God's so-called precious children

"There are a lot of people in this world

There are a lot of Christians in this world

Tell me God, did you intend to "adopt" this many "children"

It's hard to believe you love each and every one of them individually

When there are just so many

Tell me "Father" if that is who you're supposed to be

What would you do when this world ends

And I fall behind somehow?"

"By the time this world ends it'll be too late

If you fall behind, I really couldn't give a care

Why would I? You are nothing to me!

You are but food for the Enemy

I hold no interest in you any longer

For once a fool who can think

I've got so many children now, losing one won't do any damage

I am not like an earthly parent

Who loves all their children regardless

For I can't stand you

I am not like an earthly parent who wouldn't let you fall behind

For I don't care

As for your question what would I do if you fell behind

Somehow? Absolutely nothing"

"Then you have no perception of what your child is supposed to be

I am hardly surprised at your reply

It was difficult to believe anyone could love that many children

Especially when they are so easily replaced"