There was a kingdom in another dimension called Carmelle. This kingdom was filled with magic and wonder. Carmelle was one of many countries in the magical realm. The magic realm is like a mirror to the human world. Humans and Carmellians have never co-existed fully. But some humans have come across the land of magic. However those humans who entered never returned to their realm. Carmelle therefore was a secret, which was carefully guarded. But one day, one prince put this magnificent land in danger. All because he was a very immature and spoiled child who spent his days child's name was Anton the Second. Anton was a teen of thirteen, but since he was so tall, Anton could pass for much parents, having undergone a tragedy after another, spoiled the boy. Giving him what he craved for every time he asked or in most cases, demanded. The King and Queen only wanted "the best" for their youngest son. Meanwhile Anton himself demanded the best, claiming that he deserved it. The young prince also suffered from a horrid case of jealousy toward his older brother, Luka. The reason why? Because his brother was next in line for his father's throne. Anton thought that because his loving parents gave him the best, he was best suited to rule Carmelle.