing," he stuttered, blushing even brighter.
Jason chuckled softly, petting Andrew gently as he listened to them.

"We heard you, Ky. Don't lie." Andrew smirked, purring as he moves with Jason's hand, lightly rubbing against him every time his hand reached his hips.

Kyle whimpered, hiding behind Jake without answering.

"Mm-m, heard what?" Jake murmured as he slowly woke, voice tired.

"N-Nothing," Kyle whimpered, at the same time Jason answered with, "Kyle had a dirty dream."

Jake blinked, pausing for a moment to process both answers, before smirking and nuzzling Kyle gently.
"Mmm, did he now?"

Kyle whined, giving Jason a look as he blushed yet again, pouting slightly.
Jason paid no attention to the look, though, as he was more interested in making out with Andrew.

Andrew seemed to be just as interested, still rubbing against him every few seconds.
Jake chuckled, turning over so that he was leaning over Kyle, kissing him gently.
"Were you dreaming about one of us, pretty?"

Kyle snorted, rolling his eyes slightly, "who else?"

"Mmm, which one?"

The other boy didn't answer, only blushing brighter and shaking his head slightly.

"Mmm, which one, Kyle?" Jake kissed his neck gently.

Kyle blushed, whimpering and tilting his head submissively for Jake.
"M-Mmm, 'not telling..."

Jake chuckled, kissing his neck again, nipping at his jaw lightly.
"Come on, pretty...tell me..."

"J-Jake," Kyle whimpered, his body rubbing against Jake's as he pressed closer to the blond.

Said blond smirked, pulling away slightly.
"Mmm, who?"

"Mmm, y-you," the raven finally admitted, nuzzling and rubbing against Jake gently, a bright blush painting his face.

"Really?" Jake smirked, licking his neck gently.
"'love you, Kyle..."
Kyle whimpered, "'y-you, too," he murmured, biting his lip as he looked at him.

"Mmm, of course." He smirked, licking him again.

Kyle whimpered, eyes closing, "M-Mmm, Jake..."

Andrew blushed, purring as he pulled away from Jason.
"I-I believe it's Jake's turn now, isn't it?"

Jason blinked, then smirked again and nodded, "Mmm, I believe so..."

Jake blinked, then grinned slightly.
"Is it?"

"Mhm," Jason purred, nuzzling Andrew gently as he looked at the others.
Kyle blushed, looking up at Jake again with a quiet whimper.

Jake purred, smirking.
"Mmm, so I get to make you do whatever I want?"

"Pretty much," Jason answered.

The blond blinked, thinking for a moment, before smirking slightly, kissing Kyle gently.
"Mmm, I want to watch you fuck Andrew into the bed while I play with Kyle..." He murmured softly, smirking.

Kyle purred loudly, melted against Jake and looking up at him with hazy, lust-filled eyes.
"'S-sounds f-fun..."
Jason giggled and nodded, "I agree..."

Andrew giggled softly, leaning down to nuzzle Jason's shoulder lightly.
"Perfect." Jake smirked again, leaning down to kiss Kyle deeply.

Kyle whimpered, kissing back gently and moaning softly into the kiss as he clung to Jake gently.
Jason chuckled softly, rubbing against Andrew gently.
"Mmm, this should be fun..."

"Definitely..." Andrew whispered softly, leaning down to kiss him deeply.
Jake chuckled softly into the kiss, trailing his hands down Kyle's body lightly.

Kyle blushed, clinging tighter, rubbing his body against Jake's almost desperately.

Again, Jake pulled away slightly, smirking.
"Mmm, you're still all stretched from last time, aren't you pretty?"

The raven whined softly in protest, nodding quickly.

"Good..." Jake smirked, sitting up and crossing his legs, facing Jason and Andrew with a small smirk, pulling Kyle into his lap, the smaller boy's back pressed to his chest, and his legs spread wide.
"Touch yourself for me, Ky..." Jake whispered softly.

Kyle whined, blushing brightly and nuzzling Jake gently, hesitating, then nodding slightly and beginning to do as Jake wanted him to, his eyes trained on Jason and Andrew.
Jason had one leg around Andrew as the two continuously rubbed against each other, grinding their hips together as their tongues played together in a sloppy but passionate kiss.

Jake purred at the scene in front of him, both hands going to play with Kyle's nipples, tweaking and pinching gently as he kissed his neck.
"Tell them what you want them to do to each other, Kyle..." Jake whispered softly into his ear.

Kyle whimpered, arching slightly into the touch.
"M-Mmm, I-I dunno..."

Jake chuckled.
"Do you just want them to kiss? Or do you want Andrew to ride him?"

