i will not reinvent the piano

i will not reinvent the piano
to make a song just-for-you
because i don't have enough


no that was it
right there
that was where i meant to stop–
it was an irrythm-break
i dont have or am not enough
of what i am nonsure
i am

not enough
your aloe
now with a sense of humor

not enough
deliberate on my
looks (glares and
oogles are not clothes
or hairstyles) and my
fingers emancipated
not enough sound-stuff,
made not enough guitarmusic
or supernoise

perhaps i have not enough
harmoney, [sic]kness that it is
to your ear–
i believe you
are a snob for dischord
and datchord
but not for mine

i am e7 and e6 but
not enough