A bright star shimmers above my head. I strain my neck to look at it all: the florescent lights, the deep black velvet of the sky and the pale outline of the blinding white moon.

I couldn't get enough of the color swarming in my eyes, replaying in my head over and over at the never ending lights. The moon shines through its fellow friends and beats them all at their own game.

You can never stare at the stars next to the moon and think that they're pretty. But, if you look past the shining moon, past the thin clouds, and beyond the imaginable to see the stars as themselves, you will find something no man has ever seen.

Something so movable and powerful it alters a person's soul for life. You will find that not only are you staring off into space, but thousands like you are looking out their open window, searching past the heavenly white circle, and into the wonders of a small ball of gas billions of miles away.