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Vancouver 2045

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The battle had only entered its first day and already the Russo–Chinese had deployed a nerve gas decimating the first wave of Royal Marine and USMC forces. Despite have total air superiority the UEA troops were faring poorly. As the day dragged on the battle became uncertain. The surviving forces fled south of the chemical gas plumes and hoped to find a way to regroup and take back the city.

Daniel rushed across the street with a hail of bullets following him "Shit this is all FUBAR and is only getting worse!" He screamed hoping the seal on his ECH5 helmet stayed tightly fastened.

Mitchell fired his machine gun at the pursuing enemy soldiers, "No shit Sherlock sure are wishing you quit huh!" Mitch said firing the gun in controlled bursts as the enemy forces closed in on them.

Daniel shot three times and killed three enemy soldiers "Damn that chick looks like an officer in Black Watch we really kicked the hornets' nest…," he said taking a round "Fuck I think my seals are busted!" Daniel said knowing his time was up as the battlefield sat under toxic clouds of gas.

Chinese Embassy New York City June 3 2018

With the economy in shambles the nationalist movement had been born, the dept to China was out of control, caused by a failed attempt at a pathetic attempt at globalization. The people not only rose up against their government, and they had done so without bloodshed. This revolution did not sit well with any of America's allies. The British promised soldiers and aircraft, but the US military kept that from happening. China became the lead peacekeepers in the Iraq civil war as the US left the Middle East region. The Nationalists' leaders promptly turned the people against the Chinese and any other nation that before allied with the failed American government. With this in mind, the Nationalists forced their foes from the shores of America. The people of New York City rallied at the British embassy as the nationalists had ordered. Helicopters were evacuating the British Embassy workers and diplomats the Nationalists were forcing the cultural scum that ruined America from its shores.

Alexis hugely pregnant and near the due date, stood a best she could, in front of the enemy's sanctuary on her soil.

"Behind this gate is the reason our country is in ruin. Their culture has driven our sons to suicide and turned our daughters into whores!" Shouted Alexis rallying the nationalist crowd "We now have the chance to do what our founding fathers once did we will crush the Imperials and force their liberal garbage from our shores. China has sold us garbage and used that money to specifically build an army and bully us into submission as they rob us of our lively hoods." As Alexis shouted, her water broke.

Joel had been waiting for the moment all day he rushed to Alexis's side. "You really just had to make the push yourself huh," He said helping her to the waiting car, as another nationalist party member picked up where Alexis had left off.

The Nationalists managed to rally the crowd into storming the embassy; the police mixed with the civilians and open fired on the Chinese soldiers before they could find their targets. Alexis was displeased but could only watch from the maternity bed in her Upper Manhattan brown Stone. She could not care less her son was healthy and she had what she finally wanted.

"You are such an angel I can't wait for you to meet the rest of the family." Alexis thought, smiling.

Jenifer looked over Alexis and their son. She felt a small sense of superiority to her wife Alexis because when she gave birth she was nowhere near as dramatic "Thank you for the problem free delivery Joel he's beautiful." Jennifer looked at the son too whom her wife gave birth.

"Not a problem I wouldn't have a job if Alexis didn't serve as my defense, plus it's what childhood friends are for." Joel packed up his medical equipment.

The boy had green eye and the light brown hair of his mother these features pleased Alexis so much more than just having a son "Hey do mind naming him?" Said Alexis stroking her son's hair while he her nursed from breast.

Joel honored thought for a moment, rubbing his chin. "Daniel it's biblical and it means god is my judge; since, you are a lawyer and revolutionary heroine that name seems fitting for him." Joel smiled as he left.

"It is a beautiful name, even if it has to do with religion," Alexis admitted as Joel left.

Jenifer looked at the clock "Well the twins will be home soon. It is almost four and need to have their homework snacks ready, and I have to wake Elizabeth up from her nap. That girl will sleep through anything. Don't want to stress you so while I am here drama queen can I get you anything tea perhaps?" Jennifer joked as Alexis's scream could be heard from the Bronx.

Alexis rolled her eyes "I'm fine. If Elizabeth is up send her this way so she can see her brother." Alexis re-buttoned her shirt after she placed Daniel at her side on the bed.

After a few minutes, Elizabeth came in rubbing the sleep out of her eyes. She dragged her blanket with her as she climbed on the bed "is dot him mom?" Elizabeth grinned her front tooth missing.

Alexis did her best to keep Elizabeth's blanket away from the boy "Yes, sweetie, this him. His name is Daniel. Can you say his name?" Alexis said with a smile trying to push her daughter's speech skills.

Elizabeth smiled and nodded yes "Dan… Daniel is that whit mom?" she asked as the boy played with his mother's hair.

"Yes you did sweetie." Alexis said rubbing the girl's head.

Elizabeth smiled offered her blanket to her mother "I'm too big for this. Daniel can have it." Elizabeth said to the best of her four-year old abilities.

Alexis smiled "Of course sweetie we'll have it washed and Daniel will get it as soon as it's dry." Alexis lied glad that her daughter's old blanket could now be pitched.

Jenifer walked the girls up to the nursery "Alright you two be as quiet as you can as the boy and your mother are trying to rest. Okay the twins would like to meet their baby brother now." She said slowly opening door.

The twins walked in calmly as possible just as Jennifer told them while they looked at their brother, "He's so cute and small…" Adriana said eagerly looking at her brother who was sleeping on the bed wrapped in a blanket.

"What's his name?" Amanda finished her twin sister's sentence as usual.

Jenifer kneeled down so she was on the level with her 8-year-old daughters "You know Uncle Joel, well he named your baby brother Daniel." She said holding the two in her arm as they nodded in agreement.

Alexis lifted Daniel up and placed him the center of the group "One day Daniel will make all of you into the cool aunts you see on the TV shows," Alexis said proud her last name would be carried on "We just need make sure he knows he'll need a family to be happy. We can all do that right?" she asked her three girls. All of whom shook their heads yes.

Adriana stopped mid way through agreeing with her mother "But I want to be a doctor not an aunt." Adriana said relatively displeased with her Mother's words.

"An aunt isn't a wife you'd be the sister-in-law to his wife." Amanda sighed, "You are really dumb sometimes." She left to go enjoy her homework.

Jennifer pinched the bridge of her nose she did not agree with Alexis but knew better than to object.

"Hey be nice to your sister Amanda!" she said as sternly as she could before following the twins down stairs.

Daniel looked around as best he could as everyone left unaware.

"Will I be his favorite sister mommy?" Elizabeth said looking over her little brother as he smiled at her.

Alexis smiled "It looks like you already are sweetie; he only smiles like that for me after being fed." She smiled and kissed her daughter on the head.