It was a long journey downward, but he was finally there. He, and the mad boy who had found him in his tree.

It was very different from his former home; where his former had lush trees and small, scurrying animals, here had a landscape that was black enough to seem like it had been scorched multiple times over, and OH SWEET MOSS THAT'S A BIG RAT.

The smaller child turned to the mad one, tugging at his sleeve.

"Where are we?" he asked, still not sure why he had left.

The mad one laughed. "This, child, is called by many names," he replied, eying it as though it was some sort of tropical paradise. "Bayutan; mass of the destroyed, Heyotch; land of no sun. But you can call it mine."

The rat had taken an interest in the two, and lunged, but the guide of the boy stopped it with a mere snap. It had the semblance of a dog, sitting obediently at his master's side.

"Bet you were scared, huh?" the guide asked, pointing in an opposite direction, sending the rat off. "By the way, I'm Diabo. Real name's Jacob, but you can't say it. People would be angry."

The young boy looked at him again, wondering when they would go inside somewhere. "I-" he started. "I'm Peter…. but you can call me Puck."

Diabo laughed, rather disturbingly. "Well, Puck. Are you ready to see your new home?" Before the startled Puck could answer, he was slung onto Diabo's back. Making sure he was secure, Diabo ran as fast as he could toward an imposing grey shape in the distance.