Hooked on crack, everything heavenly is made to fade back to black. Never be smart enough to be good enough, living happily ever after forever is a pipe dream. Rough and tough around the edges, life is made up of several video game like stages. Free falling through life, taste the sharp knife of a short life, broken harp strings. May these broken heart strings waste away underneath the shade of the crimson jade sun. Flying without any wings, its like breathing without any oxygen. Flying without any wings hurts nearly as much as missing out on many close encounters with celestial beings. Free falling through life, confusion is a sexual transmitted disease. Tangeled up in a web of lies and suffocating within a womb of butterflies, this sweet evil honeycomb is of the devil. Free falling through life, chase after many shooting stars, speeding cars. I am not strong enough to withstand the rain, please ease my pain and erase my scars. I don't want to abuse your trust so please release me just in case I may decide to disappear and quit being your muse. Free falling through life, I make a mess out of my life by making stupid careless mistakes. I am not in my right mind, I give you permission to leave me behind in the abyss. I am all alone in this never ending bloody fight between good and evil. There is not a friend within plain sight to rescue me. Free falling through life, I remain unknown and nameless until Jesus gives me the kiss of life.