Okay, due to my brothers well, not really a request, but he brung it up. Though since I am starting on this story I am going to be packed loaded with work. Between Quizilla and Journey Into Lisana, and this one I am packed. So some updates will be WAY overdue and I apologize about that.

However I have been working on the next chapter in Journey Into Lisana. This is just a pastime if I can ever work on it…. Now before I go on, this story is based on the games me, my brother and friends played when we were kids. They were RPG like games and well, I supposed it would be a good idea to play with the names a little and make the game into a story. I am going to be using girl Japanese names in this story, just cause it sounds pretty. As for boys I will be playing around with the Al Bhed translator to see what I get.

Then I guess it would be a good Idea to tell about the "worlds'" history

Note: I had help since everyone had a hand in this game, and… its not over yet. J and yes Miayans will be a reoccurring humanoid in my stories.

Note 2: Doman is a common name going to be used for my main male characters.. But that doesn't mean they are the same people. Keep that in mind, readers.

"Long ago, in the times of great war, people fought shamelessly over the great 4 worlds. Nanaya, Dokoren, Earth, and Azinia. Children's blood was spilled and no one seemed to care. Mothers cried endlessly, but the war went on. The land was ripped asunder, But they still fought for it. It was endless, the war went on and on and many lives were lost.

Was there any hope for the worlds?


A strong willed man with unbelievable power came and stopped the great war, he used his power to destroy the swords and bows and spears and knives. And he simply took over the 4 great worlds and lead them in a reign of peace.

His name was Jin Nahvo.

He then established one girl to wield the great magical power of 8 elements, Light, Dark, Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Thunder, and Ice. and she was given a ninth one as her birthright. She was given the "heart" element and was given the title as Heart Princess. The title was always then given onto the first born daughter of that girls family.

The peace went on for 100 years then something extraordinary happened. Queen Azanima had twin girls and the leader of that time, Dooj Nahvo, decided to give half of the power to each girl.

One was Lilac, and the other was named Kaya.

They grew to be exactly two years of age, and then it happened. The chosen day, as the leader of the Nahvo said.

One of the people from Dokoren had built an army and tried to kidnap the two princesses. Another war began, and to protect the princesses Dooj threw the two princesses through a portal leading to earth. Then her ordered a man Miayan man to close it, but in doing so, the man lost his life, and his daughter had to watch it. That day she made a vow, when the day comes, she will be the one to reopen the portal, so her fathers death wouldn't be in vain. Gydraneha made the vow, to give her life for the Heart Princesses.

But someone messes in something they shouldn't have had.."

Its been 4 years since I was told that.

Just so you all know ( and I don't forget) the names of the 4 (technically 9) Heart Princesses are named

Tsubami being the Water

Honoka being the Earth

Kamiko being the Fire

Chouko being the Wind.

And Amaterasu is the one who is supposed to be the true heart princess, she can control all elements with ease. As for the Light and Ice and Lightning and Dark, that is found later in the story, enjoy.