Kyle shivered slightly, hesitating, "'sh-should have 'drew lay down s-so Jason can fuck him..."

"Then tell them, pretty."

He nodded slightly, hesitating, blushing brighter.
Jason purred, pulling back from Andrew slowly. "Mm, we heard him..."

Andrew smiled, purring softly as he looked at Kyle and Jake, eyes brightening and locking onto Kyle, "Fuck, that's really hot..." he whimpered, purring loudly.

Kyle purred, eyes half closing as he continued to play with himself, arching into Jake's touches and whimpering quietly.
Jason blinked, glancing over at them as well and purring softly, licking his lips slightly.

Andrew whimpered softly, blushing as he watched for a moment, before shaking his head, blushing and moving to lie down like Kyle asked.

Jason purred, moving so that he was on top of Andrew, leaning down to kiss along his neck gently.

The small raven whimpered, purring as he relaxed into the mattress, tilting his head for Jason.

Jason chuckled, teasing Andrew's nipples as he looked at the others, "Mmm, so what, exactly, do you want me to do to him?"

Jake smirked, licking Kyle's neck gently, "Any ideas, pretty?"

Kyle whimpered, shivering, shaking his head slightly as he tried to keep from moaning.

The blond snorted, one hand going to tease Kyle's stomach gently, "Mmm, what do you want to do to him, Jas?"

Kyle whimpered, arching into the touch with a blush, "J-Jake..."
Jason chuckled softly, kissing Andrew's forehead before answering, "I don't know, it depends entirely on what you want me to do."

Jake smirked again, licking his lips.
"Mmm, make him scream for me, Jason..."

"Mmm, of course." The other boy answered, smirking.

Jake chuckled softly, nuzzling Kyle lightly.
"Mmm, Kyle..."

Kyle whimpered, purring in response and nuzzling Jake back.

"You're so cute..." Jake whispered, his hand dropping to wrap around his member, gripping it gently.

Kyle whimpered loudly, "th-than-ank yo-you..."

Jake purred, "Mmm, 'welcome..."

The raven blushed slightly, purring loudly as he looked up at Jake again. "'L-love y-you..."

"'love you too." He purred.

Kyle blushed slightly, purring loudly, blinking and going back to trailing his hands over his own body.

Andrew glanced at them again, groaning at the sight.
"Ja-Jason, 'wan-want yo-you in me..."

Jason laughed quietly, taking away the fingers he'd been teasing Andrew with, instead pressing his erection to the other boy's entrance.
"Mmm, of course, Andrew," he answered with a slight smirk.

The small boy whimpered, purring and spreading his legs wide for him.

The other boy only smirked, his hands going to Andrew's hips as he thrust into him gently.

Andrew cried out, arching.
"A-ahh, Ja-Jason!"

Kyle whimpered as he watched them, squirming slightly with want.

Jake smirked, nuzzling him.
"Mmm, want me to fuck you, Ky?"

"Y-Yeeesss," the raven whined, nuzzling him again.

"Mmm, then ride me." He whispered, kissing his neck.

Kyle blushed, biting his lip and whimpering, shifting slightly as his hands found Jake's member, guiding the cock to his entrance, biting his lip slightly as he slowly sank down on it.

Jake shivered, moaning softly into Kyle's neck, purring as he kissed his shoulder gently.
"Fuuuuck...good boy, Kyle..."

The younger boy moaned quietly in response, tensing slightly around Jake as he tried to adjust to the feeling.

Andrew whimpered loudly, clinging to Jason as he watched them, eyes trained on Kyle through the haze in his mind.

Kyle blushed slightly, unaware of Andrew watching him.
His eyes were half closed in a mix of pleasure and slight pain at the stretch, his mouth trembling as he tried to keep quiet. His hands were balled up at his sides, but they relaxed when his body did.
After a moment, he purred quietly and started to move over Jake's member, a soft hum of pleasure escaping him.

Jake cried out softly, eyes falling shut as he wrapped his arm around Kyle's stomach, his hand tightening around Kyle's member as he began to thrust into him.

Kyle moaned loudly at the attention, a bright blush painting his cheeks as he moved with the blond.

The blond smiled, purring loudly as he gently moved with him.
Andrew watched them, whimpering loudly.
"Ja-ason-on..." He cried out softly, clinging to him harshly.

Jason purred, also watching them as he brushed against Andrew's sweet spot.

The raven screamed softly, whimpering loudly, eyes falling shut as he clung to the boy, whimpering loudly.

Jason moaned quietly, gently beginning to kiss along Andrew's neck again, purring.
"Mmm, A-Andrew..."

