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There were three men, each of them held a big and famous title to themselves. Arlen De Cortez was a leader of a free nation. John Hannen was a famous neurologist in the medical world and Arthur Mckinley was an experimental artist who was largely adored in the arts sector.

Richard Monroe was the pilot and he was a mean one. He was always a bully when he was young and will always be a bully till this day. So when he was tasked to convey these three people to New Brunswick during the night, he knew he had to make fun of them. He loathed politicians, he was a brawn over brains person and he hated pansy fairy men who acted really strange and stupid.

"You're dumb; Cornn McRain will kick your ass in the next election." He tormented Arlen as the president couldn't be bother with him. Cornn McRain was a washout anyways. He had to get to New Brunswick for his free nation speech and this plane was the only transport there. Richard turned to John who was also trying to get into the plane.

"Oh…studying brains huh, let me give you some advice. Keep your bloody scalpels off my fucking head." John grumbled as he got onto the plane, trying to ignore the insensible man. He had to get to New Brunswick as well to assist in a major brain surgery. This time it was Arthur turn to mock.

"Gay old fairy boys are not welcomed onto my plane." Richard gave him the finger as he taunted Arthur with a shady grin.

"Oh but why can't I enter your plane? I have to get to New Brunswick for my arts appreciation. If I'm late, it's not doing my fans any good." Arthur spoke to the stubborn man calmly.

"Big deal faggot…I'm not letting any fairy boy enter my plane and turn it into gay old blimp. So why don't you just go run along and sprinkle some of your fairy dust to turn other people gay?" Richard trashed talked while Arthur was still calm and composed as he smiled at the unreasonable man.

"Ah…Mr Pilot, I guess someone's not a fan of gay fairies then. But think about it, if I'm not at the arts hall in New Brunswick within a day. My fans are going to be very upset and if they knew that you purposely set me up. Well imagine a mob of a million gay fairies on your doorstep every day for the rest of your life. Now isn't that the gayest thing ever?" Arthur started to laugh wholeheartedly. That shut Richard up; he never will want any of those gay fairies on his doorstep ever. Arthur continued before Richard could even speak out.

"Now shut your yap up; and fly us all to New Brunswick like a professional pilot." Arthur said with a hint of sass in him however his eyes glanced and focused deeply at the plane's wings before he got up into the aircraft. Richard was boiling, how dare a pansy talked back to him. He was going to get to this pansy if it's the last thing he would do. He got up onto the cockpit, conceiving a diabolical plan to get even with the artist.

The aircraft was your typical transport carrier as the three men sat on the seats. The aircraft was soon on the skies and it was frighteningly fast for a transport carrier.

"Does this guy know how to fly a plane? I swear this plane's moving to lightspeed as the seconds past." John was worried about everyone's safety.

"He's going to get even with Arthur I'm sure of that. I know people like him so everyone brace yourselves; this might be a rough ride." Arlen said as both the doctor and the president began to fasten their seatbelts. However Arthur was gone from his seat.

Arlen was right. Richard did want to get even with everyone on the plane. And since Richard was a stunt-pilot before he got fired. He started to channel some of his stunts right on the plane. He drove the plane from left to right, up and down. Even managed to spin the plane around three sixty.

"Ahaha take that pansy boy, this is what you get for making a fool out of me." Richard laughed menacingly as he proceeded to drive more recklessly to New Brunswick.

Back at the fuselage, Arlen was already feeling a pang of uneasiness in him. As for John he had already threw up.

"Is this pilot crazy? Jesus Christ. I threw up all over my shirt." John exclaimed with a shirt swamped with his own vomit.

The plane was always shivering, when suddenly a loud explosion was heard. Both Arlen and John gazed out from one of the windows to find the left wing of the plane destroyed. Their mentality just exploded into a million pieces just like how that wing exploded.

"THE PLANE, WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE, HELP!" John screamed. Arlen was still at his seat, trying to think of a plan but John's bawling was making him crazy as well until he gave in too and joined in with the frenzy.

"We're going to die, we're going to die!" Both men hugged each other as Arthur miraculously appeared to greet them.

"Where the hell have you been?" Arlen exclaimed.

"To the bathroom…what's with all the shaking man? That's so not cool."

"A wing's busted, we are all doomed." John yelled out miserably.

