Life Needs Water to Be

Life begins

The source of all things-

A beginning.

Turning first from a

Trickle of water

As you learn to walk

To a stream once you

Can run.

Through the years,

Slowly becoming deeper

And wider

As you become older

And wiser.

With rapids that make life

Speed so quickly by-

You're like a passenger

In your own mind.

And waterfalls drag your

Feet out from underneath

you in times of crisis.

You fall to back to Earth

With a bang.

And then calm.

Calm as the river

Widens once more

And meanders its way

Towards the sea.

Births, marriages, deaths,

Who knows what those

Twists and turns entail?

Only you.

Spend a few months

Or years

Waiting in the mouth,

Slowly winding down before

The end.

Waiting for your turn

To be swept out to sea.

And become a part of everything.