The raven whimpered softly, catching his lips in a deep kiss as he moved with him, moaning.
Jake purred loudly, watching them as he fucked Kyle, hand moving faster over Kyle's cock, his thumb beginning to rub against the head of it almost roughly, sending pleasure coursing into Kyle's stomach.

"A-Ah, Ja-Jake!" Kyle cried, pretty much lost in pleasure.
Jason shivered, kissing Andrew passionately, a hand going to trail over the smaller boy's body gently.

Jake purred, kissing his neck, "Mmm, moan for me, Kyle..." he whispered softly, moaning softly himself.
Andrew cried out softly into the kiss, clinging to him.

Jason purred, only pulling back when they both needed to breath, speeding up his thrusting into the other boy.
Kyle moaned loudly, blushing brightly as he cried out Jake's name.

Andrew cried out, screaming Jason's name as he felt tension building in his stomach, whimpering loudly.
The blond haired man purred loudly, nuzzling Kyle gently, angling his hips slightly and brushing against Kyle's prostate gently.

"Jake!" The oldest of the ravens screamed, moaning loudly.

Jake purred, kissing his neck gently, feeling tension building.
"Fu-fuck...Kyle..." he whispered into his ear hotly, smirking slightly.
"J-Jas-son, make hi-him come for us..." he murmured just loudly enough for Jason to hear, eyes sparkling.

"A-Ah," Kyle moaned, his own tension tightening, "Ja-aaake..."
Jason nodded slightly, his hand slowly trailing down and wrapping around Andrew's member.

"Mmm, 'wanna come for me, Kyle?" Jake whispered loudly, nuzzling him gently as he watched Andrew begin to shake and tremble almost violently, his legs wrapping around Jason's waist, pulling him deeper inside of him.

Kyle whimpered, looking up at him, unable to come up with any coherent words aside from the blond's name.
Jason cried out softly, leaning down to kiss Andrew deeply, attempting to coax the other boy into releasing without telling him to.

Jake chuckled softly, smirking as he kissed him suddenly, hand tightening as he began to slam into his sweet spot with each thrust.
Andrew screamed into the kiss, nails digging into the sheets suddenly as he came, body tightening harshly around Jason.

Kyle cried out loudly, twisting around so that he could cling tightly to Jake, desperately pressing as close as he could to the other boy, trying to hold back for just a little while longer.
Jason moaned, releasing as well a few thrusts after the smallest of the four.

Jake purred, holding him tightly, kissing him deeply, continuing to rub against his sweet spot almost roughly, "Come for me, Kyle."

Kyle whimpered, nuzzling Jake gently, letting go with a loud cry of the oldest boy's name.

The blond shivered, eyes clenching shut as he tried to hold back, finally releasing deep inside of him.

Kyle moaned softly at the feeling, melting against Jake, and purring as he looked up at said blond.
"Mmm, Jake..."

"Kyle..." Jake whispered softly, leaning down to kiss him gently, nuzzling him, before looking at his other lovers, grinning slightly.
"Mmm, thank you, guys..." he murmured softly, smiling.

Jason purred, looking up from where he had collapsed next to Andrew.
"Mmm, 'love you, Jake..." He mumbled quietly.

Andrew purred loudly, cuddling to Jason's side, gasping softly, though he looked at Jake, hoping he got the message.
Jake smiled, purring softly as he nuzzled Kyle again.
"Mmm, 'love you guys too..." he replied with another soft smile.

Kyle purred, almost asleep against Jake already, smiling as he listened to his boyfriends talk.

Jake chuckled, gently lifting Kyle off of his member and lying down, holding the boy close to him.
"Mmm, 'tired?"

The British boy nodded, cuddling close to the blond.

"Mmm, then sleep, silly..." Jake murmured, his arm wrapping slightly around Kyle's waist, going to gently touch Jason, eyes falling shut at the simple contact.

Jason purred, cuddling to Andrew with a smile, "wanna take a nap then?"
Kyle smiled, quickly falling asleep against Jake.

Andrew nodded, yawning cutely.
"'Uh-huh..." he murmured, cuddling closer, eyes falling shut as he nuzzled Jason's chest.

Jason giggled quietly, wrapping his arms around Andrew and kissing his forehead, "Mmm, sleep well, pretty..."

The raven purred, nuzzling him again, "Y-You, to-too, Jas..." he whispered, before giving in and falling asleep as well.
Jake chuckled softly, kissing Kyle's forehead gently.
"Mmm, sleep well, Jason..."

"Same to you..." Jason murmured, purring quietly as he closed his eyes.

Jake smiled, purring softly as he drifted off as well, warm and happy and comfortable.



Andrew woke with a soft purr, stretching out slowly and purring at the feeling of contentment inside of him as he looked at his slowly waking lovers.

