Made: Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Time: 10:24a

It starts with

A sidekick

With just a mask

Went solo

Kept falling down

Fell so low

Tried getting back up

Kept knocking down your walls

The hero kept laughing

Reduced to a crawl

Shame, humility

But you'll get through this

You've done it before

Try some more

Just try



You try to die

And the villain lies

And the hero grins

And you fall again

"Sidekick, sidekick

Little loser flea"

What mask to choose?

What side to be?

No one wants you

Invincible, invisible

Find the change

So you wanna be a hero?



Heroes don't want you now

Villain's just gonna scowl

Doesn't matter how

Crawl there

Be your own

Be neither

Break a bone

Go solo

Do it alone

Don't be the bad guy

Don't need a hero