"Yeah and I saw the engine too back when I'm doing my business, it's on fire." Arthur said, as if that would cure the pandemonium.

Richard came out from the cockpit. He wasn't worried at all as he looked at the three men.

"Richard what did you bloody do to the plane?" Arlen yelled at the villain of this whole saga. Richard started to laugh out loud, evil taking over his blood.

"Ahaha do you think I will let you guys go to New Brunswick that easily? Those stunts that I made, this girl won't last long anyways so by doing all those daredevil stunts, her wings have gone caput. And as for further knowledge, I found out that the engine has exploded and the gas is leaking. This is the perfect way end three types of people whom I hated dearly all my life." Richard's eyes were devilish; his pupils were beady as he grinned crookedly. John gasped, Arlen are glaring at Richard while Arthur couldn't care less as he yawned.

"You're scum; you will not get away with this." John said helplessly. Richard gave them all the finger

"Oh but I will get away with this. You see; this is the plane's last parachute." He grabbed hold of the parachute next to him. "And tough luck, it's in my hands. Bye and have a nice day flying with me…" Richard laughed deeply one last time, strapping on the parachute quickly before he jumped out from the plane.

An explosion was heard at the back, this was all a hopeless situation. Arlen was scared to death as John was in the midst of fainting. "We are all going to die a horrible death, my goodness." Arlen started to cry.

"My friends, will miss me." John was praying to the skies.

"Oh please shut it you two, you two are men for crying out loud and your screams for whatever are annoying me." The two men turned to look at Arthur, who was sitting on a seat. His eyes were closed and he crossed his arms together in the midst of all the shaking.

"Why didn't we notice anything wrong when we were getting up to the plane?" Arlen pondered.

"Oh I saw it before I went up the plane. The wings felt as if they were about to break anytime." The two men froze and stare at the artist.

"AND YOU DIDN'T MENTION ANYTHING! FOR CHRIST SAKE'S" John's voice trembled with fear.

"We're goners Arthur, we didn't you tell this to us? This disaster could have been avoided" Arlen said with his head shaking.

"Just enjoy life guys; we are after all celebrated celebrities isn't it and even when we die, we will be revered as icons who died trying to please our fans isn't it?"

"But what makes you so calm, unless you have a plan to get us all out of here." Arlen said. Arthur's eyeballs scrolled up for a while

"Unfortunately no, I do not have a plan. But I can assure the both of you, that Richard guy isn't going anywhere." Arthur said confidently.

"What makes you so sure that he's not going to get away with his?" John said with curiosity.

"Well let's just say he's wearing one of my installation works…" Arthur said with a grin.

The plane exploded in mid-air, instantly killing all three men aboard.

Back in mid-air, Richard tightened his lips as he pulled the chord to release the parachute. But instead of finding himself fluttering in the skies, he found him body falling like a brick and the winds violently bashed at his body. Stunned, he looked up and to the guy's horror, found multiple holes in the form of words being craved out from the parachute.

Haha, you just got served…

Sincerely Arthur Mckinley

SHHHHIIIIIIIIITTTTTTT! Richard yelled as he shot with blazing acceleration into a forested area around New Brunswick. His whole body slammed into a poor girl who was walking in the woods. His neck snapped and his skeletal frame broke into fragments. It was a gory death as he and the girl died on the spot.

As investigations were going on, the police found the death scene of the gruesome twosome. The parachute was also found to have some scribbling in it.

This artwork is to be donated to the New Brunswick Arts Gallery. The title of the artwork will be:

"The Fall of Selfishness"

(There was a signature of Arthur's on the parachute)

-A year past-

The parachute is still being displayed as an exhibit in the National Arts Gallery in New Brunswick. It is still being studied and talked upon by art connoisseurs. It was also deemed by critics to be one of the most controversial yet influential art pieces of the year. One question always surface when it comes to this art piece. Is Arthur Mckinley an artist or a murderer?

Moral of the story: Never mess with an artist who happens to have nothing to present on his trip to New Brunswick!

A/N: to relief the misunderstandings for this piece, Cornn McRain is only a parody name and it has no impact to anything in real life. Plus if you live in New Brunswick, I'm sorry that I used your hometown and I'm sure that everything I wrote here isn't true about that place. I'm not even American.

A/N: This story is an extended version from another story of mine, 10 deeds. Go check it out for cross referencing.