The Olympian Flame

Chapter 9

Tatakau (I will fight)

It had been three days since the Chan brothers had taken their mother's, Nancy, money and disappeared. Nancy had been crying every day. Perhaps it was one blow after another to her; even after being abandoned by her husband and managing to escape from the threat of the loan sharks, she also lost her last hopes in life, which were her children for no reason. Helen had to take leave to take care of her while staying over her house to accompany her sister.

"Hey Fly onii-san, I want to search for Hai onii-san-tachi. Can I, or can I not?" said Frian, pulling the sleeve of Fly's T-shirt.

"But Frian, I think we should leave it to the police. We are still small and…"

"I don't care! But…Hai onii-san, Lei and Sen had disappeared…We…We finally got to live together….and yet they are gone after only one day! Please onii-san, let's…let's go search for them!"

Frian shouted at his brother as he could not hold back his tears. He was probably too upset for the loss of his dearest family members.


Frian then opened his eyes to look at his brother when he was still crying.

Fly put his arms around Frian's head to hug them and put it onto his chest.

"Stop crying, you're making my shirt wet."

"Onii…san…" Frian whispered with a very soft voice.

"Dai-jo-u-bu!" (Note: It's means "It's fine" in Japanese.)

Fly made a warming smile to his little brother, but he did not respond to it.

Frian had fallen asleep.

Yes, he fell asleep as he might be too tired from just crying. He was a child after all.

"Oh my, hasn't Frian grown up a little after all these years?"

Fly put him on a chair so he could push him to his room. Although he had the strength, which was a bit abnormal for any child, to carry his brother to his room, he did not in order to avoid anyone from knowing about his powers again. He had become more cautious after his cousins caught him holding a flame with his left hand. Thanks to Vulcan's training, he became so strong that he became a record-breaker of his school physical fitness test.

After covering Frian's body with his blanket, Fly closed the door slowly.

(Let's take a walk downstairs since I don't have any homework.)


Fly walked a few streets and he noticed that it was already about 6pm after looking at a clock in one of shops located at the ground floor of the flats.

"Man…I've been walking these streets for ages already…So boring!" Fly muttered to himself.

However, his expression changed when he saw a familiar face. His legs stopped and rooted onto the ground too. The clothing, the hairstyle, and the face. He remembered all of them.

It was no other than Sen.

"What? Hey, Sen! What the hell are you…"

When Fly was still speaking to Sen, he noticed that the trees, one at the left and another at the right of him, became to act strangely. They vibrated so vigorously that it seemed to be impossible unless there was an earthquake in Singapore. However, given to the geographic location of Singapore (located near the centre of the Indo-Australian Plate), it was impossible to have earthquakes there, perhaps at most very weak tremors.

"What the…"

Fly jumped backwards as far as he could, before the tree branches stretched out from the trees and tried to stab Fly at a somehow fast rate. When he looked at the spot when he jumped off from, there were long branches crushing onto each other. They looked fatal. If Fly did not back off immediately, he would have become something like a beehive already.

"Oh, whose branches look deadly! Everyone, run for your lives!" Fly shouted as loud as he could.

People around Fly and Sen became to notice them and started running away from them. After the screams were gone, what could be heard was only silence.

"Vulcan, where were you now?" Fly exclaimed loudly.

"Nice dodge, the Flare," said Sen, but it sounded different from his usual voice.

"Who are you? What have you done to my cousins? Don't tell me, you are a…"

"Yes, I'm a God! My name is De…Demeter, the God of…Nature!"

Although the voice and the way Sen spoke sounded evil, it sounded like it was being faked out. Fly could tell that Demeter had overacted, yet not obviously.

"Demeter, it's been three thnitos years since we last met. What brought you here and why are you taking over a body of a mortal?"

"Vulcan, what took you so long? Arrgh, never mind!"

A glowing reddish-orange ball of light besides Fly appeared out of the blue, and it reformed itself into a human-shaped entity covered by flames.

"Is it you, br…brother?" asked Demeter-possessed Sen.

"Demeter, I know you are afraid of the Titans and worried of me. But you were once a brave warrior. You should stand up and fight against those old, retarded Titans again!"

"So…..Sorry! But…But….I already lost my courage when we lost against our seniors!"

Followed by Demeter's last sentence, the ground around the God of Fire was tore by giant roots . Those roots were so abnormally large that no such tree or plant would have such roots of this size. They were about as big as a giant's foot.

Vulcan just stood still.

Flames were the next thing to be seen. The roots were all burned to ashes then, yet the flames were not put off, continuing to burn the ashes until they could not be seen by naked eye.

"Demeter, where have your guts gone to?" exclaimed Vulcan. He was upset that his own brother ambushed him.

At this moment, Fly had finally made a decision.

"Vulcan, step back!"

"Why you…"

"I say, Stay Back!"

This time, Fly was serious. This concerned about whether his cousins could be saved or not. However, this was not his main point.

"Tatakau…," Fly muttered to himself.

"What?" asked Demeter.

"I said that I will fight! I will fight you, and the other Olympian Seven! Promise me that you will release my cousin if you lose and don't be such a coward already."

Taking in a deep breath, Fly shouted words that would have an impact on the God of Nature.

"Demeter, I will lit a flame of courage on you!"

Now, finally, Fly stepped into his very first battle against the Gods.