Liam growled in annoyance as he attempted to make his way home that afternoon. He hated rush hour, with a passion, because the subway cars were always too packed for their own good. He was also quite certain some safety code was being violated, but clearly no one else seemed to consider this, not with so little room to breathe, let alone think.

Liam was lucky enough to board the subway earlier down the line, while there had still been sitting room. If he'd boarded now, he'd be lucky to even find a place to stand. While he was seated comfortably, there were many people standing in front of him, packed tightly together to maximize space for incoming passengers. He tried to not make eye contact with any of them, partly because of a guilty conscience, partly to avoid awkwardness. Not that he could get up to offer anyone a seat, anyway, though he'd only do it for an elderly person.

He glanced around the subway car, searching overhead for a map of the subway routes. He found it after some time, coincidentally just as an overhead speaker declared the current stop the train was at. Only several more stops, Liam told himself, over the bustle of people trying to both enter and leave the car. Sighing, he turned back, only to be met by someone's butt.

Liam's first reaction was to lean back against the seat as far as he could, hoping he hadn't touched the person accidentally. He bit his lip and waited, and when the person seemed to make no movement, he relaxed a bit and concluded the person must've not noticed. Though he kept his hands stiffly in his lap, he continued to stare at what was before him. It was gorgeous, to say the least, complemented especially by the jeans the person happened to be wearing. It looked firm and tight, it stood out... Liam gulped visibly, restraining the urge to give it a feel.

There were so many things Liam wanted to do to that ass, and he had to keep himself from dwelling on them too much, else certain other things would begin to grow. He couldn't recall ever being turned on so much by someone's ass before, except perhaps in the several but few times he ventured onto porn preview websites. Not that he'd ever experienced it for himself; he'd only had sex with a few of the women he'd dated previously, and back-entry was indeed a tall older for casual dating. He could only imagine how tight the ass in front of him would –

But even before he could finish that thought, the person in front of him began to move toward the doors. Liam whimpered, covering his mouth when he'd realized he'd done so audibly, though it had likely been masked by people entering and leaving the train. Liam's eyes quickly searched the space before him, trying to locate the person with the nice butt; he caught a quick glance of the jeans the person had been wearing, then noted a red winter coat, but before he could make any more mental notes, the person exited the train.

Liam hoped he'd see that person again soon, though the odds of that happening again were slim to none. Running into someone on the subway was difficult as it was, but the chances of having a complete stranger stand in front of you in a crowded subway train? Liam sighed, trying hard not to think about that reality, though he'd accepted it by the time he'd arrived at his stop. Still, once he reached home, he locked himself in his bathroom and allowed himself to indulge in acts he could not do on the train, despite his imagination driving him off the edge.

Liam developed the potentially unfortunate habit of staring at people's butts while riding the subway home.

Liam hadn't even noticed, at first. It was only when a woman called him out on it that he realized he'd been staring. Thereafter he began a more strategic approach in the matter, only staring at a woman's ass when she wasn't looking, all the while making sure she wouldn't catch him in the act. Still, he was fairly certain none of these were the ones he'd encountered days ago. Sure, people could wear different jackets and different jeans.

But Liam was sure, somehow. He could never forget something like that. If only he'd caught the person's face, though. He was sure she was attractive, with curves like that. Realistically, though Liam never forgot the encounter, after a few days he gave up trying to chance another encounter, not while the odds were still strongly against him.

Roughly a month later, Liam ran into a most pleasant surprise.

It was rush hour, once again, and much like before, Liam was as annoyed as ever. This time, however, he'd been preoccupied with his phone, not really paying attention to the people around him, only listening to the stops being called over the speakers. He still had about five more stops to go, roughly, which gave him about a good fifteen minutes before he had to start worrying about when to get off.

He hadn't nearly been expecting someone to fall into his lap, however, and at first he growled angrily. He barely listened to the man's apologies, though he did take notice of the man's brilliant smile, not that it had been relevant by any means. He waved the man off, assuring him with some bullshit like not worrying about it because accidents like this happened all the time in packed subway trains, and he mentally grew more pissed off when the man accepted the reasoning without a thought and turned back to chat with his friend. It was only in this moment, however, when Liam noticed the jeans the man was wearing – but more importantly, the man's ass.

