You ruined everything, you know, you ruined everything.

You, with your words and your actions, speaking of worlds I could never imagine.

You, with flowing skirts and muddy feet, willing to chart out the path ahead.

You, so pure in every sense of the word, blinding me with your good intentions.

Smiling when I beat you down, calling my name as I fled the scene, still trusting me and waiting for my return, with or without an apology.

It didn't matter, you'd see it in my eyes.

And time and time again you allowed me to continue. You understood, and I gladly took advantage. I needed an emotional punching bag oh so every badly.

You still didn't bat an eye,

Because you were alive!

And you had these words and actions, speaking of worlds I would never imagine.

Because you had flowing skirts and muddy fee, and has already charted the path ahead for everyone else.

Because you were so pure in every sense of the word, having blinded me long ago with your good intentions.

But then you ruined everything, you know, because I couldn't smile back.