August 30th

I had the dream again last night. The one where Hiroto-kun is a super hero.

I've been having the dream through most of summer vacation, ever since I turned sixteen at the end of July. It's so strange. I've had dreams about Hiroto-kun before (please don't get the wrong idea! We are childhood friends after all, gaah!) but nothing like these before. Every night I see him dressed in that long coat, an intense look on his face that I've never seen before with my waking eyes, doing things that he could never do, things that no one can do except in an anime or a sentai show.

Fighting. It's always against something different, but he always fights.

This time it was some sort of big oni-like thing, covered in horns and shooting lightning. Hiroto-kun would jump out of the way at the last second and either throw a ball of fire or some sort of glass tube which would explode like firecrackers and let out lots of smoke. Then the smoke would turn into dragons or tigers or other fierce animals and start to bite the oni, but every time the monster would shrug off the attacks and blow the monsters away with more lightning.

Hiroto-kun and the oni leapt across the buildings as they chased after one another, as if they were jumping over cracks in the sidewalk instead of kilometer deep chasms. They lit up the night with each attack, beautiful but deadly. At last Hiroto-kun reached into his deep coat and threw some metal rods covered in strange marks. One of the rods caught the oni's lightning, then the lightning jumped to each of the others before being thrown back at its master. The monster recoiled, howling in rage and pain. Hiroto-kun appeared before it then, a fist covered in hot flame ploughing into the center of the oni's chest. The monster gave a howl and fell over the edge, evaporating into a cloud of gray mist rather than plummeting to its death.

It was so cool to watch, but so strange. Hiroto-kun isn't the kind of person who likes to fight. I've never even heard of him taking up martial arts, and he always slacks off in P.E. I've thought about telling him about these dreams, but he'd just laugh and say that I've been watching too much anime. Hmmph, as if! He's the anime-otaku, not me!

But still, wouldn't it be awesome if he was like that? If my dear- um, no, precious? Agh, worse! No, I'm not blushing, shut up! If my good friend Senpuu Hiroto were secretly a hero who went out at night to fight monsters and defend the world just like on an anime, wouldn't that be so awesome? It would also explain a lot. Why he always sleeps in class for example, hehe.

Well, the sleepiness is coming back, so I'll just say good night and put you away, diary. The culture fest committee is meeting tomorrow, and as the president I need to be as well rested as I can be.


Hitomi Izumi

Author's Note- The long hiatus of Yonmahoujutsu ends today with the posting of the revised edition! With new longer, better written chapters! I'll leave the old chapters up until I'm caught up, and post under this new title until then as well. I actually rather like this new title, as it's a bit more relevant to the plot, but I've been using Yonmahoujutsu for so long, and I actually still like it. Any opinions on the matter?

Don't worry, I haven't been idle during this hiatus. Okay, that's not entirely true. That actually has a lot to do with why it went on hiatus. Nevertheless, I've been putting a lot of thought into how this story is going to go over the past year. This is going to be quiet a ride, I think.

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