Liam's eyes widened, both in shock and surprise. He noted vaguely, seconds later, that this man was wearing a red jacket, and though his month-old memories told him the jeans were different, he was certain only that butt could fill jeans so nicely. But a second though crossed his mind, that the ass belonged to a guy – and Liam wasn't gay, or at least hadn't had sexual thoughts directed at a man, before. But the more he digested this, that a man could have such a nice ass, the more he couldn't deny that he was still quite turned on by it.

Liam was barely paying attention to the two men, at this point, and completely missed that the man's friend was nodding in his direction, as if telling the man that Liam was staring at his ass. Liam was much too engrossed with the fact that he'd found that ass again, and now knew who it belonged to. He shifted uncomfortably in his seat; there was only one entry when men had sex with each other, wasn't there? Somehow, Liam just couldn't shake off that thought.

What came more as a surprise was when the man began to wiggle his ass, earning an involuntary, audible gulp on Liam's part. Had the man done it on purpose? Liam didn't dare look up. Instead he could only keep staring, eyes following as it moved subtly from side to side. He bit his lip hard, unable to shake off the teasing, letting it get the best of him.

"You like it."

Liam had almost missed it entirely, given the general noise from the other people on the train. But he'd heard it, just as the man before him turned around. Even turned around, Liam dared not look up, not wanting to know what he'd find in the man's eyes. He'd been caught, after spending nearly a month perfecting the act, and now he was in dangerous territory. Not even ten minutes ago, Liam would have sworn he'd never look at a man the way he just had. Hell, even now, Liam was sure he was straight, just as sure as this guy probably was, too, despite that tempting ass that somehow managed to find its way in front of Liam's face.

"Hey, I'm talking to you." At this point, Liam forced himself to look up. He was met with a charming smile, one he'd noticed on their first meeting. The man's eyes were laughably small, nearly slits, and from their distance – with Liam sitting and the man standing before him – he couldn't read the other's expression.

"H-Hi," Liam acknowledged weakly.

"I asked you if you liked it," the man repeated, and when Liam bit his lip and gave no further response, the man added: "Well, do you?"

Liam nodded slowly, still embarrassed. He could feel himself turning red as he spoke. "I do."

"A lot?"

Liam flushed red and nodded again. "A... a lot."

"I see." The man hummed to himself, searching Liam up and down. It made the latter uncomfortable, admittedly, though he had no room to talk, having just been caught doing the same thing to the man's backside.

"Gimme your phone."

"I – what?"

"Gimme your phone," the man repeated, hand outstretched. Liam hesitated, but found himself handing over the phone. The man took it with a smile before pressing a few buttons; Liam tried to look at what he was doing, but the man only grinned wider and turned away slightly. It was after a few minutes when the man returned the phone back to Liam, giving him a cheeky grin before pulling out his own phone.

Liam took it, frowning, but his curiosity was immediately sated when it gave a slight buzz: A new text message from "Tyler Murphy."

Text me, sometime. Or call me, if you want. Talk to you soon.

If Liam had not managed a deep red until now, he most certainly was now. He wasn't used to this level of directness; the women he dated had the tendency of wanting to be chased, and were usually much subtle with their advances until sex was involved. Truth be told, he wasn't quite sure how to take this gesture. He couldn't even compare the action to his own experiences, as no girl had ever given him her number after having caught him staring at her ass; as Liam thought about it more, the only time he ever had such short intense encounters was at the club, and never had he given a girl he'd met there his number. Did men have different rules with each other?

So maybe this man... Tyler...

Liam looked up and opened his mouth to ask the man a question, but found him gone. In the same moment, he heard his own stop being echoed on the overhead speakers, and he scrambled to get off. It was only when he was off the train that he thought to text the man back.

Tyler was gay, as Liam later found out through numerous texts, and he also seemed very amused by the fact that Liam claimed he was straight. Liam argued as best he could in his defense, making claims like having only dated women before, to which Tyler merely laughed (at least, Liam was sure he'd have laughed, as he couldn't really tell through a text message) and remained unconvinced.

"My friend Stephen said you were entranced at the sight of my ass," Tyler said in one particular message. "No straight guy would so blatantly stare at a man's ass."

"I thought it was a girl's ass."

"Bullshit, I even fell on you, which by the way, was because I told Stephen you were hot, and he thought it'd be funny if he pushed me onto you like that. Plus, I apologized and you accepted it, so you definitely knew I wasn't a girl when you stared like that."

(Liam conveniently did not reply to this text.)

What he did like about Tyler, though, besides his ass, was that though he was gay, he wasn't stereotypically so. A lot of the stereotypes he'd grown accustomed to knowing through high school didn't really apply to Tyler. In fact, unless they were explicitly talking about "gay-related things," excusing the terminology, Liam almost forgot entirely that Tyler had a preference for men, Liam being one of those men.

