The doorbell wakes me up but I don't get up. My eyelids flutter open briefly but I quickly close them again. When the ringing doesn't stop I grumble something unintelligent, like I always do when on Daniel's ship and asked a question. Daniel was the pirate captain of an infamous crew that lived in a different world.

I flash back to the day that I meet Daniel-it was the first time that I used the necklace and I was shocked and only 13 years old.

I open my eyes and find myself on the floor, in the middle of a forest's clearing. As I push myself up I curse as I push my black sundress down, spying the crushed milk jug on the ground.

"Great, 15 minutes of walking and 4 dollars and I don't even get my milk." I huff, angrily kicking the plastic farther into the forest. Shaking my head, I move onto more important matters at hand.

I look around the forest- the trees were dense and huge as if no one had cleared any of the trees away.

I wasn't one for timidity and I lived in front of a forest so I push my way slowly through the forest. My feet didn't get tangled and I was careful as to keep any branches from hitting my face. I walk for over an hour before I hear talking from in front me. I smile and continue to walk through the forest.

I find myself at the edge of the forest that came close to as cliff and ocean. There were 3 boys in the clearing, each about 16 years old. I laugh because they look like pirates.

Three sets of eyes instantly focus on me. I just stare at them.

The blond one in the middle asks a question, "Why isn't she running?"

The black haired one on the left shrugs, "Perhaps she is stupid."

I bristle, "I am not stupid!" I growl at them and all of their eyes widen in shock.

The one on the left, a brown haired boy, counters, "No? Then why didn't you run from us? We are pirates."

I blink before laughing, "Pirates? God, are you idiots? There are no such things as pirates! Or well there are but they have guns, big guns, and you don't have any guns on you so I doubt you're pirates."

The blond one curses and before I notice he has my arm wrenched behind my back. I gasp in pain; obviously they don't need those big guns.

Though big guns are really fun and threatening, not to mention fun.

"You should watch what you say out here. There are no police here." He says in my ear.

I smile, "I don't necessarily need the police."

When the boy freezes in shock, I slam my head into his face. When he winces backwards I fall to my knees and spin around, successfully knocking the boy to the ground.

Without pausing I kneel on his chest and put my switchblade to his throat. He freezes, looking at me.

My eyes flicker to the other two and see that they have drawn blades but are standing about 4 feet away.

I look back at the boy under me, "So, do I need the police?" I ask.

"No." I can hear the anger in his voice, but there isn't even a trace of fear.

I shrug, "Okay so where is this?" I put the switchblade back in its holster, which is located on my left leg.

The boy under me looks at me as if I'm crazy. I don't blame him; right now I think I'm crazy.

I stand up from the boy and look around the area. "So, where are we?" I ask again.

The other two boys take a step towards me but when the blond holds up a hand, they stop. I watch from the corner of my eye as he pushes himself up from the ground.

I look at him, raising an eyebrow.

He shrugs and says, "Yukinian."

I tilt my head to the side and say, "What?"

"We are in Yukinian."

I frown, "I heard you the first time. What is Yukinian?"

The boy shrugs, "A town where the police aren't present and pirates are common."

I bit my bottom lip. So where the hell is that? Somewhere in a different country? Wait, pirates? On second thought maybe these boys are high. I think quickly and curse loudly.

"Are you high?" I ask looking at them evenly.

"High? No, we are at sea level."

I wave my hand, "No, not high as in elevation, high as in drugs."

The brown one looks confused, "Drugs?"

I nod and explain, "Drugs that put you in a happy mood."

"So alcohol?" The brown haired one asks.

I shake my head, "Like alcohol but…oh, never mind, forget it."

I bit my lip and turn to face the three.

"Do you guys have a map I can look at, so I can find out where I am?" I ask and the blond shrugs before turning and walking away.

I blink before catching up with him and walking a few steps behind him. The other two look at each other before walking behind me.

We walk for half an hour before coming to a port that has a very convincing looking pirate ship with a snake on the mass.

I pause looking at the people on the ship; they all look between the ages 13 to 20. The blond one notices my gaze and shrugs.

"We are a young pirate crew." Is all he offers as an explanation but I accept it without any other questions or staring.

We easily walk onto the ship and, ignoring the questioning stares and questions, the blond leads me to a teenager who looks like he is the person in charge.

"Stephen, who is this?" the 'captain' asks looking between me and the blond.

Stephen shrugs, "No clue but she wants to figure out where she is because she is an idiot and doesn't know where this is."

I growl, "I am not stupid! I just don't know where I am!"

"That seems stupid to me." The captain breaks in and I glare at him.

"You seem stupid to me." I snap back and the captain looks amused.

"So can I find out where I am or is that not allowed?" I ask staring at the sky.

"Why would we help you, we are pirates?" Captain asks and I shrug.

"Pirates or not, are you going to help me or not? Wow, I had two 'or not's in that question." I add the last part shocked before shrugging and looking at the Captain, who is staring at me as if I am insane.

"…" he doesn't answer and I frown before stepping within a foot off him and staring at his cold blue eyes.

"Answer me." I growl forcefully and surprise enters his gaze.

