AN: This is not to be taken seriously… We were bored. But the moral of the story is very true.

Co written with katie4dragons from Fanfiction dot net.

It all starts in seventh grade….

In the second semester your teacher yells, "You're almost in eighth grade, time to grow up!"

Eight Grade: "You're almost in high school, quit talking!"

Ninth Grade: "You're almost sophomores, pay attention!"

Tenth Grade: "You're almost a junior, start doing your homework!"

Eleventh Grade: "You're almost a senior, start taking school seriously!"

Twelfth Grade: "You're almost an adult, behave like one!"

College: "You're almost in the real world, you need to wise up!"

"I thought I was in the real world"

First Job: "You work for me now so listen up!"

CEO: "You're almost the boss, start acting like it!"

Owner: "You're in charge, now run it!"

Governor: "You're the governor now, start taking responsibility!"

President: "You're almost the ruler of North America, you need to start acting like it matters!"

Ruler of North America: "You're almost the ruler of the Western Hemisphere, value your position!"

Ruler of Western Hemisphere: "You're almost the ruler of the world, start planning ahead!"

Ruler of World: "You're almost to God now, you need shape up!"


-take a stand for yourself because if you don't people are going to walk all over you

*You may be ruler of the world, but no one will respect you if you don't stand up for yourself*