I wake up to the doorbell ringing constantly.

"Shit." I mutter pushing myself off of the couch were I had fallen asleep last night. "Who is it?" I call out walking slowly towards the door.

"Your annoying friend who won't stop ringing this bell until you unlock this door and let me in." A female voice calls out as the doorbell continues ringing.

"God! Stop it already!" I scream before opening the door and quickly pulling inside a girl and slamming the door shut.

The girl was about 5 foot 8 inches, had brown shoulder length hair, and brown eyes. She was wearing a knee length black skirt along with a white tank top and white and black scarf. Her shoes wear black ankle sized boots.

"You're not even dressed." She scolds.

I was wearing an over sized tee-shirt. "I just woke up." I snap back.

"Go get dressed." She orders me.

"Yes Yuki." Yuki laughs at this and sits down on the couch.

I run into my room and throw clothes onto my bed. I finally settle on short shorts, a black tank top and a half jacket. I pull on black combat boots and slide down the stair railing. I find Yuki in the kitchen making two pop tarts.

"Hello Syina. I don't think I've said that yet." Yuki says cheerfully as she hands me a chocolate pop tart.

"No you haven't….Neither did I. Hello you dumb Yuki." I respond biting a corner off the pop tart. I brush my mid back length brown hair.

I had brown eyes, tan skin and was about 5 foot 11. I was also a very tomboyish girl.

"Dumb! I did better than you on the English test!" Yuki says angrily. I shrug sheepish.

"Can we get going? Or do we need to be late again?" Yuki asks, moving towards the front door with her backpack over her shoulder.

"I would rather be late but that wasn't really an option was it?" I answer, moving to grab my messenger bag. I walk over to the counter where I had a red crystal pendant on a thin silver chain. I hurriedly put it on my neck before running to catch up to Yuki.

"Did you bring the necklace?" Yukie asks once I catch up to her.

"Do I ever leave the house without it?" I answer with a question. Yuki shakes her head and I smile. "Then you didn't need to ask."

"Anyways, won't you get in trouble if the teachers catch you with it?" Yuki moves back into the topic of me getting in trouble.

"No. it looks like a normal necklace and only me and you knows what it really does." I shake off her doubts quickly.

"Yes…but what if someone else can use your necklace?" She was still doubtful.

"You think a teacher can use my necklace? You can't even use it!" I was shocked. Yuki knew that I was the only one in our group that could connect with the necklace. "And besides, who else is close enough to touch my necklace?" Yukie shrugs.

We had come up with some rules that my necklace follows:
One-it can change its user into any animal.
Two-it can also let the user, and one other person, travel to a different world.
Three-the user has to touch it to activate it.
Four-only certain people can use the necklace.

We walk slowly towards the school knowing that we have the time to take things slow.

After an uneventful day at school me and Yuki meet outside the school.

"I need to go home right away. Dad's orders sorry." I say as Yuki starts to turn around to go to the club.

"Ah, are you in trouble?" She asks worriedly, my father rarely comes home unless I was in trouble.

"I don't know. Would I be in trouble for going to the club?" I ask starting to walk towards my house.

"Yes! Go home!" Yuki laughs. I make sure that my purse is tight before I start running towards my house.

My breath comes quickly and my feet start to ache as I realize that running in combat boots is not recommended.

By the time I get to my house I am out of breath. I slow to a walk before walking inside.

"I'm home!" I call out and I hear footsteps coming down the steps. A second later my father comes into view.

He had dull brown hair, brown eyes, glasses and was wearing a tux. He was a lawyer and hated me.

"You might want to sit down." He says.

This sets off warning bells. "I'm good." I say leaning against the wall.

"We are moving." My father says after a pause.

"What!" I scream nearly falling over.

"I got a job offer and have decided to take it. We are moving." My father states this as if it was nothing important. To him it wasn't, he never liked it here.

"No! I refuse!" I say angrily.

"The deal has already been made. You are skipping school tomorrow to pack for moving. Go get started." His tone is unemotional and as soon as he says this he leaves the room.

