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8 heart princesses, 8 princes, and 8 stars…. And then there is Amaterasu…. The true, the calming light.

Chou and I… is our friendship failing?… does she still believe me? She was so upset, when she found out her visions had been temporarily taken away…. By Livion of course, the new leader of the great Nahvo line….. When I first found out about Chouko being a Heart Princess… I was upset, but she seemed so joyful…

Why would anyone love this curse? It is a curse, I am shunned because I am not normal, so I hide it.

And I told everyone else to, so they wouldn't be shunned….


"I'm not… unique anymore.. Am I?" tears ran down Chou's face, she seemed so upset, laying on her bed…unfortunately Chou gained a inhumane amount of weight and was overweight by a lot… 200... It made me sad to see the one who was my closest friend end up like that, but I didn't have any control over her… but both of her mothers where overweight…. But for one of them it seemed to be a unwanted thing.. Nai did everything to slim herself down, but it didn't work.. Or at least that's what she said to my mom… I don't think Aya wanted to be overweight either. "I am called the Prophecy that Was Blown Away" she spat angrily now, and sat up looking at me "why?"


"I mean, everyone else get cool names… like Kamiko got, the Beautiful Flame… Amaterasu got The Queen of the Universe… Why I am stuck with Prophecy that was Blown Away."

How could she expect me to have an answer… yes it was true, since Chouko's visions where taken away me an Amaterasu have been having them.. It was hard, and I couldn't figure out why Chou liked them so much. To be honest they scared me.

"I don't know… it was just a vision. It came out of the blue, I don't know what it means.."

"What about Lilac? Why do I have her, and of all people, Amaterasu has Kaya? Isn't that her twin? Me an Amaterasu aren't close enough friends to be twins." she was mad at me, over something I didn't understand myself, our friendship was shaking, and I wanted to blame it on someone, anyone… so I blamed Chou's closest childhood friend…

Yua, I blamed Yua, she was the one who was the true friend of Chou.. When she told me that her and Chou told each other everything, when she would talk non-stop about her, it made me so mad… and I didn't know why, how could I be mad at someone I never met.. But according to Gydraneha, Yua was the Dark princesses… Wind and Dark where closest allies and Wind happened to carry a lot of dark within it.. So it was obvious, if I thought it like that.

Thought the Darkness Yua carries within her scares me. I was mad and worried….

I was useless. Why is Chou still wanting to be my friend? If she trusts Yua more than me, then why hasn't she told Yua about the Hearts? I haven't yet asked her about that. Hopefully I will get a chance to next time I see her.

"get up, and quit masturbating." I grinded my teeth together. I was only 14, I don't do crap like that. I wanted to punch my brother for that. Doman, my brother, who was the most annoying little bastard out there. He always makes fun of me and antagonizes me. Another reason why I envy Chou, she is a only child, I honestly believe me and her should have each others lives.. She wants a stay at home mom, brothers and lot of attention.

I wanted my parents to work all the time, no siblings, and just to be left alone.

She likes butterflies, rainbow, makeup, long frilly dresses, and things that are childish girly and 80's like.

I like video games, anime, those dark patterned shirts, red patterned skirts, relaxed dresses and that sort of thing.

She cares about looks more than comfort,

I care about comfort more than looks.

We aren't that much alike anymore… of course she doesn't like me as much.

"AIIIIKOOO" I felt cold water almost drown me I jumped up sputtering and punching and hitting Doman yelling and cursing at him. Then my ear got pulled by my mom. That was how she always broke up fights by grabbing our ears… it hurts you know.

"what are you two doing? Do you want some chores?"

It was 12 at night, all I wanted was some sleep. Doman went on and on about how I forgot to walk the dogs and mom made me go out and do it real quick. It was cold, late winter, and I hated walking outside in the cold right after a bunch of water got splashed on me… and Doman did it in the most rude way possible, instead of just splashing it all quickly it slowly pours it on your nose and mouth so you wake up from not be able to breath then he just dumps it all on you then.. Oh, and it has ice in it. It was rude, it was cruel, and I am going to beat him up for it later.

Is it true? Lilac? Is this the path your willing to take, just for… Gin?How am I supposed to know? Gin is the only one who realizes Amaterasu's true potential… and I have to free Kaya!

No, Lilac you have to stop! Please, just listen to me!

Chou, she isn't really what I thought she'd be, I thought, if I stayed with her long enough, maybe Levy and Father would try to get me… and not Kaya, but, now I know why… he wants Kaya to send her spirit to join with mine… so I can become whole again. The true heart princess, Chou, couldn't manage that at all. No, she just.. Was to fragile.

Lilac! Don't!

He ye u e

No bo me no

Lilac stop! Please listen to me, your going to kill…

He ye u e

No bo me no

Hasa te ka ga ne

Ku te ka ga e



What a strange dream… or… was it a vision? I don't know… I'm not Chou.. I don't know the difference.

I remember, that first day.

Was I always a little kid back then? I always cried was always made fun of.. But Chou was different, unlike everyone else, she didn't tease me for my weirdness… I never told anyone but I guess everyone could feel it… I was not be any means Normal. Having the power to control fire,

I hated it… all I ever wanted was a normal life. Chou stood be me, and when Gydraneha told me she was a heart princess, I felt… horrible, was her life going to be ruined like mine? When I told her she smiled, smiling, because she was a part of something bigger… that's what she said, and that was when I realized, Chou had the life I always wanted. Simple, calm, easy… and she didn't get bothered by siblings or family. Back then me and her were so alike it was like sister, but now that's changed. I feel like a failure.. But even if she were to hate me, I would still have to protect her… I am a star, the protectors of the princesses and princes, when it was put into place I am to protect the Wind and the Light… Chou and Kokoro.