Liam wasn't really sure how to respond to Tyler, in that regard. He himself wasn't gay, though he had no problems that Tyler was. He happened to really like Tyler's company, once they got over the general nature of their meeting, even over text message. But did Liam like Tyler? He insisted he didn't, but he couldn't just tell Tyler this – eventually he settled with "I don't know" and "I like your ass," both earning mixed responses on Tyler's part.

"Give me one chance," Tyler would say. But each time, Liam would tell him no.

Though they talked a lot, they never talked over the phone, and they certainly did not see each other, even by chance on the subway. This wasn't because of anyone's refusal, by any means: Talking over the phone simply wasn't brought up.

In fact, the first time Liam called Tyler, he was drunk. He wasn't really sure how or why he'd called Tyler, of all people, and he certainly didn't remember much of that night. He had fragments of memories only, and some he wasn't even sure if they'd actually happened or not. What he did know was that Tyler had picked him up from whatever club he'd been at, driven him somewhere (presumably, Tyler's apartment), given him a change of clothes, and tucked him into bed.

When Liam awoke the next morning, he found himself snuggled up against Tyler. His first instinct was to panic, especially since the details of how he'd gotten there were still hazy for him. But he didn't panic, least not in his actions. Somehow, Liam figured Tyler had willingly agreed to a position like this, regardless if Liam had suggested such a sleeping position in his sleep or if Tyler had taken advantage of Liam's inebriation. Besides, the more Liam realized their positions, the more he couldn't deny that he liked it, not while Tyler's wonderful ass was pressed against his crotch.

Ironically, it was only when he felt himself grow hard against Tyler's butt that Liam truly panicked. He tried rolling over, but Tyler had managed to fall asleep on one of his arms. At the least, Liam removed the arm that had been resting lightly on Tyler's waist, and he did his best to distance himself. All the while, though, he couldn't shake off the dirty thoughts that were plaguing his mind, thoughts that were reminding him of the things he wanted to do to Tyler – and what better place than in the man's own bed?

"Not gay my ass," Tyler muttered suddenly, and the man flipped to face Liam, smirking when he noticed Liam's reddening face. "No pun intended, of course. Or, well, perhaps it was intended."

"I-I..." Liam bit his lip. "I'm a guy, I get morning wood, leave me alone."

Tyler hummed, still smiling as brightly as ever. "You know, I would say I wouldn't mind if you went gay on my ass" – Tyler paused and watched as Liam choked upon these words – "but I don't tend to bottom."

Liam's eyes widened. Though he wasn't one-hundred percent familiar with the terminology, he knew enough in context to figure out what Tyler had implied. "Y-You d-don't?" he managed, and Tyler gave a small laugh.

"And you still seriously call yourself straight? I dunno, Liam, I'd say you sound almost disappointed, if I didn't know any better." To this Liam said nothing. He hated that he couldn't defend his own sexuality with Tyler. Part of him knew he couldn't win the argument anyway, as no straight man would be so terribly turned on by another man's ass. Yet the fact he couldn't argue at all...

"Maybe down the road, I'd make an exception," continued Tyler, giving a half-shrug. "For someone I was in a relationship with, you know? Not that you particularly have any feelings for me."


"But if sex is what you're after..." Liam gasped suddenly. He'd been so focused on Tyler's face, his smile, the tiniest of glints in his eyes, that he hadn't expected Liam to palm his erection. Before he could control himself he let a shudder, and he hated himself for giving the reaction, because Tyler seemed more that satisfied.

"Tyler..." But Tyler was already shushing him, roughing his palm against Liam's length ever so slowly.

"Please..." Tyler said slowly, looking directly at Liam, but the latter's hormones were beyond raging at this point, and he simply couldn't find it in him to say no. And within moments, Liam couldn't manage to say anything at all, really; once Tyler's head had vanished underneath the covers, once his lips had found Liam's now aching erection, Liam was beyond gone.

Part of Liam felt guilty for using Tyler like this, even if Tyler had initiated the contact. But it felt too good to stop. Tyler's lips were unlike anything he'd experienced before. No girl had ever given him a blow-job so amazing – hell, Liam was even willing to bet that Tyler's blow-job was better than any sex he'd had in the past. But it was more than his lips; Liam cried shamelessly when Tyler licked the entire length with the tip of his tongue, when Tyler had slid his tongue along the underside as he'd bobbed his head, when Tyler had pressed his tongue against the slit...

