Ok so this is a dream i had and decided to post it. Sorry its so short :(

The forest was dark and cold. Fog seemed to smother the ground. You could hear the gentle flowing water from a near by creek. The sky was dark except for the bright, silver, gleaming moon that seemed to dace across it. Everything seemed so peaceful, so calm.

My dry, parched mouth ached fro water as I walked through the endless forest. I followed the sound of trickling water, until I came to a dark blue creek. As I cupped my hands, ready to quench my thirst, I saw the reflection of a wolf staring at me from the other side of the creek. His cast was pure white with some gray specks. He had stone dark, gray eyes that could pierce right through my soul. I felt like I knew this wolf my entire like, ad if we were the same.

Just then he turned and walked back into the dark forest. I sat by the creek looking into the darkness. Lost in thought I didn't notice the forest fading around me.

So i dont know if i want to make it into a story so please R&R and tell me what you think