"I bet you dont remember. Do you?" You looked so innocent that day Austin. So freaking innocent that i wanted to stop fighting and just walk away. You nodded your head, Austin, that was the wrong thing to do.

"What Ellie?"

"No, of course you dont. Cause you just that freaking innocent!"

Ive seen this a million times in crazy chick flicks. Now shes going to scream 'Its so over! You dont even care! You never did!'

And I did.

Do you know what you did Austin? you just stood there, gobsmacked at what just happned. Clueless and brainless. I wish I didnt find you beutiful there, in all your glory.

"Ellie, wait!"

You chased me down the street, but I out ran you. It was my first time actually out running you. Why is that? I guess because I was mad at you. So here I was, running down some street, crying my god damn eyes out. Soem people stared at the crying girl as she bounded inside to her house. I was thinking of you Austin Cross as I bounded up the stairs. As I slammed my bedroom door, only to be frustrated when the doors wouldnt shut all the way. It was you I was crying over as I yanked ur picture form my dresser and threw it to the tile in my bathroom. It was you who made me calm down and go to the kitchen, realizing that im starving even though I hate eating. It was you I heard in my head, telling me 'sshhhh, its okay, its all okay. Everythings going to be fine.' I wanted to tell you to shutup, to stop saying that over and over in my god damned head. And I did. I screamed it as loud as I could. No one would care, I lived alone for hells sake. Cause I thought it was hte only thing to do, cause I was the freak in town. I was useless, stupid, and worthless. You just proved that i was Austin.

You just goddamn fucking proved it.

Aer you reading this Austin? Well, then keep on reading, cause it all gets better. Your going to forget about alot of htis though, your probebly not even paying attention. Thats why we broke up Austin. Cause you never listen.