Chou was so different back then.. Even in her looks, lot skinnier, and her hair was a lot longer.

That was the Chou I know.

The Chou who did not blame me for things that where out of my control, Chouko, my old friend, I now wonder was it all an act? But even it was, what gives me any right to think bad about a princess? She has much more power than I, She could seriously hurt someone if she realizes her true level… she makes the wind blow contently around her house. Not man notice it, but I am sure if Honoka went there she would notice something different about the wind.. Just like I did.

(Request to Readers,(and I know half of you won't do it) as this part plays go to youtube or somewhere and (preferably youtube) type in 'Serenade - Nostalgic Melodies [Final Fantasy 5 - My Home, Sweet Home] - Nostalgic Melodies' and let it play, it gives a touch to the mood in the text. Enjoy.)

Honoka was a medium, and the pure Earth. Earth princesses were said to have the purest hearts, because when you think about it, they have the greatest advantage in almost any terrain. Think about it, what are houses mostly made of? Wood, stone, brick, metal, gemstones even. Even small huts made out of hay, clay and grass.. Earths can control any organic matter, which gives them the ultimate advantage… even if you caught one on a small boat in the sea, they still could defeat you, there is always ground below the ocean. Think about it.. That is why Livion switches the Earths so much, but with Honoka, he said she was the second most pure person on Earth, the first being someone who got here a bit unusually, Kokoro isn't supposed to be on Earth, as Light is not a technical Element on Earth, which has only 4 elements… Water, Earth, Wind and Fire… but the Dark and Light princesses and princes live on Earth… my question is, how did they get here? And How do they not remember it? I asked Honoka, who is someone who is both smart and Mature about this thing. She began her research on it. Even Earth must have some Intel on this, Honoka found some of it on the computer one day, she was able to get some more info about things that we didn't know, but unfortunately several things she could not find. She couldn't find any info on Nanaya or really exact info on the worlds exactly. But she was able to get theories which we can prove, and it's the best we got at the moment. Me and Honoka are the main researchers, though if my mother were to find out what I've been researching I would be in for one helluvah interrogation.

My mom is not one to take this lightly and is all against it, why do you think I Haven't told her?

But anyway, we did find some little bits of info, some saying that Light and Dark are elements of the Earth itself, but that can't be as the Earth has only four Elements, but when I continued on it made sense why I would be able to tell the Yua was the Dark Princess and Cys was the Dark prince, and how Kokoro is the Light Princess.

It said that all planets are given birth by the balance of both dark and Light, which made the Yin yang symbol, Chou said in one of her visions she saw a Yin Yang symbol, but she couldn't figure out what it meant. I did more research, there is a balance that has been disrupted, Said Gydraneha one day, she said that someone was messing with the great crystals in the core of each world. Of course no ones found it yet, or found relative info on it, its to deep. Have you ventured to the core of the earth? She said to me when I said that couldn't be possible that there was nothing but magma in the core of the earth. She said otherwise,

Honoka found out info on other planets with life on them, her research states that many believe that there could be other worlds with life forces on them. But no ones yet proven that theory, I believe that once long ago the worlds were much closer and that's how the light and Dark were sent here, but Gydraneha says otherwise, someone messed with the crystals recently so somehow Kokoro, Yua and Cys got here more than likely by a portal, but then why don't they remember it? Kokoro seems to realistic to believe us, so we haven't told her yet, Chou doesn't quite believe me or Gydraneha yet, Kokoro's is a lot older than the rest of us. We were in the 12-15 range and Kokoro is a full grown adult, though I couldn't have believed it, Kokoro looks so young, maybe 16-18. Not 42, Chou doesn't believe it and says that all the princesses and princes should be in our age range, that would make more sense,

That frustrated Gydraneha and she took over and laid the law to Chouko. That Gydraneha is a Miayan, and how dare she underestimate her.

(song ends or stop it if you read fast or let it play, its up to you)

"Aiko get up, I need you to help me get ready for work,"

"k" I groaned as I sat up, resting my head in my hands, still half asleep I got up walked into moms closet got her cloths that sort of thing, really it was a daily thing. Sometimes it gets annoying, but whatever, I didn't care. I sat watching mom play this annoying stupid game, and this is coming from someone who plays lots of games. It was a few hours before she had to leave, me and her didn't talk much, I was her least favorite.. I knew she could tell I was different, I did my damnest to hide it, why would I want my mom to dislike me? I didn't want that, I just didn't want a lot of attention. She went then I got on the computer, doing research and then remembering the song that both Chouko and Amaterasu remembered. They have never played the game from which its from so how did the know it?

He ye u e

No bo me no

Ren me ri

Yo jin yo be

Ha sa te ka ga ne

Ku te ka ga e

I knew it by heart, and so did they, but I played the game from were its from, they haven't I needed to talk to Honoka… maybe she would know.

Now if one person dares say "what the Hell! You stole that from so and so." yes, yes, I know! Okay, I did that on purpose, because that song does sound fimalar to some of my friend who have never played the game.. And we added in the our game. So… yeah, just don't flame me about that okay?