To a little child

Little child, who knows nothing of the world –
Who sees everything through a glass of rose,
Who knows only of joy, love, and truth;
Whose character needs not to pose.

I envy you for what you have and lack
For the dreams always present in your mind
For your simple thoughts, beliefs, and tack
And your ability to innocently question and find.

Your time is not yet done and through.
You do not need to rush and run.
The world seems to rest within your hands.
You have the power to live for fun.

Your eyes can actually truly see,
And life does not whisky by without a word.
Your smiles aren't sad, but ones of glee.
And innocence is a barrier not cut with swords.

How I wish I could be like you again!
To be free and happy and bright!
The days flying by with simplicity –
And the ability to live with all your might!

But now, I live bored and quietly
And wonder and want in the lost.
Thinking of the good old days happily,
And wanting to return no matter the cost.

So child, please heed my words and see
To take your Life into your hands.
Enjoy these days while a child you still be
Because one day you'll be just like me…
Be puppet to life's strings and time's sands.

A/N: Today, my class had a discussion about apostrophes and poetry, and I just got inspired to try writing a poem using apostrophe. Hope you enjoyed and thanks!

Signing off...