Chapter 01
The Bathroom

I walked down the hall aimlessly, walking past students who were making their way to the next class. None of them noticed me. None of them ever did. And I really didn't mind. I was used to this, being alone and watching them all from a distance. In fact, I was contented with it. Being invisible was fun.

The first few weeks were tough though, and I thought that I was going to go mad. Even my own best friends ignored me, no matter how much I tried to get their attention. I tried screaming. I tried throwing stuff at them which didn't work. Until that time when I learned to concentrate on the object and my actions. But making their books fly a meter out of their lockers only made them freak out.

And the worse thing was that I was stuck here. Whenever I try to get out of the school grounds, an invisible force field pushes me back in. I was stuck her and I was alone. Everyone I knew and loved were gone. They had all left school, leaving me behind. It had been four years since the Day. At least, I think it had been four years. I'd lost count.

"There's a rumor that a girl was murdered in here." I spun around to see a brunette I identified as a junior whisper to a freshman. I assumed she was a freshman because I had not seen her around school before. She had blond hair and big blue eyes that were now wide open with fear.

"They say she still walks these halls. And sometimes, you could hear her crying in here."

I looked around. I didn't even realize that I had walked into the bathroom in the school's second floor. It had the most cubicles and the biggest mirror in the building, making it a favorite place for the girls. It was usually crowded, except now, containing only the two girls. I was sure, I walked through all the cubicles and they were empty.

"She was a freshman," the tall brunette continued. "Just like you."

I shook my head. This happened almost every year. Some higher year would scare the new kids about the School Ghost who was, ahem, yours truly. Mostly they did it just for fun, a prank, but it usually turned into something worse. They would bully and sometimes hurt them. So I played along, but it was just to make those bullies run away and scream like girls. Although, I always also scared away the bullied kids. But at least the bullies left them alone for a while. I sighed, remembering how one of the senior kids from last year cried out, "Mommy!" while running down the corridors when I had made the lights turn out in the gym. And pulled his pants down after he shoved a kid into the bleachers.

"Did you hear that?" the brunette turned in my direction.

I held my breath. She was staring right at me, almost like she had really heard me.

"What is it, May?" the freshman squeaked, her teary blue eyes darting around the room.

"She's in here," May whispered, quite over dramatically.

I rolled my eyes. Seriously, they were such bad actors.

"Who?" the freshman clung to May's arm. At least the blond seemed convinced.

"Lulu," May answered simply.

My muscles tensed. At least, that was what they would do if I still had them. My body was just like the air now, it was there but you couldn't really see it, feel it. When I walked in the grounds, I didn't feel the wind in my hair. When it snowed, I didn't feel the cold air on my skin. I couldn't taste the snowflakes on my tongue (not that my tongue actually caught any). When people brushed past me in the cafeteria, I didn't smell the food they carried on their trays. The only senses I had left were sight and hearing.

I had not seen The Light after I died. There was no feeling, no pain, no nothing. I was just another thing stuck in this world, but not really in the world. I was just an observer. But over time, I had learned to concentrate and focus on things around me allowing me to manipulate them.


I tensed again, hearing my name. It sounded so foreign to my ears. It had been ages since someone called my name.

"Lulu, are you in here?"

Realizing that I've had enough of the brunette called May, I decided to answer her. I made some of the lights flicker.

"May?" the freshman held on tighter to the brunette.

"Shhh, Gabrielle."

Then the lights turned off completely. The freshman who I now found was named Gabrielle screamed.

"May! Let me go! Let's go!"

"Wait! Just wait," May said, sounding more like she was enjoying this than scared.

I put the lights back on but made them flicker over and over. Gabrielle screamed again when the lights went dead again.

May was laughing now. "Okay, guys. That's enough. I think we've scared her pretty good. You can turn the lights back on now."

Gabrielle was sobbing quietly. I could see her still clinging on to May.

"Guys? Come on, we're done now," May searched blindly around the room.

When I was sure that May was facing the mirror, I let the lights turn back on so she could see the reflection I projected in the mirror. I guess my image was convincingly scary, what with my long black hair and pale skin. Not to mention that I was in fact dead.

"Hello, May," I spoke to her through the mirror in mock friendliness, tilting my head to the side so my hair would fall over my face. "You rang?"

I was ashamed to admit that I enjoyed watching her face pale, scream, and then stumble through the door. I turned my eyes to Gabrielle who was frozen on the spot, watching my reflection in the mirror.

"Hi!" I grinned at her, my hand lifted to push my hair back and then wave small wave, hoping to come off as friendly. "I'm Lulu"

She stared back at me, her lashes still wet with tears. "H-Hello," she stammered.

And then Gabrielle fainted.

I guess my introduction wasn't friendly enough.