My body feels numb as I walk up the stairs and pull out my cell phone. I dial Yuki's number.

She picks up on the first ring. "Yes?"

"I hate my father!" I say angrily into the phone before I slam my door shut, violently.

"What happened now?" Yuki asks calmly and I feel more relaxed just talking to Yuki.

"He got a job offer and we are moving. I'm ditching school tomorrow to pack." I explain laying down on my black bed.

"What?" Yuki was shocked.

"I know how could he make a big decision without asking me first?" I complain.

"What about the thing?" She refuses to mention the necklace on the phone.

"I don't know. God! Come over tomorrow or I'm going to go crazy." I plead.

"You mean skip school? Hmm, alright but I don't think that my parents will be okay with it." She says reasonable.

"Then don't tell them." I argue.

Yuki laughs, "Fine, I'll be over at the same time as today. Right now I got to go. Bye."

"Bye." I say cheerfully. We hang up at the same time.

I grab my black purse and my white and red skull wallet and head downstairs. When I walk into the kitchen my father looks up shocked and starts to rise.

"What are you doing? I told you to get started packing." He orders sternly.

I hold out my hand, "I need money for a suitcase. Give me 200 dollars."

"200 dollars? For a suitcase?" my father stammers.

"Yes. Give, give." I answer. My father grumbles but gives me four fifty dollar bills. "Thanks. I'll be back before 7 pm. Bye."

I don't pause before I walk out the front door and put the money in my wallet which I put in my purse. Along with my wallet-which has 275 dollars- I have red lipstick, my cell phone, a pocket knife, gum, my driver's license-which I have only had for a week-my truck's keys, and some change.

I slide into my truck and turn up the radio. I speed out of the driveway and head towards the mall.

It takes about 15 minutes before I pull into the parking lot and run into the mall. I sigh as I enter a shop that has suitcases.

"Hello, can I help you?" A salesman asks and I shake my head.

"No thanks. I'm good." I reply with a smile. The salesman nods and I move to look at two plain black suitcases. The price for both of them was 125 dollars. "I'll take theses." I whistle.

"Are you going somewhere?" The salesman asks, ringing up the suitcases.

"Yes. I'm moving." My tone is sour and the salesman laughs.

"Give it a try. Change is good and maybe you'll like it there. Maybe not as much as you like it here, or maybe you'll like it there better." He says.

"You are very wise. I guess I'll try to listen to this wise person." I agree, with a nod.

"Yes I am wise and here are you suitcases." He says with a smile. "And good luck with the move."

"Thanks." I grin as I exit the store and sit on a bench. I think over important things, I have 150 dollars left so I should be able to buy something. But what? Clothes? Books? I decide to put the suitcases in my truck before shopping for other stuff.

It takes 5 minutes to get back to the mall.

My phone rings and I flip it open.

"Hello?" I ask.

"Hey, Synia!" A vibrant voice says and I smile.

"Claire what are you doing? I thought you were grounded." It wasn't a question but Claire decides to answer it.

"Yeah, well I snuck out and I am at the mall. Come please."

"Sure where are you?" I look around me but don't see her which meant she was in a different section of the mall.

"At the mall. Didn't I tell you that already?"

I laugh, "I meant where in the mall. I'm already here."

"Oh." It clicks for her, "I'm at the pet store. You know the one with the ferrets."

"I'll be there in a minute but I will not buy anything." I say the last part sternly.

"Fine, but an animal will do you good." Claire was an animal freak. Though I can't really blame her, she wanted to be a vet.

"Bye." I hang up without waiting for a response.

Slowly I make my way towards the store and find Claire waiting outside the pet shop holding an animal carrying case and a single bag.

Claire had red curly hair and contrasting blue eyes. She was not athletic, instead she was a girlly girl.

"What did you buy?" I hiss moving to stand beside her and taking the bag.

"Two ferrets, and some stuff that they need to live." She explains.

