Location Somewhere in Nevada

John walked with Jonas past a large contingent of Fisher Industries Security Technicians, PMCs all ex Special Forces from some military or another all incredibly violent. FIST served as the Watch's private army but functioned like the Gestapo. The human guards were slower than Yaren warriors were, but could inflict three times the damage with half the effort. Jonas knew their abilities very well, others of his kind used them to collect test subjects, and silence witnesses.

"Watch them Jonas if you keep this up I'll relieve my duties to these men." Wagner hissed

Jonas cocked his head to the side "You honestly think I'm afraid of them, you seem to be confused with my disgust. Tell me why would I fear people on my payroll?"

Wagner stopped "You really think I can't pay them just a little bit more than you?" he sneered as he stood on the security scanner to enter the Queens Chambers.

The door to the queen's chamber opened the heat was kept at a constant 30 degrees Celsius, and as always enough to make Wagner start sweating from the rapid change in heat. Jonas or Adlenan was the closest childhood friend to the queen she served loyally as an advisor even though her caste goal and position was nothing more than advancing Yaren biotechnological despite her people's female dominance through telepathy her post had almost always been dominated by males. Women dominated politics and the overall control of the military, police, and attempted to reform the oppressive régime of their mothers.

Childhood friends had granted Adlenan great leeway in her experiments she even helped the first human/Yaren hybrid's mother return the boy to Earth where he would be safe from experimentation. She knew this and even abused it at some point, but the Yaren's Empire was wrong to the point of ignorance at best, and unspeakable at the worst. Ar`lianna however was a reformist and when granted her title abolished oppressive laws that segregated the Yaren from the Serkin. The two species were genetic cousins with near 100% similarities. They just ran out of time to fix the first problems. Now they were fighting a war for their own survival and losing badly, the Humans were their ace in the hole and they all knew it.

Wagner knelt on his right knee instantly upon Ar`lianna's gaze; he was not stupid enough to disrespect her "I've caught Jonas here violating the rules of the contract with the mother and …you."

Ar`lianna had grown annoyed her best-laid plans had backfired, and the last thing she needed to deal with was her friend's delusional sentimentality "Damn it I don't know why you do this the boy will be fine without you." Jonas went to speak, but she interjected immediately, "You shalt not make excuses for doing this! You will return to your true body and the one before me shall be destroyed." Tired Ar'lianna sat in her pseudo throne.

"I destroyed that body ma' lady I know the boy will be fine but I cannot allow him to grow up lonely he will long for me and one day I'll need to teach him to him to sing." Jonas stood up assertively.

Ar`lianna laughed, "That is impossible, the humans are not us and if they were the males would be like ours, unable to sing."

"I understand why you've changed but you aren't the only one." Jonas knew the queen and her tactics to the point the queen could not beat her, Jonas was glad to one up his old friend, "We have played god for too long and I did too. I remember when we used human men to get pregnant so we could dissect a baby, make these bodies, and up lift them to fight our war! Well I did not allow the other Primes to dissect that little boy and I will never again play your malice god. I play god by my rules and my rules alone!"

"Tell me what have you done, what have you done with our telepathy!" Ar`lianna demanded she leaned forward from her throne.

"The human genome is more versatile than we had imagined and I did some tweaking. The humans have the ability to be telepathic the genomes are there in both genders, a bit of my own true form mixed into the E chromosomes and … I took pity on you once." Jonas stood and spat on the goddess of their kind. "In a way I'm glad the army turned on you of course that wouldn't change you, and these small minded fools are kissing your ass for trinkets!"

"I've been waiting a long time for this." Wagner said pulling his side arm out of his shoulder holster, and placed the gun to the back of Jonas' head only to be stop by the queen, when she raised her hand "Yes I won't kill Jonas his short life is enough." He said this allowed putting the gun away; he knew she was controlling him.

"I condemn you to a high security lab, where you will work with the boy you saved." Ar`lianna drawling her voice out, specifically on moral and said, "You can witness the fruits of your… moral crusade. Remove him from my site now."

Wagner nodded his head at Jonas' telling him it was time to leave. As the pair left the queen's chambers, "So how do you plan on stopping me exactly Wagner?"

"Simple a bullet although, I can hunt you down and follow you anywhere." Wagner laughed.

A smile formed on Jonas' face "Of course you will stop me, all with the technology I made for you." Jonas added, "If you think you can win this Wagner you will be sorely humiliated."

"Of course well, now back to reality I hear your little pet project hybird reject is making humans something of our own design, I'm sure you remeber Telsa well crank him up to 11 and well you have Richard Nolan. Particle Beams and I'm sure once I stroke that queens battered little ego enough I won't need you anymore. So pray to whatever it is you replaced your god with that I am in a good mood when that day comes." Wagner said the fact the door to the queens chamber was in fact more like a worm hole or portal meant Wagner could easily dump Jonas where ever he wanted "This will be your new and very last home, get comfy." Wanger said opening the door.

Jonas accepted the chalange, in an odd show he fixed his tie and brushed himself off, for what good it could do,"Human males are so much more interesting, relax Wanger I'm kind you are very good at what you do when this is over I'll keep on." Jonas smiled and entered a the labratory the place was neat little mess enough data on weapons to make a dictator come as the humans said "I am so going to make things evolve." he thought waiting to be humilated by yet something he could easily out perform.