Jason grinned down at him, tilting his head slightly, purring.
"Did you sleep well?"

"Mmm, yes..." Andrew smiled, leaning up to kiss him lightly.

The older raven chuckled, nuzzling him, "Mmm, good..."
He glanced over at their blond lover quietly, giggling softly at the way he and Kyle had cuddled so close together in their sleep.

"So it's my turn, right?" Andrew licked his lips, tilting his head and smirking slightly at the three of them.

Jason nodded slightly, slowly crawling off of him.

Andrew shivered, sitting up and smirking.
"Help me set up before they wake up?"

Jason nodded slightly, giggling softly, "Mmm, of course, love."

Andrew grinned, then stood and took his hand, leading him over to a small box he left in the corner.
"Pick two." he murmured, pointing at the small pile of vibrators.

The other boy blushed slightly, biting his lip as he looked through the pile for a moment, then picking two of them.

The raven smiled, waiting for him to pick before licking his neck lightly and taking them, then pulling two other things that Jason couldn't quite make out from the box, and taking them back to the bed, grinning at him.
"Mmm, help me chain Kyle up?"

He hesitated slightly, glancing at the sleeping boy before snorting and nodding, "Mmk..."

Andrew smiled, then crawled over to their two lovers, slowly moving Kyle away from Jake and kissing his neck gently, nuzzling him.

Kyle whimpered, not yet waking up, but still trying to cling to Jake in his sleep.
"No...Mine..." He murmured softly.
Jason rolled his eyes slightly, tilting his head and looking at Kyle fondly for a moment, before sighing softly.
"Should we wake him..?"

Andrew hesitated, then nodded.
"It would probably help." He murmured, before gently kissing Kyle's forehead, shaking his gently.
"Kyle? Wake up, beautiful...

Slowly, the oldest of the ravens awoke. He looked up at Andrew and Jason, confused.

The smaller boy smiled, nuzzling him.
"Think you can go one more time, Ky?"

Kyle blinked at him, still half asleep as he hesitantly nodded slightly.

He purred, leaning down to kiss his lover deeply, before nuzzling him.
"Stand up on the bed for me, Ky."

Kyle hesitated slightly, then nodded again, yawning cutely.
"M-Mmk..." He purred, blushing slightly after Andrew moved, and he unsteadily tried to stand up.

His smallest lover helped him, reaching up on his tiptoes and catching the chain that they always kept on the ceiling and gently chaining Kyle's wrists together, catching the end of the chain and smiling at Jason, purring and holding his hand out for him.
"'m'ere, Jas..." he purred.

Kyle blushed, looking up at the chain and tilting his head slightly, his pretty blue eyes shining innocently.
Jason giggled, purring as he climbed onto the bed and stood up as well, humming softly as he let Andrew have his wrists.

Andrew leaned up to kiss him deeply once his wrists were chained, then smirked, trailing one hand down his side to his leg.
"Lift your leg for me, Jas..." He murmured, waiting for the boy to do so, before grabbed another chain from the ceiling and tying the leather strap at the end around Jason's leg, just above his knee. He then turning and nuzzling Kyle gently before carefully doing the same to him, before repeating the process on each of their other legs, and smirking once he was done.
Kyle and Jason now hung from the chains; legs spread out and open for him.
"Mmm, you're both so pretty..."

Kyle blushed, biting his lip as he looked down at his own body almost skeptically.
Jason giggled softly, "Mmm, are you gonna wake Jake up?"

Andrew nodded, smirking.
"Once I'm finished setting up..." he replied, then set down, now level with their members, and picked up the four toys from the box.
There were, of course, the two vibrators that Jason had picked out, and two toys that looked like a number of interlocking straps.
He hummed as he turned to Kyle, unhooking the clasp on the straps and sliding his half-erect cock through the cockring at the front, then wrapped two of the straps around his waist and locked them in place behind his back before finally holding up the toy vibrators.
"Pick one." He smiled.
Kyle was blushing brightly by then and staring down at him, somewhat shocked.
Jason rolled his eyes, clicking his tongue to get Kyle's attention, which only caused the older boy to blush even brighter.
"Pick one, Ky."

" white one?" He bit his lip, looking at the toys again.

Andrew snorted, leaning forward to gently lick Kyle's cock, from base to tip, and purring as he nodded, moving to gently nudge his entrance with the white vibrator, eyes closing as he took the head of the member into his mouth and sucked gently.

Kyle blushed again, squeaking softly as he tried to relax and arch into Andrew's mouth at the same time - though failing in both attempts.

