(Before you read: Tormenta is Spanish for "storm")

Fire. It was all around her. The fiery tendrils threatening to swallow her up. Tormenta looked frantically around. She wanted a way out of the burning forest, to get away from the blazing heat. She saw no way out. Tormenta howled. Maybe some of her pack is hiding in the forest. The ones with the element of water, fire, air, and earth could do something about the wildfire, but being that she had darkness for an element, she had no protection. The fire had now burned closer to her. Suddenly, there was a hiss and a sizzle. Tormenta looked up and saw rainclouds. There had been smoky sunlight in the air only a few seconds ago. Only a wolf with the power of weather could do this. And no one she knew had the power of weather. Unless the rumors were true. She never listened to rumors. They were always just a bunch of non-useful information. Tormenta looked around and saw the fire diminish.

She saw the damage that the fiery menace had caused. Charred and blackened trees. Leaf-less trees. The underbrush had been burned to a thick layer of ash on the ground. When there were no signs of a fire being able to start up, the rain stopped and the clouds cleared. A single tear streaked down Tormenta's cheek. Her forest. Her home. It was all gone. Most of it was burned to the ground. She howled, it was a sad and longing howl. She heard some of her pack answer.

She perked her ears and ran in the direction of the replies. She came up to a small pond. Standing in the middle was 9 or 10 on her pack mates. "Shade! Smudge! Primrose! Epsilon! Maia! Shadow! Cloud! Danza! Max! Luna! Your all alive!" Tormenta yelped, she jumped into the water. Shade, Smudge, Primrose, Epsilon, Maia, Shadow, Cloud, Danza, Max, and Luna all crowded around the alpha. Shade stayed in place. Being the omega, he didn't get all the luxuries of the others. Tormenta greeted her pack. But she noticed some were missing. "Where is Loki, Jaina, and Evie? And where is..." Tormenta stopped. Her eyes suddenly flooded with tears. "Fang." She said, continuing the sentence. That last word seemed to make her heart tear in two. Fang was her strong, faithful mate. Loki, Jaina, and Evie were her smart and bouncy pups. Danza sat down in the water.

"I was running with the pups when they all tripped over each other's paws. I thought they immediately got up and followed me but..." She stopped. Tormenta knew what she was gonna say if she finished talking. Cloud sat next to Danza. His mate. "I was trotting, with Fang somewhere behind me. There was an explosion of fire. It was sudden and unexpected. I suspect the heat made a tree blow up or something. I began to run. I think that's when... he disappeared." Cloud said. He whined and began to howl. Tormented joined in. Then the rest of the pack joined in. It was a sad mixture of low and high-pitched howls. Tormenta even noticed Shade joined in with them. After five minutes, they all stopped.

"Well, we better go find somewhere to stay. It looks like life is gonna be a bit hard on us tonight." Tormenta said calmly. She turned and padded out of the mucky water, the pack following. As they trodded on, looking for a part of the forest that had survived the wildfire. Finally they came out of the woods, into the prairie. "We'll have to sleep in the grass tonight." Tormenta whispered. "But the humans wander through the grass, with guns. They look for us." Luna said. "And can you think of any place that survived the fire? It burned the whole forest to ashes. Camp didn't survive. Not even our hunting meadow survived. It'll take years before the forest is back to normal again. We'll have to stay here for a long while. If you don't want to stay here with the pack, leave and never come back." Tormenta suddenly snapped. "Fine! Come on Max. We are leaving." Luna said, demanding that her mate goes with her. "No. I'm staying." Max said, defying the she-wolf's command. Luna growled. "Then you are not my mate anymore." Luna declared. She turned and ran into the charred forest.

Tormenta turned to the rest of the pack, "Would anyone else like to leave?" she said, growling slightly. Primrose and Smudge sat on their rumps and shook their heads. Shade didn't say or do anything but sit there and stare at Tormenta. Max looked like he was about to burst into tears but he declared he was staying. Danza and Cloud sat silently. Everyone was deciding to stay instead of go with Luna. Tormenta snarled. "Come on. Let's go hunt. Hunt in teams of two. Meet back here at dusk." She said. Max cleared his throat. "I have no hunting partner. Nor do you." He said. "I don't have one either." Shade added. Tormenta looked at them. "Max, go with Smudge and Primrose. Shade, you can come with me." She said. Shade and Max nodded. Tormenta trotted off to the north, sniffing the air. Shade followed, sniffing the ground.

Shade barked, smelling deer. Tormenta could smell it too. It was coming from the near east. They stalked in the grass until they saw a small family of a buck, a doe, and twin fawns. Tormenta nodded to the doe, signaling that the doe was their target. Shade nodded in agreement. Tormented thumped her tail against the ground, signaling: "Go!". They both shot forward. Tormenta jumped and grabbed the doe's throat, her weigh pulled it to the ground. Shade held it down until it lay limp. Tormenta let go of the doe and looked up. The doe's family had left. Shade got off and the dragged it to the meeting place. Everyone was there, empty pawed. Tormenta dropped it and Shade dropped it and ran to the others. The pack let Tormenta eat first. When she had her fill, the rest of the pack ate. Except Shade. When they finished, it was Shade's turn to eat. He didn't eat much. Then all of the wolves curled up in one little area together, sharing each other's body heat. They all fall asleep, one-by-one. Tormenta was the last to fall asleep. She thought about when she found out her mate and pups were dead. She then wondered if it was possible they survived. The odds that they were alive were slim. After an hour deep in thought, she let the arms of sleep grab her and take her to her dreams.

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