Whispers in the Dark

I've been living a lie, huh?

You tricked me into thinking I'm like you

When in truth you weren't like me.

You had me seduced, with your 'charm' and 'good looks' with your 'hypnotic eyes' and dangerous features

The truth is, I know what you are.

You can't hide it now

I'm no longer lost in a haze of blissful pleasure and dreams

The sky in my eyes are finally clearing

And I can see you with my own, true, eyes

Your fangs are poking out

Glistening in the moonlight.

That's right; I'm no longer so gullible anymore

I'm immune to your tricks and lies and hypnotic stares

You taught me to be fearless and harsh

To never back down.

You wanted me to be just like you, huh?

Well not anymore, things have changed.

I've packed my bag with garlic

A couple charmed stakes, too.

You don't scare me anymore

And that love I had for you…

It burned in hell along with your soul.