The raven smirked, purring as he slowly pressed the toy inside, sucking slightly harder as he pressed the toy completely inside.
His free hand went to the final strap of the strapped article of clothing, and he pulled it back, between Kyle's legs. The metal ring at the end pressed firmly against the vibrator, leaving an opening under it so that Andrew could still get to the switch to turn it on. The smallest raven hummed as he clipped it into place as well, smirking.
"Mmm, good boy, Kyle..." he whispered, pulling away from his member.

Kyle whimpered, blushing brightly "'d-drew..."
Jason giggled, licking his lips slightly, looking at the toys.
"My turn?"

Andrew giggled, nuzzling Kyle's thigh gently, before grabbing the last two toys and smirking as he crawled over to Jason.
"Mhm..." He murmured, licking his member slowly, before undoing the clasp and looking up at him.
"Mmm, 'haven't seen these things yet, have you, Jas?" He teased, holding the straps up, before sliding the cock-ring onto him and hooking the straps around his waist.

To which Jason shook his head slightly, smirking and raising an eyebrow at him, hiding a soft moan.
"Mmm, I don't think so. I'm impressed, pretty..."

Andrew purred proudly, grinning.
"'m glad." He nuzzled him, licking him again as he nudged his entrance, pressing the toy inside of him with a smirk.

Jason moaned softly, blushing slightly.

"Mmm, like it?" He purred, locking it in place.

The other boy blushed again, purring and biting his lip, "Mmm, maybe."

Andrew giggled, then moved to gently wake Jake up, grinning.
The blond blinked, then purred, smiling.
"Mmm, we that's a nice view..." He smirked, sitting up to kiss Andrew gently, crawling over to Kyle and Jason and licking Kyle's stomach lightly.

Kyle purred loudly, blushing slightly as he whimpered.

Jake smirked, humming as he moved to nuzzle Jason's stomach.
"Mmm, did Andrew do this all by himself?" He raised an eyebrow chuckling.
"Mhm." Andrew replied proudly, grinning.

Jason giggled softly, grinning down at Jake, "You like?"

"Mmm, I really, really like..." He purred, smirking up at him.

"Mmm, good," Jason answered, purring softly.

Andrew giggled, jumping back off the bed and going to the box and pulling out to gags and two blindfolds.
"Mmm, Jake?" He asked, holding the toys up in question.
Jake looked at them, then up at Kyle and Jason and smirked.
"Definitely." He murmured; chuckling as Andrew handed him Jason's, then went to gag Kyle and blindfold him, kissing his neck and shoulders gently.

Kyle whimpered, blushing brightly as he let Andrew do as he pleased.
Jason pouted slightly, biting his lip, "Aw. If we're gagged, you can't hear us moaning though..."

Andrew smirked, moving to lick him gently.
"I'm just gagging you for now...When Jake starts playing with you two, he'll ungag you." He murmured, licking his neck gently, before gently covering his eyes with the blindfold.

Jason snorted slightly, purring softly and not trying to say anything else.

"Mmm, good boy, Jason..." Andrew smirked.
"Maybe Jake won't have to get the whip out after all..."

Both of the chained up boys' eyes went wide behind the blindfold and looked toward Andrew, somewhat in shock.

Andrew laughed, smirking almost evilly, before leaning over to lick Kyle's member, his hand going to wrap around it, while his other hand went to Jason's, beginning to pump them.

The boys moaned in unison and tried to arch at the treatment, Kyle blushing brightly as he squirmed.

Jake smirked, watching them.
"Mmm, they like that." He snorted.
Andrew smirked, humming as he sucked.

Kyle whined, trying to moan Andrew's name through the gag.

Andrew purred, humming as he slid more of Kyle into his mouth, slowly deep-throating the boy.

Kyle cried out, blushing, though the sound was muffled and incomprehensible.

Jake chuckled, licking his lips, then moving to sit behind Kyle, his hand going to lightly play with the toy inside of him, smirking as he flicked the switch, turning it on.

The raven squeaked, moaning loudly, unable to decide between trying to arch at Andrew or at the toy.

Andrew giggled, smirking as he slowly pulled back, purring as he moved to lick at Jason's cock, purring.

Jason shivered, moaning softly, though trying to stay quiet because he wanted to listen to Kyle whimper.

The smaller boy chuckled softly, smirking as he gently licked the head of Jason's member, purring softly as he moved his hand over Kyle faster.

Jason moaned again, blushing as he tried to arch at the touch.
Kyle whined, moaning and blushing brightly.

Jake smirked, humming softly as he kissed Jason's neck, lightly flicking his finger across the switch and turning Jason's toy on as well.

Again, Jason moaned, his sounds of pleasure starting to get louder.

