It was a long time ago in the middle of the snow and it was snowing. There was lots of snow. If I could pick one word to describe it, it would be snow. Snow. Snow everywhere. If you walked around a corner you were bound to see snow. The snow was white, which is unusual because most of the time snow is pink and it smells like lavender.

There was a picture on the wall of the tavern, that featured snow. It was a picture painted completely white, so people knew it was snow. It was white, so it had to be snow and not marshmellows which were brown. That is when Richard noticed that there was a strange smell of tofu in the tavern. To Richard something smelled like dirty feet, which absolutely meant that it was tofu; or someone had really stinky feet.

Richard went to go and explore the smell, that is when he came upon a man with his feet atop a table. And boy were those feet stinky. In fact those feet were so stinky that Richard would have fainted if not for the sandwhich his mom packed him . The sandwhich featured bread, lettuce, cheese, tomato, and bacon. It played with the mind and tempted the soul with its delicious flavor.

When Richard left the tavern pub to go to his room, he realized that his scent had failed him. Richard felt suicidal and so decided to go to the tavern thearapist, Mick Winkler (no relation to Velvet Winkler.)

"So how may I help you?"

"I seek aid."

"What the... well, this aid will not go free of charge. I'm afraid, for you not for me, that this will cost you ten euro dollars."

"But we're not in Europe."

"Yes, you are wise I see this. But as you may not know, I am taking a trip to Europe next fall."

"Fine, just help me."

"What kind of help do you want?"

"I need some therapy."

"Well then you've come to the wrong place, because I only offer meatball subs."

"Fine, I'll take a meatball sub."

"That will be ten Euro dollars please."

"You're lucky that I happen to carry Euro dollars in my pocket."

So after Richards therapy session, he decided to eat the meatball sub. After eating it, Richard felt like a new person and realized that life was worth living.