"And if I don't?" he asks interested in my response.

I smile before slamming my fist into his stomach and kicking his chin before he stumbles backwards and double over in pain.

I do not miss the fact that all the other teenagers have their weapons out but choose to ignore it as I answer sweetly, "I might get mad and I get violent when I get mad."

The captain stands up straight before looking to Stephen, "you didn't tell me she could fight." His tone isn't anger, its curious.

Stephen shrugs, "I figured that you would figure that out soon enough." I growl at the implication that all I do is fight and turn to look at him.

"Why do you say that?" my voice is tight with warning and Stephen, smartly, decides not to answer me. I nod, satisfied, before turning to look at the captain again. "So are you going to help me or should I find someone who is going to?"

The captain looks at me, "Sure we have a map that you can look at. Seth please show her a map and help her figure out where she is."

A black haired 17 year old, Seth, steps out of the crowd and walks up to me, looking wary.

"Oh for the love of god I'm not going to hit you…well not unless you piss me off a lot." I snap at the boy and he smiles slightly.

"Well, it seems like you get pissed off a lot so I'd rather be careful." I pout at him and he smiles brighter.

I follow Seth as he walks across the ship and up the stairs. "Hey is this ship setting sail soon?" I ask after a pause, looking out at the water and frowning.

Seth looks back at me, confusion in his eyes, "yes we are a pirate ship after all"

"Great." I mutter, grabbing the railing as the ship rocks beneath my feet.

"Are you scared?" Seth asks, his tone mocking and I glare at him.

"Yes but I have good reason to; my mother and older brother both died by drowning on a ship. I also almost drowned. I hate ships." I growl the last part glaring at the water beneath the boat as if it would swallow me up whole.

"And yet you are on a pirate ship." Seth says amused and I look at him sadly.

"Because I don't know how to get home."

He blinks before nodding and grabbing my arm lightly. He carefully steadies me before leading me under the ship.

"Where are we going?" I ask carefully, eyeing the dark passage.

"Navigation." He answers simply, walking through the passage as though it is his home.

It more than likely is.

I take more hesitant steps, each time the boat rocks tensing and stopping to hold my hands against the side of the passage.

Seth calmly waits for me as I take over ten minutes to travel the short passage and enter the navigation room.

I smile unconsciously at the sight of all the maps: my mother was an avid traveler before she got sick and often collected maps and other souvenirs from foreign lands.

Hell, my name she picked up on one of her travels.

Frowning, I step closer to a map of the world. I study it for a few seconds before sighing.

Okay so I pretty much failed geography in school, but even I know that there are supposed to be seven continents, not three.

I turn to look at Seth, who is silently looking over the maps to see what drew my attention. He looks to me in blatant confusion, apparently seeing nothing wrong with the maps.

"My maps have seven continents." I explain dryly, resting my head in my slightly trembling hands and holding back a fearful cry.

"Well….shit." Seth gasps, moving to lay a comforting hand on my shoulder.

I blink before throwing back my head and laughing hysterically, bitterly. "Yeah. Shit is right!"

I thrust my hand forwards, the pain of my cracked knuckles barely noticeable as I slide down against the wall. I wrap my arms around my knees, resting my head on my crossed arms.

"Everything will be alright. Daniel will figure something out. And until then, well I'm sure he won't object to you staying here with us."

I look up at Seth's quiet voice, blinking at him and smiling sadly. "That's nice. But I'm still going for the insanity defense. Or maybe I got stabbed while being mugged when I was out getting milk." At his dismayed look, I wave a hand. "It's a bad bad world out there."

"So why were you the one to go get milk if it's such a bad world?"

I bristle, raising my head to glare at him, "Because I'm a girl?"

He jerks backwards at my icy tone, holding up his hands in surrender. "I was going to say because of your age…and the fact that you don't look very tough."

The last part, added apologetically, causes me to shrug. "I know. Shin always says that, he also says that the way I dress isn't helpful."


I look up at the question, biting my lip in thought. Seth has his head tilted to the side, honest curiosity in shining bright in his eyes.

It wouldn't hurt to tell him about Shin, after all it's not likely that they are ever going meet. Then again, I haven't even told Yuki about Shin.

Shrugging my shoulders, I decide to just tell him. I'm not ashamed of Shin.

"He's a rich kid, like rich fucking rich. Only his relationship with his family isn't the greatest. His father always pushes him to be more like his older brother while his mother thinks he acts like a spoiled know it all." I lean my head against the wall, staring at the ceiling. "So he acts out by fighting. Got pretty good at it to. I met him at a bar fight. Got the shit beat out of me, so he decided to teach me how to fight 'properly'. He's weird, fucked up in some cases but he's a good friend to have and I love him."

I fall silent, tears burning against my eyes as I choke slightly, "I-I wanna see him." I curl up tighter, tears falling down my cheeks.

I'm barely aware as Seth sits down beside me, pulling me closer as I sob into his chest. My hands coming up to curl into fists, tangled in his shirt.

Right now, I don't care about the fact that I'm breaking my vow to never cry.

Crying solves nothing, even if it does make me feel better.