Jake smirked, humming as he moved back to Kyle, licking his neck gently.
"Mmm, wanna screw Andrew, pretty?" He whispered into his ear, nuzzling him.

Kyle moaned softly in response, blushing as he remembered he could move his head, then nodding quickly.

The blond smirked, licking his neck gently, then chuckling.
"Mmm, okay, pretty..."
Andrew giggled softly, hearing Kyle's reply and pulling off of Jason, standing and slowly bending, spreading his legs to brace himself and rubbing against Kyle, his hands going to Jason's hips as he took the boy back into his mouth and began to bob his head, sucking harder.
Jake smirked, his hand sliding down Kyle's chest and stomach, wrapping around his cock and lightly pressing the tip to Andrew's entrance.

Kyle whimpered, nodding quickly again.
Jason moaned softly, his hands twisting around to clench the chains, wanting something solid to hold on to.

Jake chuckled, nuzzling him, before slowly pushing him forward, pushing Kyle's member completely inside of Andrew at a slow, steady pace.
Andrew moaned loudly, whimpering and arching around Kyle as he closed his eyes, humming around Jason as one hand went to hold tightly to the chain around Jason's leg, trying to keep his balance.

Kyle moaned loudly, Jake's hold keeping him from moving too much.
Jason blushed, also moaning loudly.

"Mmm, you're so cute Kyle..." Jake licked his neck gently, purring.

Kyle cried out softly, though because of the gag they didn't really know what he said.

Jake snorted, hesitating, before removing the gag and tossing it to the floor, nuzzling him.

Kyle blushed brightly, whimpering and shaking his head slightly.

"Mmm, Kyle..." Jake smirked; humming as he slowly began to rock Kyle, moving him in and out of the boy in front of him.
Andrew cried out, moaning loudly.

"A-Ah," Kyle moaned, blushing as he cried out, "And-drew..."

Andrew whimpered in response, eyes falling closer as he sucked harder on Jason, shivering and purring loudly.
Jake licked his lips, fingers trailing down to lightly play with Kyle's vibrator again, teasingly beginning to trust it in and out as far as the straps would allow, tilting the toy so that it rubbed against his sweet spot.

Kyle groaned, crying out loudly, moaning both of their names as he tried to arch, and listening to Jason's moaning whenever he took a breath.

"Kyle..." Jake whispered into his ear softly, licking his neck as he rubbed his member against Kyle's ass, purring.

"J-Jake," Kyle whimpered, desperately trying to rub back against him, whining softly.

"Fuck, you're so..." Jake shivered, licking his shoulder again lightly.

The raven blushed, whining and trying to look at Jake, "Wh-what's tha-at suppose-sed to me-mean?"

Jake chuckled, nuzzling him.
"It means you're fucking amazing, Kyle..." he whispered softly, kissing his neck gently.

He blushed again, biting his lip and trying to hide another moan, "O-Oh."

Jake smirked, humming as he slowly moved Kyle faster, purring.
"Mmm, 'feel good?"

"Ngh," the raven groaned, "A-Ah, yessss..."

"Mmm, good..."
Andrew cried out around Jason's cock, purring loudly.

Jason was trembling slightly, moaning and crying out loudly whimpering softly as he listened to the other three.

Jake smirked, nuzzling Kyle again.
"I'm going to go take Jason's gag out..." he whispered softly, licking Kyle's neck slowly.

Kyle hesitated before nodding, "O-Okay..."

The blond kissed his cheek, before moving to nuzzle Jason, petting Andrew gently as he kissed along Jason's neck, his free hand going to undo the gag and toss it to the floor along with Kyle's.
"Mmm, feel good, pretty?"

The question was met with a cry of Andrew's name before Jason could calm himself enough to properly respond.

Andrew smirked, purring as he began to move his hips with Kyle's, sucking along Jason's member happily.

"A-Andrew..." Kyle moaned softly, blushing.
Jason whimpered softly, groaning, "mmm, Fu-fuck, Andrew..."

Jake purred, quickly moving the toy inside of Jason so that it was also rubbing against his prostate, smirking at the noises the three of them were making.
Andrew giggled softly, purring as he tightened his body around Kyle and licked the head of Jason's cock, running his tongue over the slit gently.

"Andrew!" They both simultaneously cried out loudly, though Jason's cry was louder.
"A-Ah, Jak-ke," the boy moaned, blushing slightly.

"Mmm, sounds like you're doing a really good job, 'drew." Jake smirked, trailing a hand down Andrew's side, causing the small boy to tense and moan loudly around Jason, purring.
Jake laughed; kissing Jason's neck and shoulders gently as he lightly began to thrust the toy inside of him.

