Did I say all the wrong things
lead you on the road to nowhere
did I offer the plate of no hope
as you lay your heart bare

What is he going to say
when he finds out what I have done
this will look so wrong to him, oh god
"Get out the door and run!"

No please don't make me do this
please don't make me say it to you
please don't make me ruin our friendship
oh god I thought you knew

Just go don't make this harder
I just can't deal with this right now
I feel so guilty, I'm so sorry
I'm being such a cow

How could I get this so wrong
I can't imagine how you feel
how could I have done this, and to you
is this even real?

How do I say this to you
my greatest and very best friend
I don't love you like I love him, and
I'm not gonna' pretend