Student [4x]

A cure to kill the freshmen

A disease of the seniors

Recess is no escape

But I'll escape you!

The manufactured town

Complaining to yourself

You're cutting up your wrists

Making love to our teachers [!]

Another endless day

Another grade

But I'm losing track

The bus goes off the road

Dance is for you

You want to dance


The dodgeball game begins

But all the jocks are gods

Stolen lunch money

God's the principal!

Dance is for you

Student, you know who you're after

Know who you're after

Know who you're after


The girl you've come to love

Drugs, a crime that's really cool

I hate the sound of bells

Facebook page lost

Something you're after

I hate my family!

MySpace page...lost!


A crime that's really cool

Oh, florescent hallway light

What time's it overe here?

The hall-monitor is mad

I lost my hall pass

Dance is for you

You want to dance


I'll share a desk with you

You're getting so very fat

Did we ask for this?

Are you stealing my tots?

Dance is for you

The room is getting cold

And you're getting colder

I see your grades

I'm your also answers


A graduate

Has a cell phone

Takes a picture







To run. To run.