"Okay…I'm moving." I add the last part suddenly and Claire is startled.

"W-What?" She stammers.

"I'm moving and won't be at school tomorrow." I clarify, and start walking around the store.

"We'll talk about this later. Now we are shopping. I have been meaning to buy you this amazingly black dress. Come on." She cries the last part excitedly, dragging me to a dress store.

She walks to the back and comes out with a beautiful black dress.

"Change into this." She commands, taking the pet supplies and handing me the dress.

I smile playfully before walking in the changing room and putting the dress on.

It left my back bare and was made of silk. Two straps tried it behind my neck and it hugged my body gracefully. The dress ended halfway to my knees. I pin my hair up in a messy bun and walk out of the changing room.

"You look nice." A male voice says and I look to see that Claire was talking to a boy with black hair and green eyes. He was wearing black pants and a black tee-shirt.

I could tell from the flare in Claire's eyes that she wanted this guy. Even though she was petite and pretty, I was gorgeous and boys moved on to me when they saw me.

This made some of my friends mad but I never went after any of the guys, so they often left it alone.

I smile flirtatiously and breathe, "You don't look to bad yourself."

Claire was glaring at me but for once I don't care. I want to see how far he will go for this play.

He smiles, "you look better, though I like you better when you're beating the crap out of someone."His tone changes from interested to friendly halfway through the sentence.

I also change my voice to normal and grin, "Shin, it's been a while." I hug him and he pulls me into a bear hug.

"Yes, we haven't fought together in forever." He agrees letting go and backing up.

"You two know each other?" Claire breaks in.

I nod, "yeah we fight together sometimes."

"I have the most fun when fighting with or against you." Shin concurs.

"You fight?" Claire asks, looking at me as if I am insane.

"Yeah, it helps relieve stress and I am a good fighter."

"Ah, I thought you were a tomboy, but fighting isn't something a girl should be doing. It's wrong for a girl to fight." Claire scolds.

"Well then I guess it is a good thing I dressed as I boy whenever I fought." I defend myself. "And, in case you haven't noticed, I don't care what is right or wrong."

Claire frowns but moves over to Shin, "I would love to see you fight."

Shin shakes his head and steps closer to me. "Ha-ha, like I'll ever think about liking someone who's a hurtful girl like you."

Claire looks shocked at this and doesn't seem capable of replying. I step in, "Shin, cool off. Sometimes you can be a real pain."

Shin nods though he doesn't go back to the kind guy. "Loyal. That's one of the reasons why I like you." He whispers.

I laugh, "Well, I'm going to take of this dress and return it."

"Buy it. It looks great on you." Claire compliments, already she was over Shin.

"Okay two things. One I can't afford it. Two I have no reason to wear a dress like this." I say reasonably.

"I'll buy it for you." Shin says raising his hand like he was in school, someplace I know he rarely goes to.

"It costs 200 dollars." Claire protests. I don't because I know that even though Shin acts like he does, he is rich.

Shin ignores Claire and instead turns to me, "Go take that dress off so that I can buy it as a moving present."

I frown, confused. "How did you know that I was moving?" I ask wary.

Shin rubs the back of his head, "Yuki called me. Said you might want to go fighting latter today."

"She was right, I do want to fight." I say, stepping into the changing room and slipping out of the dress. I leave my hair in the bun and give the dress to Shin.

"Do you want anything else?" Shin asks looking around the store.

"I am not taking presents. At least not in this store." Shin laughs. "I'm not joking. If your are offering I'll buy objects from other stores." My voice was serious and Shin smiles.

Shin pays for the dress before giving it to me along with a plain black wallet. I frown and open it to find about 500 dollars inside.

I freeze, "I can't take this!" I protest but Shin smiles.

"Think of it as payment for all those times that you helped me out in a fight. And buy some things that make you happy. You need it now." He pulls me into a hug.

"Thanks." I say sweetly, putting an arm around his back and then letting go.

"It's no problem. I'll miss you when you move. Maybe I'll come visit you some days." He whisper softly for only my ears to hear.

