"It's amazing how one person can make your heart skip a beat"

I sat down in class and looked over my shoulder as he sat down too. He looked up and I blushed before turning around to face the front of the room. I closed my eyes and knew my cheeks were burning.

I heard his voice and my cheeks burned again. My best friend sat down and looked at me and then back to him.

"Oh god not this again." She muttered under her breath. This time my face flushed in rage.

"Shut up." I said.

"Big nose." She said with a smile. My eyes stung with tears and I turned.

He's perfect. There is nothing wrong with him. I'm the problem.

"God just look at that thing, it's huge and deformed."

"SHUT UP! There is nothing wrong with his nose!"

"It's huge!" She said harshly. My chest stung and I shook my head as I blinked back tears.

I turned around again to look at him again and found he was staring at me. We locked eyes and he lifted a corner of his mouth for a second, then he held my eyes for a few more seconds before turning to the boy sitting next to him.

I turned back around closed my eyes in a moment of bliss. Why couldn't every moment feel like this?

I glanced back once more and caught his eye again. This time he lifted both sides of his mouth, and my heart skipped a beat. I smiled back and turned to put my head on my desk as my best friend rambled on about something. I didn't care, I wasn't listening, I was in heaven.