Malibu, California


I was sitting down inside the Hard Rock Café in Malibu, chowing down, when I noticed a large crowd of people outside, "Command just happened to pick the most popular beach in the world," I watched as bouncers started to push men with cameras out,

"Hi," someone called, "Mind if I join you?"

"Go right ahead," I said without looking,

"So that's it, you don't even look at who's asking,"

"If you are going to sit down, please do," this time out of professional courtesy, I looked, and standing right before me was Selena Gomez, "Please miss, have a seat," she sat down, "Private Troy MacMullin,"

"You undoubtedly know you I am,"

"Which makes me wonder why you're sitting down with me?"

"Mainly because you're the only good looking guy here, and I think you're cute,"

"I'm not much for pick up lines or one night stands Selena,

"That's not what I'm here for Troy," she laughed, "I'm looking for adventure with someone real,"

"I'm about as real as they come," I chuckled, "the paparazzi might be a problem."

"I'm curious, after you finish eating, you want to get away from this city scene?" she adjusted her purse, I took one last bite of the nacho, and left exact cash on the table. I lead her out the back door, the press, anxious for an angle, started getting to close for my own comfort, one got right up in my face, he didn't last long, neither did his camera.

She took me somewhere that she knew the media firestorm would never find us, up behind the Holly Wood hills sign, "I never thought I'd be up here,"

"I come up here all the time to think,"

"Well what are you thinking right now?"

"Close your eyes," I obeyed curious as to see what was in-store for me, as she kissed me gently. "You're different than most guys Troy,"

"You have no idea," I thought, "How so?"

"Sweeter, smarter, a little bit secretive, and you don't shove your life into other people's faces,"

There was a reason why, a reason, I was not ready to tell her, my job, I was an elite Operator with the North American Special Operations Force, Fire Team Oxide, currently one of the best SOF Teams in the world. I didn't flaunt it, even if I wanted to, I wasn't allowed to, it was a part of being in NASOF.

"So you know my last name, I have yet to learn yours,"

I wanted to tell her my last name so bad, the urge pounded in my chest, "Just tell her the truth god damn it," I looked into her eyes, "MacMullin," I sighed, telling her my last name nearly killed me.