I told you it would be here. Are you chocked Austin?

I bet you are...



"Wheres my bag?"


"No! I need that bag Ellie! Where is it?"

"I dont know.."

Of course you pick 9 am to actually care. So you urged me out of my bed and so we scurried around asking for your bag. I was holding back laughter, and finnaly I felt bad. I went down and got your bag, heavy with the scent of morning musk. But I didnt slip it back in...I just thought it was weird.

"Here, it was at the front desk." i threw it at your battered figure and you smiled and rummaged through it.



You looked up to me then, realizing that you couldnt talk to me about it. You shrugged and threw the bag aside, stood up and hugged me. Austin, you have the swithing emotions of a teenage girl.

So we went down to the breakfast area downstairs...and Austin, it was beutiful. The sunrise slowly rising outside, the glass wall showing it. Red rose petals scattered everywhere, the elegent food spread out, but that was the least of my intrest.

"Austin...what is this?" I was breathless, which is really sad for me to say.

You took my hand in yours, and squeezed it.



Three times.

"I thought it would be nice..." You seemed a bit far off, dissapointed.. And then it all clicked.

So here Austin, your oppurtunity waisted. This is why we broke up...because..well...you know why. You might be wondering why this note was in a envelope. Because I have more decency than you. i didnt want it to be lost in mail...the ring, Austin, is what I didnt want to be lost.

That beutiful silver ring. With a hunk of a diamond in the middle of it... an engagment ring to be exact. The ring you were going to give to me that unfaithful morning. The ring that fell out your bag... The ring I sometimes wish I accepted. But not anymore.