"I would like that." I agree without hesitating.

"Goodbye, I'll try to see you tomorrow but if I don't I'll visit you soon." Shin says before letting go and walking out of the store.

I transfer his money into my wallet and Claire and I go shopping.

In the end I ended up buying black skinning jeans, a red ripped tank top, a black leather jacket, black sneakers, and a black and red beanie hat.

I have all of Shin's money left and am planning on giving it back to him latter or using it for an emergency.

"Is your dad going to be okay with you buying that?" Claire asks.

I shrug, "Probably not, he has never been okay with anything I've gotten before."

"Then why did you buy it?" Claire asks, she has never gasped the concept of disobeying your parents to make yourself happy.

"Because I like it." I answer dryly.

"Okay, well I need to go home before my parents decide to break my door down. Goodbye." Claire waves to me and I put my bags besides me in the truck.

I smile as I realize that Claire didn't ask about me moving. "Ha-ha! Good thing my phones turned off or she'd be annoying the hell out of me. Oh…I need to call Yuki."

I put my car into drive before calling Yuki.

She picks up on the third ring. "I'm guessing that you meet Shin." She says easily.

"Yes I did. Thank you for calling him, although I am curious as to where you got his phone number from." I say with the curiosity in my voice.

"Umm…I might have sneaked a peek at your phone. Before you say anything I was just curious as to what people you were hanging out with." She is honest with me.

I nod, "Do you approve?"

Now Yuki hesitates, "Yes I do. Mainly because when I said I was your friend he asked if you were in trouble and if there was anything he could do to help."

"Yes that is like him. Did you know that he was filthy rich?" I ask pulling into my driveway but staying in my truck.

My truck was like my second home and had random items in it. There were some books, clothes, money, food and I think I had some homework that I didn't turn in.

"No. Why does he fight if he has money?" Yuki was curious but didn't say it with the scolding tone of voice.

"Same reason I do. Well, I need to go pack, See you tomorrow?" I climb out of my truck with my bags and hang up when Yuki agrees.

"You are late." Father comments when I walk up the stairs.

I pause and look down at him. He was packing up the kitchen. "Yeah well at least I came back. I do have places to stay a night or two if I need to."

Father looks up at me shocked. I ignore him and instead say, "You're never home. I'm not the good little girl I use to be." With that I walk into my room and lay my new suitcases on my bed but throw my clothes on top of a pile of clean clothes that I should put away.

Most of my clothes were black, gray, worn out, dirty, ripped, or baggy. My father didn't approve of my clothes but he also didn't approve of anything I did. The feeling was mutual. I hated everything that he did and made a point of telling him it at any point that I could. He didn't approve of this either but I didn't care.

I open the two suitcases and place my favorite clothes in one of the cases. I was planning on wearing what I had on now both to bed tonight and tomorrow.

A light knock sounds at my door and I open the door without any emotion on my face. "Yes?" I ask, making my annoyance clear.

"I wanted to tell you that we are leaving here tomorrow at noon. So be ready then." My father leaves the room and I stare at his back.

"Wait." I say calmly. When my father turns back to look at me I lower my head slightly. "I'm sorry for freaking out earlier."

My father nods before walking away. I shut the door before closing and moving the filled-with-clothes suitcase out of the way.

I carefully put my laptop, books, speakers, TV, and jewelry in the other suitcase. Most of my room was cleared away, except for my knee high black chest. I pull my suitcases downstairs and place them next to the growing pile of boxes. I walk into the kitchen, pull away five unused boxes, and walk upstairs without talking to my father.

I place my chest into one box and pull out a permanent marker. In big black letters I write: SYNIA'S: TOUCH AND YOU DIE!

I throw random things in the other boxes and am soon out of things to pack. My room was bare except for an empty dresser, bookcase and a bare bed.

By the time I manage to get my dresser, bookcase, and mattress downstairs I flop on the misplaced mattress and barely register the time as 3:30. I don't even move to take off my boots and jacket.