What Would You Do?

I'm always told that I will end before the world

Bur the future generation will be told that they will die

So what if we were told, right now, that we're going to die

That this was our last day to live

What would a selfish person do?

Will they remain selfish?

Or will they be selfless and give the puppy they kicked the day before a home?

What would a selfless person do?

Would they be selfish?

Would they do bad things they had never done before?

Would they drink and drive?

Would they push the little old lady they helped cross the street the other day into the street?

Would they break their promises?

A great man said that death brings out the best and the worst in people

Selfless people have powerful dark sides

Selfish people have a very quiet conscious that screams in a time of danger

But the real question is…

What would you do…?