Liam was losing control, far too quickly for his liking. His fingers were threaded in Tyler's hair when he could manage, or otherwise at the back of Tyler's head, urging the man to go down deeper on him. His legs were weak, nearly numb, head thrown back to the ceiling. Their positions shifted, no longer on their sides: Liam was on his back, head still turned up, legs apart, with Tyler positioned between them, continuing whatever dark magic it was that had Liam completely undone...

And before Liam knew it he felt himself releasing, crying loudly as he came, hard. He was near blinded, overwhelmed by the exploding pleasure, and could barely pay attention to where his seed had released: Tyler had swallowed most of it, remnants dripping down the corner of his mouth.

Liam lay still for several moments, even as Tyler repositioned himself so they were once more next to each other. For some time he only noises between them were Liam's soft breaths for air, neither daring to speak. It was as if one couldn't believe the other had let it happen, as if the other refused to acknowledge that it had. But when they finally looked at each other, Tyler's elated expression meeting Liam's still lustful one, Liam did something Tyler would never have expected.

The kiss between them lasted mere seconds, Liam clearly realizing what he'd just done. He pulled away immediately, eyes wide with shock, surprised at what he'd done. He'd barely given it thought; he'd always kissed girls whenever he messed around with them. So why was this... this... what made it different?

The elation in Tyler's face had vanished, and it killed Liam, somehow, to see it. He knew it shouldn't have happened, yet he allowed it to, and now... now there was something inexplicable between them, something he couldn't say he liked. What excuse did he have now? Some straight guy he was, liking other guys' asses, letting guys give him blow-jobs and, now, going off kissing guys. There was no way Tyler would let him hear the end of it.

Except Tyler...

"You..." began Tyler, and Liam bit his lip.

"I should..."

"Yeah, you should..." Liam nodded shortly, giving a sigh and rolling out of the bed. He wouldn't let himself take a look at Tyler. A heavy silence sat between them as Liam struggled to find his clothes from the night before, not bothering to remove the borrowed clothes. With a quiet apology and a heavy sigh he was out the door, and only at that moment had Tyler allowed himself to succumb to frustration.

Liam had plenty of time to think of what he'd done, now that Tyler wasn't replying to his texts. It was a harder feat than it seemed: Due to his drunkenness he couldn't remember what had caused him to call Tyler in the first place, and because of his fatigue and having just woken up he could barely keep straight the details of what had happened. It took about two days for Liam to come up with a list, though there was still plenty he couldn't recall as much as he wished he could.

- Liam calls Tyler after having left a bar. He vaguely remembers stumbling home before deciding he needs help getting there.
- Tyler arrives to pick him up. On the way home Liam begins rambling. He remembers parts of their conversation only, like how the girl he'd tried to get with hadn't been interested, and how his home would be too far of a trip for Tyler to make.
- Tyler brings Liam to his house instead. Liam remembers himself asking Tyler to stay with him because "he's tired of sleeping alone."
- Next morning. Tyler gives him a blow-job. Liam makes the mistake of kissing him after. Liam gets confused, Tyler gets angry, Liam leaves.

Those were the main points, or so Liam thought. Part of him wanted to know what exactly had made Tyler upset, the actual act of the kiss, or that Liam was so far in denial, that the kiss had been the last straw. But he was virtually nonexistent to Tyler, now. Liam had even tried calling the man, though the response had been the same as the many text messages he'd sent also, or lack of response thereof.

For whatever reason, Liam could not stop thinking about Tyler, especially in the places he'd come to associate Tyler with. Liam couldn't even board the subway without his thoughts flashing back to Tyler. His morning showers were the cruelest to him, and about half the time he found himself giving into his hand and his physical memories of Tyler's mouth.

Would he run into Tyler again on the train? Would he ever get to see that ass again? That ass, that stupid ass, Liam cursed himself for allowing himself to chase after a guy for his ass. But Tyler was more than just the guy with a nice ass, though it took a while for Liam to realize it, let alone to admit it. Once Liam did admit it, though, his perspective changed. He'd actually liked Tyler's company, even if only through casual text messages. The hurt he felt from Tyler's absence? – more than just wounded pride.

But the damage had been done, and it had been irreparable. So Liam gulped down the guilt and forced himself to become reacquainted with life without Tyler once more.

He moved on.

At least, that had been before Liam found that ass on the subway again, several months later.