"JakeJakeJakeJakeJake," Jason whimpered, blushing and trying to move with the toy.

Jake smirked, licking him again as he continued to move the toy, purring softly.
"Mmm, 'feels good, Jas?"

"O-Oh, yesssss..."
Jake smirked, nuzzling him gently.
"Mmm, you're making such amazing noises..."

The raven blushed, moaning softly as he nuzzled Jake.
"Sh-Shut u-up, Jake..."

The blond snorted, kissing him deeply, before pulling his hand away from the toy.
"I'm going back to Kyle now, mmk?" He whispered softly, nuzzling him.

Jason nodded slightly, whimpering softly, "M-Mmk..."

The oldest of the four chuckled, nuzzling him again, before moving back to kiss Kyle gently, hands going to his hips to rock him in and out of Andrew faster, tilting his hips slightly so that Kyle was rubbing against Andrew's sweet spot harshly.
Andrew screamed around Jason, clinging to his waist as he sucked harder on the boy's cock.
Kyle and Jason both cried out loudly in response; Kyle's cry sounded first, though Jason's was still louder.
The oldest of the ravens whimpered, whining softly and nuzzling Jake gratefully.

"Mmm, good boy, Kyle..." Jake purred into his hear, hand going down to gently play with the vibrator again.
"Maybe I should reward you..." He whispered into his ear softly, licking his neck gently.

Kyle blushed, whimpering and looking at Jake, the blond being able to see the hopefulness even through the blindfold and Kyle's closed eyes.
"Pleasepleaseplease?" He whimpered, biting his lip.

Jake smirked, purring as he unhooked the strap holding the toy in place and slowly pulled it out, kissing his neck gently as he pressed the tip of his cock slowly inside of him, then stopped.

The Brit gasped softly, the intensity of what he was feeling able to pass through his lovers as well, trying to keep from making a sound yet.

Jake kissed his neck as he slowly pressed into him, purring softly.

"J-Jake..." Kyle whimpered, arching into him slightly, listening to Andrew and Jason moan.

The blond smiled, purring into his neck as he paused, waiting for Kyle to adjust to him being completely inside of him.

The boy blushed, biting his lip as he slowly got used to the feeling again.

Slowly, he felt the man beginning to move inside of him, thrusting shallowly as his hands roamed Kyle's body, beginning to tease his nipples lightly as he moved his hips, forcing Kyle to match his pace while thrusting into Andrew.

He whimpered, moaning softly, unable to decide which name he should moan or which way he should arch.

Andrew cried out loudly around Jason, arching into Kyle as he deep-throated the boy in his mouth, whimpering around him.

Jason moaned loudly, arching into Andrew as he moaned and cried out softly.

Andrew shivered, one hand snaking around Jason's waist, finding the toy and taking a weak hold of it, his trembling hand beginning to thrust the toy in and out of him as he arched into Kyle, moaning at the tension building in his stomach.

Jason cried out loudly, moaning Andrew's name as Kyle moaned Jake's.

Jake smirked, licking Kyle's neck lightly as me moved, brushing against his sweet spot suddenly much like the toy had.

Kyle cried out, though louder now, tensing around him gently as he moaned loudly, and feeling tension building within him.
Jake smirked, kissing his shoulder gently as he moved, purring.
"'W-want the cock ring off, Ky?" He whispered into his ear, licking him slowly.

"O-oh, G-God, Jak-ke, plea-easssse..."

"Ask Andrew, love." Jake smirked, purring.

Kyle whined, blushing brightly, whimpering and moaning softly, "A-Andre-drew?"

Andrew purred loudly, shivering as he pulled away from Jason, licking the tip again.
"Yea-Yeah?" He moaned, arching into Kyle's thrusting.

Jason whimpered softly at the cold air, blushing brightly.
"'Wa-wants th-the ring o-off," he murmured for Kyle, as the older boy was having issues getting the sentence to form correctly.

Andrew hesitated, then purred, taking Jason back into his mouth and slowly pulling off of Kyle, whimpering loudly at the loss.
Jake smirked, quickly undoing the last of the straps and letting then fall to the bed, his hands going back to Kyle's hips.
Kyle blushed brightly, whining softly but not complaining, shivering at the cold air.
Jake kissed him, gently pressing him back into Andrew, who squeaked and cried out loudly, his legs almost giving out under him.

This, in turn, drew out a loud moan from Kyle, who blushed and whined and tried to find a way to cling to something, his fists clenched and nails digging into his palms.

Jake smirked, purring as he licked Kyle's neck, thrusting faster and harder into him, causing him to do the same to Andrew.
Andrew cried out loudly, nails digging into Jason's hips lightly as he sucked harder, purring loudly.

Jason moaned loudly, arching into Andrew as much as he could.
Kyle cried out loudly, almost screaming in pleasure, tension tight within him though he refused to let himself think about it, not wanting to be the first to let go, even though he was completely lost in pleasure all over again.

Jake purred, shivering as he began to slide against Kyle's sweet spot, moaning dirty words into his ear as he fucked him harder.

Kyle screamed, crying out and moaning loudly in pleasure, trembling slightly as he tried to hold back, his nails drawing blood.

Andrew whimpered loudly, eyes clenching shut as he undid Jason's own straps, pulling away just long enough to remove the cock ring. He took the older boy back into his mouth and sucked hard, his hand still thrusting the vibrator in and out of him, nudging Jason's sweet spot.

Jason cried out loudly, groaning out Andrew's name, gasping softly as he also tried to keep from letting go yet.

Andrew whimpered, purring as he licked and sucked harder, deep-throating the boy as he moaned loudly around him, tightening around Kyle.

Jason moaned loudly, whimpering out soft pleas to Andrew, quietly begging for release, though only the youngest raven could hear him.

Andrew purred, pulling away to begin pumping him quickly.
"Co-Com-me fo-for us-s, Ja-Jasss..." He purred, arching and screaming when Kyle slammed into his prostate.

Jason cried out, Andrew's scream sending him over the edge.

The boy blushed, Jason's release covering his face as he moaned and cried out loudly, one more harsh thrust from Kyle forcing his orgasm out of him with a loud scream of Kyle's name.

Kyle quickly followed suit, releasing only a few thrusts after Andrew, screaming their oldest lover's name when he did so, tears of pleasure trickling down his cheeks as he moaned and groaned in pleasure, gasped and panted for breath.

Jake purred, moaning softly into his neck as he gave in to the tension in his stomach and crotch, shivering as he released deep inside of Kyle, rubbing against his sweet spot almost painfully before he slowly pulled out.

Kyle moaned softly, panting as he tried to catch his breath, blushing brightly, whimpering softly at the loss.
Jason giggled softly, grinning slightly, "Mmm, well that was fun..."

Andrew gasped softly, purring loudly as Kyle slowly slipped out of him and he fell to the bed, whimpering and trembling in the aftershock of his orgasm, grinning.
"'so-o fu-fun..."
Jake snorted, chuckling as he began to undo the chains around both Kyle and Jason, after a few moments', gently helping both of them down.

Kyle whined, not even bothering to take the blindfold off, crawling over to the first person he could find and clinging to them tightly - it just so happens to have been Andrew.
Jason quickly lay near them, chuckling breathlessly and reaching back to remove his own blindfold.

Andrew shivered, purring as he gently removed Kyle's blindfold, kissing him deeply as soon as it was off with a soft, pleased moan.

Kyle purred loudly, smiling slightly at him, "Mmm, 'drew..."

The youngest raven smiled, nuzzling him gently.
"'Love you Kyle..." he whispered softly, then reached out to hold Jason's hand, "'nd you too, Jas..."
Jake snorted, moving to hug Jason close, smirking.
"No love for me, then?"
Andrew giggled softly, kissing Kyle's neck fondly.
"'Love you too, Jake..."

Kyle giggled softly, grinning up at Jake, "'s ok-kay, I looove you..." He purred, sounding almost as tired he felt.
He nuzzled Andrew gently, murmuring soft 'I love you's to the other two ravens as he yawned.
Jason snorted, rolling his eyes slightly, cuddling to Jake, singing softly, teasing, "Somebody's tiiiired."

Andrew giggled softly again, kissing Kyle gently.
"Mmm, go to sleep, Ky..." he whispered softly, kissing him deeply.
"Happy Valentine's Day, lovely..."

Kyle purred, closing his eyes.
"H-Happy...Valen...tine's..." He mumbled, before drifting off to sleep.
Jason giggled softly, nuzzling Jake, watching Andrew and Kyle.
"Mmm, 's so cute when he sleeps..."

"Mmm, he is..." Jake snorted, nuzzling Jason gently, before sitting up and grabbing the edge of the blanket, and leaning over to gently clean off Andrew's face, snorting.
"Go to sleep, 'drew." He murmured fondly, before moving back to cuddle with Jason.

Jason blushed slightly, moving over to lick what Jake missed off of Andrew's face, before cuddling back to Jake with a soft purr, hesitating, before whispering, "Happy Lover's Day, guys..."

The blond smirked, nuzzling him.
"Mmm, Happy V-day..." He nuzzled Jason gently, then smiled and closed his eyes.
Andrew purred happily, cuddled between Kyle and his other two lovers, happy and warm.