But this time he did not relish the view, discreetly or not. Tyler's physical presence alone was flooring Liam with emotions, feelings he'd been estranged from until now, perhaps for good reason. But he knew what he needed to do – his audience and their being on a public subway train became irrelevant.

Liam stood up from his seat, despite the lack of space on the train, and without thinking he hugged Tyler from behind, holding him close and whispering into the man's neck.

"I'm sorry. Forgive me?"

The high-pitched shriek that followed, told Liam that this woman, perhaps, wasn't Tyler after all.

Public humiliation aside, Liam hadn't come out completely empty-handed. Tyler had gotten a kick out of the text Liam had sent him; apparently, Liam's embarrassment was too much to pass up, despite Tyler's self-imposed silent treatment for Liam. Though Tyler's initial response had been "Guess you don't know my ass as well as you'd thought," it'd been followed shortly by "Come over tonight."

Liam took the invitation without hesitation, all resolve abandoned. He even took the time to dress nicely, though he wasn't sure who he was trying to impress – well, he did know who, Tyler, why was the better question, perhaps. Screw everything about moving on: Now that Liam had been given the chance to make it up to Tyler, the man wouldn't be letting it go.

He half-expected Tyler to lecture him, or at the very least fess up for his faults. But Tyler did none of this. As soon as Liam had stepped through the door, he was immediately pushed against the wall, and his vision saw nothing but Tyler. He didn't protest, he couldn't protest, not while Tyler was so close to his face, eyes gazing deep into his own, a hand slipping into his pants.

And then Liam was thrashing against the wall, bucking into Tyler's hand. He felt weak, but he felt good, and he hated how Tyler was just there, smirking at the sight of him losing control. He wanted release, he so badly wanted release, and he felt it quickly drawing near, any second now...

But then Tyler had pulled away, and everything had come crashing back to earth. Liam whimpered, whined – but Tyler was done. Yet he did not pull away, his grin only growing wider as he watched Liam suffer from his lack of release.

"Don't mess with my feelings," said Tyler, still looking straight into Liam's eyes. And never before in his life had Liam felt so exposed. "What you felt just now. Pretty much what I felt. If you're going to kiss me, you better damn well mean it."

"What if I did mean it?" asked Liam, surprising himself. He knew he hadn't meant it, not then. Maybe it was just his hormones, but with Tyler's face so close to his own...

"Did you?" Tyler challenged, and when Liam gave no immediate reply he scoffed. "Didn't think so."

"I... I'm not gay."

"Right, but you like my ass."

"More than that," Liam muttered quietly. Tyler had heard him, however, and took interest in what Liam had said. "I mean... you're more than just the guy with the nice ass on the subway. I... it was really hard, you know. Not talking to you for months."

"You sure you weren't just missing my ass?" asked Tyler with a smirk. "Or, you know, the sex. Most kids do cry when their toys are taken from them, you know."

"I'm not a baby," mumbled Liam, "And you're not a toy..." It was all confusing to him, and Liam hated it. For all intents and purposes, Tyler should have been a stranger. His ass was the only thing that had enticed him, yet still he had left an inexplicable void in his absence. Somehow Tyler had become this necessity, for better or worse.

"Not the point I was trying to make." Tyler sighed, his breath splaying against Liam's lips, and in an instant Liam was reminded of what Tyler had done to him only moments ago. He closed his eyes and whimpered – he knew it wasn't the right time to be hot and bothered, but he couldn't help it.

"Liam," Tyler continued, and Liam forced his eyes back open. "I'm going to ask you one more question, and I want you to answer honestly. Do you like me?"

"I..." Liam bit his lip and shook his head. "I'm not gay, Tyler, I told you that." But the response had only earned him a kiss, much to Liam's surprise. He'd been confused, hadn't Tyler been angry over a kiss? – but before he could really question it, he realized he'd subconsciously returned the kiss.

But Tyler had pulled away, again, and Liam had whined.

"That's not what I asked," said Tyler shortly. "Do. You. Like. Me."

"I..." And only briefly recalling to mind Tyler's wonderful ass, his brilliant smile, how soft his lips felt against his own, how much it'd hurt knowing he'd hurt him, how life had been without Tyler to talk to – Liam answered weakly, with a slight nod:

"I think I might."

As it turned out, Tyler had not been lying when he said he didn't prefer to bottom. But Liam found himself not minding. With time, he'd picked up a new obsession: Tyler's lips.

And boy could that man put his mouth to good use.